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26 Analysis of torque stability and cement penetration using a stemless rimmed cemented tibial component in cadaveric tibia2008-05ir_etdText
27 Analytical methods for studying intratumoral drug delivery in solid tumors2016ir_etdText
28 Antiretroviral eluting intravaginal rings to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV2012-12ir_etdText
29 Are the extrinsic muscles better suited for signaling joint angles or finger tip location?1997ir_uspaceText
30 Assessing periimplant tissue infection prevention in a percutaneous model2008-08ir_etdText
31 Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolution1994ir_uspaceText
32 Automated system for measuring tip impedance and among-electrode shunting in high-density microelectrode arrays2010-07ir_etdText
33 Beta-sheet peptide-mediated self-assembly of HPMA Copolymers into nanostructured biomaterials2010-12ir_etdText
34 Biocompatibility of ocular biomedical devices2013-08ir_etdText
35 Bioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemia2015ir_etdText
36 Biogenesis of fibroblast growth factor 8-binding heparan sulfate motifs2012-12ir_etdText
37 Biologically-informed investigations to reduce the foreign body response to central nervous system implants2016ir_etdText
38 Biomechanical analysis of acetabular dysplasia: foundations for improved clinical care2014-12ir_etdText
39 Biosensing techniques in surface plasmon resonance microchips: chemical signal processing for analyte binding2014-08ir_etdText
40 Biosensor development at the University of Utah1994-07ir_uspaceText
41 Bringing an integrative modeling experience to a freshman biomedical engineering course2004ir_uspaceText
42 Cardiac conduction: a New Multifactorial paradigm2011ir_etdText
43 Cardiac structure and mechanisms of fibrillation2016ir_etdText
44 Cardiac tissue discrimination using fiber-optics confocal microscopy2015ir_etdText
45 Cartilage and labrum mechanics in the normal and pathomorphologic human hip2013-08ir_etdText
46 Cell-free synthesis of herpes simplex virus proteins1977ir_uspaceText
47 Cerebrovascular dysfunction in primary blast traumatic brain injury2016ir_etdText
48 Changes in primary afferent depolarization of sensory neurones during peripheral nerve regeneration in the cat1981ir_uspaceText
49 Characterization and Modulation of Neuroinflammation Surrounding Intracortical Microelectrode Arrays2018ir_etdText
50 Characterization of a four-camera ratiometric optical mapping system2010-03-15ir_uspaceText; Image
26 - 50 of 313