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301 Medical Information Bus: The Key to Future Integrated Monitoring (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1989
302 Mendelian inheritance in man: diagnoses in the UMLSBecause they deal with many distinct but rare inheritance diseases, geneticists have difficulty translating from their codes to other biomedical coding schemes. The objective ofthis research was to investigate the potential uses and difficulties of using the UMLS Metathesaurus for genetic diagnoses ...1993-01-01
303 The Missouri planning grant for the education and training of health sciences librariansThe planning grant at the School of Library and Informational Science (SLIS) at the University of Missouri has two aims: (a) developing a model curriculum for health sciences librarianship at the master's level and (b) developing materials that can be delivered by alternative instructional methods. ...1996-01-01
304 modeling of HEDIS quality measures and prototyping of related decision support rulesWe describe the application of the RetroGuide analytical toolset to quality improvement in osteoporosis and cholesterol management. Our graphical executable scenarios enable user-friendly modeling of temporal processes and retrospective prototyping of decision support on real EHR data. The graphical...RetroGuide; Biomedical informatics; HEDIS; Quality Improvement; Knowledge Representation; Visual Query System2008-03-24
305 Monitoring Direct Blood Pressure Algorithm EnhancementsBiomedical Informatics1987
306 Monitoring of Physiological Data in a Clinical EnvironmentBiomedical Informatics1972
307 Nanoinformatics: a new area of research in nanomedicineAbstract: Over a decade ago, nanotechnologists began research on applications of nanomaterials for medicine. This research has revealed a wide range of different challenges, as well as many opportunities. Some of these challenges are strongly related to informatics issues, dealing, for instance, wit...2012-01-01
308 Odyssey: A Program to Access Medical KnowledgeBiomedical Informatics1987
309 Old Queen: A Bedtime StoryBiomedical Informatics2012
310 Omar Prakash MD PhD, 1936-1993Biomedical Informatics1993
311 On Confiding in ComputersBiomedical Informatics1975
312 On-Line Computerized Spirometry in 738 Normal AdultsBiomedical Informatics1969
313 Optimizing the Electrocardiogram and Pressure MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1986
314 Passing Partial Information among Bayesean and Boolean FramesBiomedical Informatics1989
315 Patient Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics1990
316 Patient Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics2012
317 Patient-Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics2006
318 Patient-Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics2001
319 Percutaneous Indwelling Radial-Artery Catheters for Monitoring Cardiovascular FunctionBiomedical Informatics1974
320 Performance of a Diagnostic System (ILIAD) as a Tool for Qualilty AssuranceBiomedical Informatics1992
321 Performance of a Diagnostic System (ILIAD) as a Tool for Quality AssuranceBiomedical Informatics1991
322 Perioperative Invasive Monitoring and Coronary Artery Disease (Letter)Biomedical Informatics1980
323 Personalized medicineWith the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the world's attention has focused on converting this vast storehouse of information into innovative health care solutions. The ultimate promise, assuming we know everyone's genotype, is to ensure that every person has optimum health throughout...2007-01-01
324 Phosphorylation of cardiac troponin by guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase.Homogeneous cGMP-dependent protein kinase catalyzes the rapid incorporation of phosphate, specifically into the inhibitory subunit of purified cardiac troponin with a maximal incorporation of 1 mol of phosphate/mol of troponin. When troponin was incubated in the presence of both cGMP- and cAMP-depen...Protein Kinases1978-01-25
325 Physician Decision-Making: Evaluaton of Data Used in a Computerized ICUBiomedical Informatics1984
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