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326 Treatment-related brain tumor imaging changes: so-called "pseudoprogression" vs. tumor progression: Review and future research opportunities2013-01-01ir_uspaceText
327 Trends in the neurosurgical workforce in the United States (Neurosurgical workforce trends in the United States)2005-02-01ir_uspaceText
328 Trigeminal amyloidoma: case report and review of the literature2007ir_uspaceText
329 Tunneled lumbar drain2002ir_uspaceText
330 Ubiquitous expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in meningiomas and decrease in cell growth following in vitro treatment with the inhibitor celecoxib: potential therapeutic application2005-09ir_uspaceText
331 Unruptured posterior communicating artery aneurysm presenting with gustatory seizures and temporal lobe edema2009-04ir_uspaceText
332 Use of cylindrical titanium mesh and locking plates in anterior cervical fusion2001ir_uspaceText
333 Use of the h index in neurosurgery2009-01-01ir_uspaceText
334 Use of the Olympus endoArm for spinal and skull-based transsphenoidal neurosurgery2008ir_uspaceText
335 Utility of helical computed tomography in differentiating unilateraland bilateral facet dislocations2009ir_uspaceText
336 Utilization of unilateral and bilateral stereotactically placed adrenomedullary-striatal autografts in Parkinsonian humans: rationale, techniques, and observations1990ir_uspaceText
337 Vagus nerve stimulation activates central nervous system structures in epileptic patients during PET H2(15)O blood flow imaging1996ir_uspaceText
338 Value of MR neurography for evaluating extraspinal neuropathic leg pain: a pictorial essay2001ir_uspaceText
339 Value of postoperative surveillance imaging in the management of children with some common brain tumors1996ir_uspaceText
340 Variations in surgical treatment of cervical facet dislocations2008ir_uspaceText
341 Variations on the standard transsphenoidal approach to the sellar region, with emphasis on the extended approaches and parasellar approaches: surgical experience in 105 cases2004ir_uspaceText
342 Ventriculoperitoneal shunts in children: indications, equipment and techniques2008ir_uspaceText
343 Ventroposterior medial pallidotomy in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease1995ir_uspaceText
344 Vertebral artery injuries associated with cervical spine injuries: a review of the literature2008ir_uspaceText
345 William Osler at McGill University: the baby professor and his early contributions to neurosurgery2004-10ir_uspaceText
346 WNT Signaling and the Establishment of Dorsoventral Retinal Polarity2009-12-21ir_etdText
347 Work hour restrictions: impact on neurosurgical resident training at the University of Utah2006ir_uspaceText
348 Zones of approach for craniofacial resection: minimizing facial incisions for resection of anterior cranial base and paranasal sinus tumors2003ir_uspaceText
326 - 350 of 348