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326 Olivera, Baldomero M.Pyridine nucleotide metabolism in Escherichia coli. I. Exponential growthThe pyridine nucleotide pool of Escherichia coli is made up almost exclusively of DPN and TPN. In an exponentially growing glucose culture an average cell contains 1,460,000 molecules of DPN (30% reduced) and 440,000 molecules of TPN (57% reduced). If the total volume of the cell were accessible t...Nicotinic acid1971
327 Firmage, Edwin B.Fact-finding in the resolution of international disputes: from the Hague Peace Conference to the United NationsHere is the law, as Zeus established it for human beings; as for fish, and wild animals, and the flying birds, they feed on each other, since there is no idea of justice among them; but to men he gave justice, and she in the end is proved the best thing they have. The enduring quest of the peacema...Politics; Mediation; International politics1971
328 Miller, Jan D.Mineral processing fundamentalsThe reported claims in several Russian articles that magnetic fields change the viscosity and other basic properties of water and as a result produce beneficial effects such as increased flotation rate, improved grades and recovery, and increased settling rates appear to be unfounded. This conclusi...Minerals; Processing; Magnetic fields; Metallurgy; Water1971
329 Ashton, Alan ConwayElectronics, music and computersElectronic and computer technology has had and will continue to have a marked effect in the field of music. Through the years scientists, engineers, and musicians have applied available technology to new musical instruments, innovative musical sound production, sound analysis, and musicology. At the...Computers; Music1971
330 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Patient Monitoring at LDS Hospital-An EvaluationBiomedical Informatics1971
331 Gardner, Reed M.Instrumentation for Computerized Heart CatheterizationBiomedical Informatics1971
332 Carey, Thomas A.Empirical modeling of occurrence of severe weather events1971
333 Bennion, Scott ThomasA method of solution for hydrodynamics and radiation diffusion as a multi-material problem in one dimensionMulti-material problem1971
334 Greenfield, HarveyAn application of computer graphics: two concurrent investigations within the medical fieldThe aim of this project is to apply new or recently developed computer graphic techniques to a particular discipline with the thought of broadening its research capabilities. The discipline chosen, that of medicine, has emphasis places on the area of hemodynamics. It is seen that computer graphics m...Computer graphic techniques1971
335 Firmage, Edwin B.Arms control in the 70's... and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Isa. 2:4.) The vision of a time of peace-a time in which man's genius and his physical resources would be devoted entirel...1971
336 DeTar, CarletonMomentum spectrum of hadronic secondaries in the multiperipheral modelMotivated by a simplified multiperipheral model, we formulate a general qualitative description of the momentum spectrum of secondaries, resulting from a collision of two hadrons at high energies. Arguing from two fundamental multiperipheral concepts, (a) that transverse momenta are limited and (b...Secondaries; Multiperipheral model; Fireballs1971-01
337 Capecchi, Mario R.Polypetide chain termination. Purification of the release factors, R1 and R2, from Escherichia coli.We have extensively purified the release factors RI and Rz from Escherichia coli. These proteins can each mediate polypeptide chain termination. The physiological substrate for this reaction is a completed polypeptide chain in a peptidyl- transfer RNA-messenger RNA-ribosome complex. The reaction con...Acrylates; Detergents1971-02-25
338 White, Nicholas P.Aristotle on sameness and onenessBefore I begin, let me get one substantial issue out of the way. Recently certain views which are in many ways similar to Aristotle's have been expounded in connection with the idea that there is something wrong with the words "same" and "identical" used by themselves, and that we should instead mak...Leibniz' Law; Metaphysics; Greek philosophers1971-04
339 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: May 1971Final technical report 1 December 1969 to 30 June 1970.1971-05
340 Mattis, Daniel C.Critical curves and thermodynamic phases of lattice fluids and antiferromagnets with structured interactionsWe study the classical lattice gas with hard cores, nearest-neighbor repulsive forces, and next-nearest-neighbor attractive forces. We find several thermodynamic phases (vapor, liquid, and solid) and unusually shaped critical curves, yet no critical point or triple point. We find and discuss discont...Ising antiferromagnet; Molecular field theory1971-06
341 Mattis, Daniel C.Short-range versus long-range order in a model binary alloyWe calculate the free energy of a linear binary metallic alloy using an exact transfer-matrix formalism. We obtain for the first time the electronic band structure when there is nonvanishing short-range order and calculate the temperature dependence of the short-range order parameter. Following Foo...Binary alloys; Density of state; Free energy1971-07
342 Mattis, Daniel C.Exactly solvable model of a magnetic impurityA slight modification of the "mixing" term in Anderson's model of a magnetic impurity produces an exactly solvable model. Results of some preliminary calculations are given, and upper and lower bounds on Anderson's model are obtained by means of the exact solutions. .Magnetic impurity; Ground-state energy; Free energy1971-11
343 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: December 1971Semi-Annual Technical Report for period 1 June 1971 to 31 December 1971. This document includes a summary of research activities and facilities at the University of Utah under Contract F30602-70-C-0300. Information conveys important research milestones attained during this period by each of the f...Man/machine communications; Computing systems; Digital waveform processing1971-12
344 Pryor, T. AllanComputer Analysis of Serial ElectrocardiogramsBiomedical Informatics1972
345 Ailion, David CharlesNew technique for determining the diffusion mechanism by NMR: application to Cl35 diffusion in TlClA major problem in the study of atomic motions is the determination of the dominant mechanism responsible for translational diffusion. Recently Ailion and Ho predicted that the rotating-frame spin-lattice relaxation time T l p would have an angular dependence which depends on the diffusion mechanis...Diffusion; Solids; NMR1972
346 Warner, Homer R.Problems and Priorities for Health Care TechnologyBiomedical Informatics1972
347 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Program for Medical Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1972
348 Warner, Homer R.Role of the Computer in Coronary CareBiomedical Informatics1972
349 Warner, Homer R.A Sequential Bayesean Approach to History Taking and DiagnosisBiomedical Informatics1972
350 Landesman, Bruce M.Obligation to obey the lawIt is often said that we have an obligation to obey the law just because it is the law. This idea has been espoused in the West at least as early as Socrates, and it is espoused today. It is not the special claim of any particular ideology, but has been held by advocates of most political persuasio...Obedience; Moral; Legal1972
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