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326 Acoustic approach to thermal management: miniature thermoacoustic enginesAn acoustic approach to thermal management in electronics can be efficient and it can be directly interfaced with electronic devices. It is based on two types of thermoacoustic heat engines, which are being developed for microcircuit applications. One type of device, the prime mover, converts heat t...Thermoacoustic engines; Thermal management2006
327 Acoustic droplet vaporization, cavitation, and therapeutic properties of copolymer-stabilized perfluorocarbon nanoemulsionsAcoustic and therapeutic properties of Doxorubicin (DOX) and paclitaxel (PTX)-loaded perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions have been investigated in a mouse model of ovarian cancer. The nanoemulsions were stabilized by two biodegradable amphiphilic block copolymers that differed in the structure of the hydr...Cancer therapy; Targeted drug delivery; Nanobubbles; Ultrasound; Perfluoropentane2009
328 Acoustic interneurons of fiddler and ghost crabsThe properties of acoustic interneurons in fiddler (Uca pugilalor and U. minax) and ghost (Ocvpade qucldrula) crabs are described, as revealed bv tests with pure tones. Three types of interneurons were present in all species: tonic, which fired for the duration of the stimulus; phasic, which fire...Acoustic crabs; Neural recording; Vibration reception1976
329 Acoustic signal processing based on the short-time spectrumThe frequency domain representation of a time signal afforded by the Fourier transform is a powerful tool in acoustic signal processing. The usefulness of this representation is rooted in the mechanisms of sound production and perception. Many sources of sound exhibit normal modes or natural frequen...Acoustic signal processing1976
330 Acquired apraxia of speech: the effects of repeated practice and rate/rhythm control treatments on sound production accuracyPurpose: This investigation was designed to elucidate the effects of repeated practice treatment on sound production accuracy in individuals with apraxia of speech (AOS) and aphasia. A secondary purpose was to determine if the addition of rate/rhythm control to treatment provided further benefits be...2012-01-01
331 Acquiring minds want to know: CAUSEThis year I went to CAUSE in Orlando FL, December 3-5, for the first time to see how it differed from EDUCOM (at the CAUSE meeting the two organizations voted to merge next year). The content seemed similar and some of the same attendees and vendors were there. Typical topics covered campus informat...Education; Technology; CAUSE; Libraries1998
332 Acquiring minds want to know: [readers' survey]In preparation for a discussion at the Charleston Conference, I am asking librarians, vendors, publishers, and system vendors who read Against the Grain to answer a survey about how services and products that support information delivery and dissemination are developed and change over time. For exa...Reader surveys; Libraries; Acquisitions; Vendors1993
333 Acquiring minds want to know: a glimpse of paradigmsAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: "The concept of the paradigm, as generally cited in the literature, derives from the work of Thomas Kuhn in the 1960's. Kuhn, an historian of science, set out to explore how science, and scientists, actually worked. Kuhn found that scientific activity tends to be...Thomas Kuhn; Paradigms; Librarianship, trends; Librarianship, Philosophy; of1993-04
334 Acquiring minds want to know: acquisitions and new technologyAn Acquiring Minds Want to Know column: "Acquisitions as a function faces two major challenges. One is the general lack of an automated system that manages complicated acquisitions processes, provides interfaces to vendors, publishers, and institutional financial departments, and gathers significant...Automated library systems; Acquisitions1994-06
335 Acquiring minds want to know: cloth - paper-still, an issueAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: "In the last issue of Against the Grain, I presented some ideas about the possible assumptions about obligations that underlie the scholarly paperback market. This article gets a little more practical and presents some figures from Yale for your consideration."Books, paperback; Books, hardback; Acquisitions, libraries1994-11
336 Acquiring minds want to know: digital scholarshipA new form of scholarship has emerged in recent years named "digital scholarship." I have seen it defined as online publishing or digitized material presented online, or, in other words, scholarship that appears in a digital form. However, a more compelling definition treats it as scholarship that d...Born digital; Libraries; Electronic publishing2003
337 Acquiring minds want to know: digital scholarship, a new scholarly enterpriseA new form of scholarship has emerged in recent years that can be called digital scholarship. I have seen it defined as online publishing or digitized material presented online, or, in other words, scholarship that appears in a digital form. However, a more compelling definition treats it as scholar...Born digital; Libraries; Electronic publishing2003
338 Acquiring minds want to know: educational opportunitiesAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: The fourth ALCTS Business of Acquisitions Institute will be held in Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University June 3-4, 1993. These instituties are designed to teach a basic understanding of the complex function of acquiring materials for libraries to beginnin...Acquisitions, Educational opportunities; Association for library collections and technical services1993-02
339 Acquiring minds want to know: how many librarians would it take...Acquiring Minds Want to Know column: "I thought for a change I would add a little humor to my column and play around with a variation of the old joke "how many librarians does it take to change a light bulb." The impetus for this came when I was writing a presentation on integrating electronic mater...Librarians, humor; Library acquisitions, humor1998-12
340 Acquiring minds want to know: information policies and intellectual propertyAs librarians, vendors, and publishers, we deal with information every day, and we have developed policies to govern the acquisition and use of this information. Information policies on campuses have tended to focus on computing issues and information technology. Information policies give a lot of a...Information policies; Information access; Computing; Free speech; Academic freedom1998
341 Acquiring minds want to know: is full text half full or half empty?Fulltext has become a more prevalent offering in electronic resources. In some cases the original publisher may produce material both in print and electronic form or in electronic form only, while maintaining control over the contents. In other cases, another party may obtain the rights from the pu...Full text; Digital libraries; Electronic information1996
342 Acquiring minds want to know: ownership of intellectual property in the academic environmentThis article is the third in a series dealing with intellectual property, technology, and information policies. It specifically addresses ownership of intellectual property in the academic environment, focusing on course materials, but providing commentary on other intellectual property.Intellectual property; Rights; Academia1998
343 Acquiring minds want to know: plagiarism- a victim speaks outAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: "With all the talk of plagiarism lately, I thought it was time to hear the story of an author who was a victim of plagiarism, a viewpoint that has yet to be presented in ATG.Plagiarism; Authors, ownership; Publishing1992-11
344 Acquiring minds want to know: smart systems, smart booksThis article will outline a specific suggestion both to aid some basic acquisitions functions and their management. It will focus primarily on use of vendors, vendor performance and business terms. I have several suggestions for improvement, which were touched on briefly in the first article, based...Libraries; Acquisitions; Vendors1994
345 Acquiring minds want to know: the art vs. the business of librarianshipAcquiring Minds Want to Know column. "The current discussions of outsourcing, re-engineering, and doing more with less demonstrate the fundamental shift in the way that librarians are being asked to provide their services.Librarians; Business; Paradigm1995-06
346 Acquiring minds want to know: the future of technical servicesRecently I was asked to speak on the topic of the future of technical services departments. Just being asked to address such a topic seemed to affirm that there was going to be a future, contrary to the fears expressed by many folks in the trenches. So I approached the topic with great hope, and thi...Technical services; Libraries; Future1996
347 Acquiring minds want to know: what are our obligations?Acquiring Minds Want to Know column: "Are there rules that govern the practices of librarians, vendors and publishers? Clearly there are ethical considerations that guide our behavior as individuals. Acquisitions librarians are in the midst of making formal their code of ethics. But what other, perh...Acquisitions; Vendors; Publishers1993-11
348 Acquisitions in a wired world: where are we going?This is a frightening time to be a thirty-something acquisitions librarian. Convention dictates that I follow up that statement by saying that this is also a very exciting time to be a thirty-something acquisitions librarian, but I'll tell you what: it's mainly just scary. I worry a lot about wha...Libraries; Acquisitions; Librarians; Future; Electronic libraries2001
349 Acquisitions issues in serials managementWelcome to the first installment in the "Acquisitions Issues in Serials Management" column! The purpose of this inaugural essay is threefold: First, to explain the scope and purpose of the column; second, to invite future contributors; and third, to set out some potentially fruitful topics of di...Purchasing options; Collection development; Price inflation2007-08-19
350 Acquisitions preconference 3: the summaryThe Acquisitions for the Eighties Preconference, sponsored by the Association of American Publishers and R.T.S.D., was intended to bring together publishers, wholesalers and acquisitions librarians to explore the issues that will affect acquisitions in the coming decade and to consider ways in wh...1980
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