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326 Lawn sign, "I want you to stay home"2020-04-27Image
327 Lawn sign, Police song lyrics2020-04-27Image
328 Lehi Produce Co-op: Boxes of food ready for pick-up2020-04-15Image
329 Lehi Produce Co-op: Group portrait of volunteers2020-04-15Image
330 Lehi Produce Co-op: People wait in cars to receive food2020-04-15Image
331 Lehi Skate Park closed signs2020-04-10Image
332 Leigh Gibson visits obstetrician2020-04Image
333 Lily Myntti attending online Kindergarten2020-05-04Image
334 Line for curbside pick up2020-04-10Image
335 Line of customers entering Home Depot2020-04Image
336 Line of customers waiting to enter Costco [1]2020-04Image
337 Line of customers waiting to enter Costco [2]2020-04Image
338 Line of shoppers outside Sam's Club2020-04-10Image
339 Line of shoppers waiting to enter Trader Joe's grocery store2020-04-11Image
340 Lines at Utah County COVID-19 vaccination clinic2021-03-11Image
341 List of safe restrooms for Utah to Oregon road trip2020-07Text
342 Liz Myntti throwing candy to children2020-07-04Image
343 Lohmeier siblings attend school remotely [1]2020-04-28Image
344 Lohmeier siblings attend school remotely [2]2020-04-28Image
345 MA portfolio defense2020-05Image
346 Maddison Wagner with newborn child, Ruby Ray2020-04-02Image
347 Madison and Brandon Bassett, wed wearing masks2020-04Image
348 Magdalena Wilson attempts studio work at home2020-03-25Image
349 Magdalena Wilson working from home2020-04-11Image
350 Mailing face masks2020-04-06Image
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