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276 Perfect journey: WordPerfect helping the world communicateCan you imagine how difficult communication would be if the telecommunications industry had not adopted open industry standards on a global basis? As it is now, you don't have to know how the PBX system works in order to make a telephone call. You just pick up the phone and dial the number. That's h...Text editing; Interactive word processing1994
277 Ehleringer, James R.ENSO effects on primary productivity in Southern Atacama desertIn the winter-rain southern Atacama Desert of the Coquimbo Region of Chile, El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events modulate primary productivity. In this region, there are important changes in water availability between La Niña (dry) and El Niño (rainy) years. Using interannual comparison...El Niño; Atacama Desert; Terrestrial ecosystems; Plant productivity2006
278 Carter, John B.Reducing consistency traffic and cache misses in the avalanche multiprocessorFor a parallel architecture to scale effectively, communication latency between processors must be avoided. We have found that the source of a large number of avoidable cache misses is the use of hardwired write-invalidate coherency protocols, which often exhibit high cache miss rates due to exces...Consistency traffic; Cache misses; Parallel architecture; Communication latency1995
279 Liu, FengQuantum size effect on adatom surface diffusionUsing scanning tunneling microscopy, we demonstrate that the nucleation density of Fe islands on the surface of nanoscale Pb films oscillates with the film thickness, providing a direct manifestation of the quantum size effect on surface diffusion. The Fe adatom diffusion barriers were derived to be...Quantum size effect; QSE; Adatoms; Surface diffusion; Fe islands; Nanoscale metallic structures; Epitaxial growth; Pb films2006-12
280 Farmer, Colleen G.Right-to-left shunt of crocodilians serves digestionAll amniotes except birds and mammals have the ability to shunt blood past the lungs, hut the physiological function of this ability is poorly understood. We studied the role of the shunt in digestion in juvenile American alligators in the following ways. First, we characterized the shunt in fasting...Postprandial; Alligators; Gastrointestinal2008
281 Landesman, Bruce M.Justice: cosmic or communal?What are the ground rules to be used for determining the scope and breadth of justice? What human activities does it cover, how much does it demand, what duties does it require? How are conflicting "intuitions" on these matters to be adjudicated? These questions are raised by Theodore Benditt's "The...1985
282 Slev, Patricia R.; Rawlins, Mindy, L.; Roberts, William L.Performance characteristics of seven automated CA 15-3 methodsPoster describing studies to evaluate seven automated methods for the following parameters: limit of detection, linearity, imprecision, reference intervals and method comparison with the ADVIA Centaur as the comparison method to detect CA 15-3.CA 15-3 Method2005-07-13
283 Miller, Jan D.Fine coal flotation in a centrifugal field with an air sparged hydrocyclonePreliminary results are reported regarding the design and development of a pilot scale air sparged hydrocyclone for cleaning fine coal 590 \xm ("28 mesh) containing 24% ash and 1.6% sulfur. The principle of separation is the flotation of hydrophobic coal particles in the centrifugal field generated...rocyclones; Coal; Separation technology1982
284 Francis, LeslieRecent developments in genetic diagnosis: some ethical and legal implicationsThis essay outlines some of the ethical complexities genetic technology poses in two areas of decision-making: when to perform genetic testing and what to do with the information gained from genetic testing.Genetic Technology; Genetic Testing; Ethics1986
285 DeTar, CarletonPotts flux tube model at nonzero chemical potentialWe model the deconfinement phase transition in quantum chromodynamics at nonzero baryon number density and large quark mass by extending the flux tube model ~three-state, three-dimensional Potts model! to nonzero chemical potential. In a direct numerical simulation we confirm mean-field-theory pre...Phase transitions; Quark-gluon plasma; Chemical potential; Potts model2000-03
286 Silverman, Randall H.Towards a national disaster response protocolSince the Florence flood of November 4, 1966, the concept of an organized disaster response for cultural property has been a focus for conservators. In 1976, a decade after the Arno River had retreated from Florence's museums, libraries, and historic churches, a Library of Congress planning confere...Emergency; Property; Preservation2006
287 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Reexamining the economic costs of marital disruption for womenChanges in labor force participation and returns may have lessened divorce's traditionally severe economic consequences for women. Method. We use recent data from the National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH) to analyze the economic well-being of women whose marriages ended between the firs...2001
288 Carter, JohnA collective approach to harness idle resourcesWe propose a collective approach for harnessing the idle resources (cpu, storage, and bandwidth) of nodes (e.g., home desktops) distributed across the Internet. Instead of a purely peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, we organize participating nodes to act collectively using collective managers (CMs). Pa...Idle resources; Computer nodes2008
289 Henderson, Thomas C.Multisensor knowledge systems: interpreting 3-D structureWe describe an approach which facilitates and makes explicit the organization of the knowledge necessary to map multisensor system requirements onto an appropriate assembly of algorithms, processors, sensors, and actuators. We have previously introduced the Multisensor Kernel System and Logical Sens...Multisensors; Knowledge systems; 3-D structure; Logical Sensors1987
290 Akella, VenkateshhopCP: language definition, semantics and examplesWe describe a formalism for high level modeling of hardware based on flow graphs and nonatomic actions called hopCP. A module is the description of a hardware system in hopCP, which contains a flow graph to model the behavioral aspects and ports which represent the communication links. Operations ar...hopCP1990
291 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Atkins, John F.Influence of the stacking potential of the base 3' of tandem shift codons on -1 ribosomal frameshifting used for gene expressionTranslating ribosomes can shift reading frame at specific sites with high efficiency for gene expression purposes. The most common type of shift to the 1 frame involves a tandem realignment of two anticodons from pairing with mRNA sequence of the form X XXY YYZ to XXX YYY Z where the spaces indicate...1 frameshifting; 39 context effect; Codon anticodon interaction; Escherichia coli ; Recoding; tRNALys; XXXY YYZ frameshift motifs2002
292 Vardeny, Zeev ValentinePolarization memory decay spectroscopy of photoexcitations in ∏-conjugated polymers: evidence for excimersWe used the technique of ultrafast transient polarized photomodulation in the visible/near-infrared range and polarization memory decay (PMD) spectroscopy to study the primary photoexcitations in films and solutions of two poly(phenylene-vinylene) (PPV) derivatives, namely, 2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhex...Photoexcitations; pi-conjugated polymers; Polarization memory decay spectroscopy; PMD; DOO-PPV; MEH-PPV; Ultrafast transient polarized photomodulation; Intrachain singlet excitons; Excimers; Interchain charge transfer exciton2008-05
293 Liu, FengSelf-consistent tight-binding methodA self-consistent tight-binding formalism is described. The self-consistency is achieved by the introduction of a chemical hardness matrix and a generalization of the Huckel model to make the tight-binding Hamiltonian an implicit functional of the charge density. Studies of the band structures of d...Tight-binding method; Self-consistency; Huckel model1995-10
294 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshEfficient symbolic simulation based verification using the parametric form of boolean expressions (rev.)We present several new techniques to make symbolic simulation based verification efficient. These techniques hinge on the use of the parametric form of a boolean expression (e.g. the parametric form for the boolean expression XQ V -Symbolic simulation; Verification1991
295 Gondolo, PaoloImproved constraints on supersymmetric dark matter from muon g-2The new measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon by the Brookhaven AGS experiment 821 again shows a discrepancy with the standard model value. We investigate the consequences of these new data for neutralino dark matter, updating and extending our previous work [E. A. Baltz and P. ...Magnetic moment; Neutralinos2003-03
296 Cohen, ElaineMinimum distance queries for polygonal and parametric modelsCalculation of the minimum distance to a geometric object or the minimum separation between objects is a fundamental problem that has application in a variety of arenas. Minimum separation queries for sculptured surfaces are believed particularly difficult, yet are increasingly important as modeli...Minimum separation; Minimum distance; Virtual prototyping1997
297 Harrison, Reid R.Integrating sensorimotor systems in a robot model of cricket behaviorThe mechanisms by which animals manage sensorimotor integration and coordination of different behaviors can be investigated in robot models. In previous work the first author has built a robot that localizes sound based on close modeling of the auditory and neural system in the cricket. It is known ...2000
298 Barusch, AmandaSocial security is not for babies: trends and policies affecting older women in the United StatesIn the first year of the new century, over a million American women officially entered the ranks of "the elderly" by reaching their 65th birthday (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1999). What can they expect of government policy? To what extent will the nation's economic support systems respond to their n...Income security; Shifting fertility patterns; Labor force participation2001-01-01
299 Carrier, David R.Evidence for endothermic ancestors of crocodiles at the stem of archosaur evolutionPhysiological, anatomical, and developmental features of the crocodilian heart support the paleontological evidence that the ancestors of living crocodilians were active and endothermic, but the lineage reverted to ectothermy when it invaded the aquatic, ambush predator niche. In endotherms, there i...Endothermy; ectothermy; Archosaur evolution; Archosaurs; Crocodilian heart2004
300 Organick, Elliott I.Characteristics of a functional programming languageA programming language kernel is presented where an algorithm is a function defined through a functional expression. The only data structure introduced is an object that may be an atom or a sequence of objects. A number of functional forms are defined, with a notation close to ordinary mathematical ...1980
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