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301 Intravenous fluid flow rates using two different flow control devices, the Dial-A-Flo® and the roller clamp.1981-12ir_etdText
302 Transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPo[D2]) fluctuation in the neonate with respiratory distress syndrome1981-12ir_etdText
303 Cuddle bathing: an alternative in newborn bathing1981-12ir_etdText
304 Survey of the health needs and problems of Iranian students: how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with the University health service1981-12ir_etdText
305 Physiological and psychological illness and symptomatology reported by the Vietnam veteran in northern Utah :what are the effects on health care utilization?1981-12ir_etdText
306 Bereavement in the elderly: spouse interaction as a modifying variable.1981-12ir_etdText
307 Bereavement in the elderly: perceived abilities to manage stress.1982-03ir_etdText
308 Effect of diabetic control on glycosylated hemoglobin and high-density lipoprotein levels1982-03ir_etdText
309 The occurrence of depression in patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgery1982-03ir_etdText
310 Dimensions of illness behavior among urban Maya.1982-03ir_etdText
311 Depression in the elderly: a comparison study of recently bereaved and nonbereaved samples1982-03ir_etdText
312 Initial information sources about valium.1982-03ir_etdText
313 The Response of comatose children to parental speech as measured by changes in intracranial pressure.1982-03ir_etdText
314 Expectant parents: attitudes and decisions about newborn circumcision1982-03ir_etdText
315 Nurse practitioner practice management.1982-03ir_etdText
316 Randomized trial of reduced physical activity and increased rest in the prevention of pregnancy-induced hypertension1982-06ir_etdText
317 Effect of caloric concentration of initial feeding on incidence of feeding intolerance in very-low-birth-weight infants.1982-06ir_etdText
318 Analysis of organizational changes contributing to job satisfaction of registered nurses at St. Mark's Hospital: implications for nursing.1982-06ir_etdText
319 Fetal heart rate as a predictor of sex.1982-06ir_etdText
320 Sociocultural support systems of elderly Mexican-Americans: implications for health and transcultural nursing care1982-06ir_etdText
321 Moderate altitude and myocardial ischemia and infarction1982-06ir_etdText
322 The incidence of clinically significant errors in the bedside measurement of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure.1982-06ir_etdText
323 Sex differences in interaction patterns of preschoolers with their divorced mothers.1982-06ir_etdText
324 An Exploratory study of the measurement of changes in daily activities in patients undergoing cancer chemotheraphy1982-06ir_etdText
325 An investigation of the job satisfaction of Air Force certified nurse-midwives.1982-06ir_etdText
301 - 325 of 810