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26 Fan Portrait of Paul ?; Photograph by Monroe studio, Los AngelesImage
27 fan portrait of Ralph Graves; signed "Ralph Graves"; photograph by Seeley, Los AngelesImage
28 Fan portrait of William S. Hart; signed "very sincerely yours William S. Hart"Image
29 fan postcard of Art Acord; signed "With Sincere Wishes Art Accord"Image
30 Father's graveImage
31 four men in the "architects office"Image
32 from left to right: Grace, Ed, ElenorImage
33 Grace, Claire, Elenor and Ed at large Utah landscape designImage
34 Grace, Ed and Elenor at Temple GroundsImage
35 group of five dressed as harlequins and gathered around musical instruments for the group "Evan's Orchestra"Image
36 group of four men at shore; Clifford Evans at Left and Taylor Woolley at rightImage
37 group of four unidentified women and one man leaning on a large rockImage
38 group of three men and a woman standing in front of Burroughs Adding Machine Company; identified from left to right: H.W. Evans, Miss Whitney ( stenographer), Repairman (married and family)Image
39 large OceanlinerImage
40 man on sailboat at shore and man standing on rocksImage
41 newspaper clipping - "Talented Violinist and Soloist At New Country Club Opening"Image
42 photograph of a dog sitting up in a chairImage
43 photograph of a horseImage
44 photograph of a houseImage
45 photograph of a houseImage
46 photograph of an unidentified manImage
47 photograph of Elder Tufs; inscribed: "To Miss Evans, Best Wishes Elder Tufs"; photograph by WA Wilcox, Salt Lake CityImage
48 Photograph of Mary; inscribed "To Grace, The sweetest girl I know. With heaps of love Mary."; July 9, 1921; photograph by Wilcox photography studio, Salt Lake City1921-07-09Image
49 photograph of Taylor WoolleyImage
50 photograph of Taylor Woolley in front of a houseImage
26 - 50 of 333