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301 Beus, ZacharyPower system stabilizerThe goal of this project, part of the Power Industry Consortium, was to design a power system stabilizer for a small grid-connected three phase synchronous generator. Power System Stabilizers control the excitation of synchronous generators to reduce lowfrequency oscillations on the grid and increas...Voltage regulators; Power system stabilizers2015-05
302 Trakhimets, AlesiaPre-clinical trials of anti-neoplastic drugs using zebrafish with T-cell cancerNote: To agree with NCBI nomenclature guidelines, human gene abbreviations are italicized and capitalized; human protein abbreviations are non-italicized and capitalized, and zebrafish gene abbreviations are italicized in lowercase. T lymphocytes, or T-cells, are blood cells that normally fight vira...Antineoplastic agents - Testing; Zebra danio2013-04
303 Silver, Michelle AnnePre-sleep arousal in healthy adults reporting childhood trauma: implications for the development of insomniaChildhood trauma is associated with increased mental and physical illness in adulthood. Disrupted sleep may be one mechanism by which trauma adversely affects health. Current literature states that sleep is essential in restoration of cognitive functioning and stress regulation. In addition, insomni...Insomnia; Childhood trauma2014-04
304 Mendenhall, MorganThe preparedness of college and university counseling centers in meeting the needs of student veteransThe current study assesses counseling centers on college and university campuses in their dealings with student veteran clients in a national sample (N=33) of college center directors. The National Center for Veterans Studies sponsored the study, and a total of 200 counseling center directors were a...Counseling in higher education - United States; Veterans - Counseling - United States2013-04
305 Posselli, DarcyThe presence of environmental advocacy through the foundational theology of love, contemplation, and prayer in midcentury ChristianityIn the 1968 essay "The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis," Lynn White Jr. makes an argument for what he evaluates as the influence of Christianity on Western culture, which has led to the environmental degradation that marks the 20th century. By looking at a few prominent theologians who wer...Poetry - 20th century; Christianity and nature; Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965; Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968; Cardenal, Ernesto; Levertov, Denise, 1923-19972012-05
306 Posselli, DarcyThe presence of environmental advocacy through the foundational theology of love, contemplation, and prayer in midcentury christiantiyIn the 1968 essay "The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis," Lynn White Jr. makes an argument for what he evaluates as the influence of Christianity on Western culture, which has led to the environmental degradation that marks the 20th century. By looking at a few prominent theologians who wer...Environmental Studies, Honors2012-05
307 Richins, LukePreventing corporate fraudThis thesis is written with the purpose of exploring employee's perception of the effect of different methods of corporate fraud prevention on their own behavior. To accomplish this, this paper will explore the definition of fraud, potential prevention methods, and analyze data retrieved from a surv...Corporations - Corrupt practices - Prevention; Fraud - Prevention2014-04
308 Koronkowski, CharlesPrince Hall freemasonry: Forming a free African American communityBefore the foundation of the Prince Hall Freemasonic Order, the free black population in the United States was lacking a community and group identity. Rather, there existed a disjointed group of individuals kept at a perpetual distance from one another, both by societal pressures and by personal d...African American freemasonry - History2016-05
309 Romero, DanaThe process improvement initiative at the University of Utah hospitals and clinics in period 2011-2014Due to increasing financial pressures, which have been further magnified by the recently-enacted Affordable Care Act, health care organizations have been on a lookout for a long-term solution to their questionable prospects in regards to their financial sustainability. In recent years, the Universit...University of Utah. Health Sciences Center; Hospitals -- Utah -- Administration Hospitals -- Utah -- Cost control2015-04
310 Child, Christopher DavisProfessional estimation of valueBusiness valuation experts are often asked to provide litigation consulting for cases involving disputes between two or more interested parties where claimed damages are determined based on a total firm value. The judgment or settlement amounts in these cases are largely determined by the standards ...Business - Valuation2012-05
311 Robinson, MercedesProfessional vs. nonprofessional exercise advice and injury correlations in campus recreation facility usersPurpose: Risk of injury, when participating in an exercise program, is always present; however when the exercise program is poorly designed or not designed for the individual, the risk of injury increases significantly. Poorly designed exercise programs stem from individuals seeking advice for exerc...Sports injuries2016-01
312 Schott, Willem OlsonPromotion vs. education in choosing "real food"The agro-industrial system in the United States contributes to an abundance of human and ecological health problems from social injustices and public health issues to global warming and ecological degradation. In response to these problems, universities across the country are joining the Real Food C...College students -- Food Food preferences; Real food2015-04
313 Freckleton, Mitchell W.Proportional representation and the electoral college: An analysis of electoral reform in the U.S. and U.K.We all know he famous Abraham Lincoln quote from the Gettysburg Address, "A government of the people by the people, for the people." However, do Americans and even British citizens feel like "the people" are in charge o f the government? With constant criticism directed at the representational democ...Proportional representation -- United States; Proportional representation -- Great Britain; Electoral reform2015-12
314 Kelsey, Khrystine DanielleProstitution and the construction of female identityIn the modern and postmodern worlds, most people see sex work as something on the fringes of society, yet prostitution and its history reflect mainstream modern women's sexuality and sexual life in myriad ways. This paper will examine how sex work exemplifies constructs of female identity. Writings ...Prostitution Women -- Identity2015-04
315 Nash, AlexanderThe Proto-Indo-European urheimat: The Armenian hypothesisThis thesis analyzes the viability of the Armenian Hypothesis, which places the Proto-Indo-European homeland in the Armenian Highland (Gamkrelidze & Ivanov 1990, Kavoukjian 1987). Arguments supporting the hypothesis are evaluated in the light of linguistic, archeological, and genetic evidence. Afte...Proto-Indo-European langauge; Armenian Highlands2015-12
316 Reiser, AlexanderProviding healthcare for the uninsured: How the media frames conflicting ideologies in achieving the same goalCurrent coverage of the Affordable Care Act (AC A) is just one opportunity to analyze the use of media in framing health care policy. An examination of the history of media and their influence surrounding the implementation of the AC A in 2013 and a veto for additional funding of the State Children'...Medical policy - United States; Medically uninsured persons - United States; Healthcare in mass media2014-08
317 Parkinson, Angela LeiProving woman: From Heloise to Heloisian an examination of the authenticity debate surrounding the letters of Heloise of the ParacleteThis thesis examines and resists the tendency for a total subsumption of the identity of Heloise of the Paraclete, the 12th century abbess perhaps best known today for her tempestuous affair with Peter Abelard, within and under his identity. The authenticity debate surrounding the three letters addr...Héloïse, approximately 1095-1163 or 1164 -- Criticism and interpretation2014-11
318 Cash, M. GabrielaThe psychopath: legally, but not morally, responsiblePsychopaths present a peculiar problem for philosophers of legal and moral responsibility. They acknowledge the rules and conventions of society but are impervious to the moral foundations of these rules and conventions. This phenomenon may be attributed to the psychopaths' lack of empathy that lead...Psychopaths - Ethics2012-05
319 Saperstein, ElizabethPunctuated equilibrium and the Patriot Act 2001An all-encompassing theory to describe the policy-making process in modern political systems has yet to be determined. Therefore, no theory currently exists that uncontestably predicts future policy outcomes. In an attempt to describe the policy process and account for the process as one that fluctu...Patriot Act (U.S.); Punctuated equilibrium (Evolution)2014-08
320 Yoo, ChaekyungPurification and physical characterization of intrinsically disordered lea protein from arabidopsis thalianaFor many decades, it was assumed that protein function was dependent on the ability of polypeptides to fold into stable three-dimensional structures specified by their amino acid sequences. But since about 2000, it has become apparent that there are functional proteins, or portions of proteins, that...Intrinsically disordered proteins2014-08
321 Tuft, MarieQuantitative analysis of virus trafficking in a biological cellVirus replication is a complex process that is important to understand. If a virus is to successfully infect a host cell it must travel from the cell wall to the nucleus by hijacking that cell's existing transport system of microtubules. This motion occurs as two iterated steps: passive diffusion th...Viruses -- Reproduction -- Mathematical models; Virus trafficking2015-05
322 Boren, AlexQuestioning my answers: Exploring Cloud Atlas in relation to my B.U.S. degree, "Philosophy for Life"In my sophomore year, I wanted to choose courses that helped me question my answers. Choosing a traditional major felt too restrictive, so I created my own major through the Bachelor of University Studies program. Titled "Philosophy for Life," my major includes courses from 13 academic disciplines o...Mitchell, David (David Stephen). Cloud Atlas; Philosophy2015-04
323 Stovall, Karen L.Reasons for cohabitation on the outcome of relationship quality and satisfactionCohabitation before marriage has become a common choice for many couples in North America. Reasons for couples deciding to live together can vary, including a desire to spend more time together or to combine finances and avoid the hassles of living apart. When looking at reasons for deciding to live...Unmarried couples; Relationship quality; Cohabitation2015-04
324 Thompson, Patrick C.Redesigning communities: The case for utopiasThis thesis studies the importance of Utopian city planning in attempting to transform our communities and solve the social issues faced throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. Idealist city plans originated as a genre of literature dating back to the 16th Century, playing a vital social role throug...Utopias -- United States City planning -- United States2014-05
325 Sánchez, Alexander AlbertoReexamining global drug eradication policies: A systemic analysis of their ecological and societal effects in Mexico, Colombia and AfghanistanSince 1961, the U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs has continued to be the overarching treaty that has been followed and enforced, as a prohibitionist international drug control model. By conducting a systematic review of primary and secondary sources, this paper demonstrates how U.N. establis...Drug control -- Mexico; Drug control -- Colombia; Drug control -- Afghanistan2015-04
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