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276 Brown, Francis HaroldObservations on the stratigraphy and rediometric age of the omo beds, lower omo basin, southern EthiopiaDuring September and October, 1966, the author measured a stratigraphic section for a portion of the Omo Beds, as exposed north of Kalam, Ethiopia. Additional field observations were also made at the time in other parts of the lower Omo Basin. Samples were collected for analysis and for radiometric ...1969
277 Miller, Jan D.ConcentrationThe most startling development in concentration processes this past year would have to be the results obtained after magnetic treatment of aqueous systems. Beneficial effects were reported in both flotation and thickening on an industrial scale following the application of a magnetic field to ...Concentration; Aqueous systems; Pulp; Magnetic treatment1969
278 Ailion, David CharlesNew two-point calibration method for platinum resistance thermometers for the range 75-400KIn this paper we describe a new method for calibrating high quality platinum resistance thermometers to ±0.01 "C over the temperature range 75-400 K. This method requires resistance measurements at only two temperatures (liquid nitrogen and the ice point) in contrast to other methods which require ...Platinum; Resistance thermometers; Physics instruments1969
279 Mattis, Daniel C.Effects of orbital degeneracy on a magnetic impurity in a nonmagnetic metalWe study the Green's-function equations for a version of the two-orbital Anderson model of a magnetic impurity, in an approximation scheme that displays the logarithmic anomalies and enables the Kondo temperature Tĸ to be calculated as a function of the parameters. The nature of the solutions is ex...Orbital degeneracy; Magnetic impurities; Nonmagnetic metal; Kondo temperature; Anomalous resonances1969-02
280 Symko, Orest GeorgeAdiabatic compressional cooling of He3By adiabatic compression of a two-phase mixture of liquid and solid He3, temperatures below 2.5 mK have been obtained. These are in the range expected for nuclear ordering in solid He3.He3; Adiabatic compressional cooling1969-03
281 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: May 1969Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 December 1968 - 30 May 19691969-05
282 Mattis, Daniel C.Theory of electronic switching effect as a cooperative phenomenonA modified form of Zener tunneling theory, in which we assume that the tunneling barrier is a decreasing collective function of electronic excitation, is shown to imply insulator- to-metal switching characteristics similar to those reported by Ovshinsky for glass film devices. In addition, our І-V ...Electronic switching; Negative resistance1969-05
283 Firmage, Edwin B.Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weaponsTHE NEED : On March 13, 1969, the United States Senate by a vote of 83 to 15 consented to the ratification of a treaty described as "the most important international agreement brought before the U. S. Senate since the North Atlantic Pact" and "the most important international agreement limiting nucl...Arms control; Diffusion of arms; Atomic negotiations1969-10
284 Symko, Orest GeorgeSubstantial nuclear ordering in solid He3Evidence for a substantial nuclear ordering in solid bcc He3 at melting pressure has been inferred from solid entropies s s deduced from measurements of the slope of the melting curve for a liquid-solid mixture cooled by adiabatic compression. At 3.4 mK we find experimentally that sS/R = 0.83 ln2. I...Solid He3; Nuclear ordering; Ordered nuclear spins; Bulk nuclear polarization1969-11
285 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: November 1969Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 June 1969 - 30 November 19691969-11
286 Mattis, Daniel C.Existence of two phase transitions in Hubbard modelWe solve the Hubbard model, for one electron per atom in a simple cubic structure, using one-particle Green's functions. We determine the accuracy of this calculation to be good by comparison with an exact solution by Lieb and Wu of a one-dimensional limiting case.Critical temperature1969-12
287 DeTar, CarletonMultiperipheral dynamics at general momentum transferWe extend the group-theoretical analysis of the multiperipheral integral equation of Chew, Goldberger, and Low to general momentum transfers. Using a set of variables for the multiparticle phase space analogous to those of Bali, Chew, and Pignotti, we obtain, through the 0(2,1) symmetry, a partial...Multiperipheral model1969-12
288 Mattis, Daniel C.Switching in magnetite: a thermally driven magnetic phase transitionWe have performed a variety of experiments on switching phenomena in a metal oxide, magnetite. Our findings are consistent with Joule microheating which drives the Verwey transition occurring at 119 K. We conclude that considerations of band structure, direct electric-field-induced transitions, tunn...Negative resistance; Electrical switching; Verwey transition; Joule heating1969-12
289 Seror, Denis D.D.C.P.L. - A distributed control programming languageIn this thesis, a computation is considered a system of asynchronously cooperating "independent" programs (coroutines) linked by paths of in formation along which messages are sent. A programming language called DCPL, a Distributed Control Programming Language, in which such computations may be ex...Distributed control programming language; DCPL1970
290 Templeton, Frederick E.Optimal control of a process with discrete and continuous decision variablesThe task of dynamic optimization consists of manipulating the inputs to a dynamic system (i.e., one in which the state varies with time) so that the system performs in an advantageous manner. This paper presents a systematic technique for solving the problem of optimally controlling a converter ais...Dynamic optimization; Decision variables; Converter aisle; Copper smelter1970
291 Bennett, Donald R.A Model for the Telephone Transmission of Six-Channel ElectroencephalogramsBiomedical Informatics1970
292 Bennett, Donald R.Routine Transmission of Elecetroencephalograms by Telephone from a Distant CommunityBiomedical Informatics1970
293 Wehrli, RobertARCAID: The ARChitects computer graphics AIDARCAID?The ARChitect's Computer Graphics AID?is one part of a two-part research program at the University of Utah under the direction of David C. Evans. ARCAID is a specification for the organization of computer processes including data and procedures for the use of architects, engineers, and other...ARCAID1970
294 Watkins, Gary ScottA real time visible surface algorithmWith the increasing use of computer graphics, a need is growing for a processor capable of displaying solid objects. Environmental simulation and architectural modeling are only two areas that would benefit from such a diplay processor. This dissertation describes an algorithm designed for such a ...Surface algorithm1970
295 Durney, Carl H.An experiment in using interactive computer graphics in teaching transient transmission-line theoryAn interactive computer graphics routine was developed and used in teaching EE 553, Electromagnetic Fields, autumn quarter, 1969, in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Utah. The routine displayed the propagation of the voltage ave form produced by a step-function generator do...1970
296 Warner, Homer R.High-Density Medical Data Management by ComputerBiomedical Informatics1970
297 Warner, Homer R.Cardiovascular Effects of Glucagon Following Cardiac SurgeryBiomedical Informatics1970
298 Miller, Jan D.Adsorption mechanisms in nonmetallic activation systemsAdsorption of lead and ferric iron on quurtz and alumina is presented as a function of pH. Only the hydrolyzed species of these metal ions, FeOHt+ and PbOH', adsorb significantly on each of these minerals. Zeta potentials of quartz were measured as a function of pH in the presence of various additio...Ferric iron; Quartz; Lead; Alumina; Adsorption; pH (Chemistry)1970
299 Fogel, Alan DaleCourse in modern physics for ColombiaThe problems on encounters in teaching physics in Colombia have been recognized for a number of years and can be easily generalized to almost every country in Latin America. These problems are sufficiently widespread, reaching not only across international lines but throughout all the levels of the ...1970
300 Brown, Francis HaroldPliocene/pleistocene formations in the lower omo basin, southern EthiopiaFollowing a two month geological reconnaissance by one of us (FHB) in 1966, four seasons of fieldwork by members of the Omo Research Expedition has added greatly to our previous, scanty knowledge of the late Cenozoic history of the lower Omo basin in southern Ethiopia. Eduard Suess (in: von Hohnel ...1970
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