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276 Fullmer, Alexander T.Optimization of gamma/hadron separation under variable source intensities and energy spectraThe High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) gamma-ray observatory consists of an array of water Cherenkov tanks that can detect extensive air showers (EAS) generated by astrophysical cosmic rays and gamma rays. One of the greatest challenges in using the HAWC observatory to search for astrophysical gam...Gamma ra sources - Observations; Cosmic rays - Observations; Gamma ray astronomy - Research2014-05
277 Abraham, Jacob Isaac KalunakaaheleOptimization of hydraylic fracturing of tight gas formations in horizontal wellsThe discoveries of significant resources of oil and gas in the Barnett, Bakken, Marcellus, and other shale formations have presented an opportunity for national petroleum independence and possible export in the relatively near future. These formations are considered to be "unconventional" resources ...Hydraulic fracturing2013-04
278 Sadler, AlexandriaOrganizational structure and framing process in the Chilean University student movementThe 2011-2015 Chilean university student movement for free, public and quality education has brought education to the forefront of Chilean politics. In 2015 students continue to mobilize through student federations at each university, even as the government beings to implement free higher education....Student movements - Chile2015-05
279 Veenema, ArthurThe original: A process of producing a short filmThe thematic goal of my short film The Original was to explore the blurred nature between reality and artificiality that arises from emerging technology. The Original questions an individual's place amongst the simulated realities that have come to compose our world. The concepts behind my script we...Motion pictures -- Production and direction2014-12
280 Hanswille, IsaOrigins of a monotheistic worldview among the ancient IsraelitesThe early Israelites, like all of their closest Ancient Near Eastern neighbors, began their journey as a people with the worship of a pantheon full of gods. However, as the books of the Hebrew Bible progress chronologically, a shift in thinking occurs toward an alternate worldview. Proscriptions aga...Monotheism -- History; Judaism -- History -- To 70 A.D; Jews -- History -- To 70 A.D2015-04
281 Alexander, AmandaParental conflict with adult childrenParental conflict with adult children is something that is well known anecdotally, but has rarely been studied in light of other, more serious conflicts between parents and their children. However, parental conflict with adult children (adult being defined as between the ages of 18 and 25) is someth...Adult children - Family relationships; Adult children - Psychology2012-05
282 Roberts, JordanParity and primacy in perspective : a second Anglophone decline or a second American century?Much of the systemic theory in international relations focuses on a single explanatory variable: the distribution of capabilities, widely understood to be synonymous with the distribution of power. Despite the significant attention given to the distribution of power, there is still fundamental disag...Balance of power - Research; International relations - Research; Great Britain - Foreign relations - 19th century; United States - Foreign relations - 21st century2013-05
283 Suggs, AlexisPassive cooling strategies for buildings in UtahThis thesis explores techniques and strategies that can be used to passively cool buildings in Utah. The first portion contains a breif explannation of what passive cooling is, why Utah was chosen as the focus, a short history of air condition, and why passive cooling is important. The second part o...Air conditioning2016-05
284 Coronado, Yvette Sonia GonzalezThe pedagogy of sistahood : Living in this skin in the classroomHistorical and contemporary social dynamics have constructed a 'commonsense' of Latina youth as submissive characters to el macho (the male), in addition to portrayals as sexually promiscuous, destined for marriage and pregnancy, quiet, resistant learners, and as lacking in ambition. These deficit m...Hispanic American teenage girls; Social conditions2009
285 Porter, Louis-BassettPerceived stress and ambulatory blood pressure: an analysis of potential health behavior mechanismsAmbulatory blood pressure (ABP) has been linked to perceived stress. However, research is needed on the more specific processes that might be responsible for such a link. In the present study, we examined how potential health behavior mechanisms (weekly exercise, weekly alcohol consumption, and smok...Ambulatory blood pressure measurement; stress management2012-05
286 Rhodewalt, LaurenPersonality and emotion regulation contributions to executive functionA growing body of evidence suggests a relationship between personality characteristics and cognition. Additionally, coping styles, which themselves are related to personality traits, also appear to be related to cognition. Two coping styles are of particular relevance; these are (1) Cognitive Reappr...Psychology1991
287 Soto, GiuliaPeruvian immigrant paradox: Exploring differences in learning cultures and math curriculumMath instruction for immigrant students often begins with the assumption that this student population lacks math knowledge and the skills necessary for academic success in the United States. Immigrant students in the U.S. are often placed in lower level math classes due to the misconception that it ...Immigrants - United States; Mathematics - Study and teaching - Social aspects2016-03
288 Fox, ZachThe physical effects of solvent in molecule-based magnetsMolecule-based magnets are being studied in order to expand the utility of magnets in modern devices. Advantages of molecule-based magnets include less energy intensive synthesis and greater versatility through changes to organic components of the structure. This class of materials is studied to ena...Magnets - Experiments2012-05
289 Hales, LaurelPhysics show and tell and elementary science educationIt is a well-known fact that American children are performing below their peers in international science and mathematics examinations, leading to what is commonly called the STEM education crisis. This project was created in an attempt to resolve this crisis by improving elementary school science ed...Science - Study and teaching (Elementary) - United States2014-05
290 Radhakrishnan, ParvathiPI3K inhibitors as potential new therapy against breast cancer progressionReceptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and their pleiotropic effectors play key roles in metastasis. Met and Ron are RTKs that have been shown to contribute to tumor growth and metastasis in both animal models and in patients. Recently, an alternative Ron isoform known as "short-form" Ron (sfRon) was asso...Breast - Cancer - Treatment - Research; Protein - tyrosine kinase - inhibitors - Therapeutic use; Enzyme inhibitors - Therapeutic use. - Research; Biology - Research2014-05
291 Hahn, CarinaPlasmonically active silver nanowire structures for energy storage applicationsCurrently, there are no sustainable solutions available to meet the increasing demand for grid scale energy storage. Solar to fuel conversion has the potential to curb our dependence on natural gas and costly storage technologies by recycling waste products into chemical fuels. A realistic device mu...Nanowires; Energy storage; Plasmons (Physics)2015-04
292 Mizero, DanielThe political and regulatory challenges of effectively implementing an international accounting systemThese are pivotal times in accounting history. Globalization, world trade and financial market integration have given international accounting standards increased relevance and priority. The possibility of worldwide use of a single set of international accounting standards could provide tremendous v...International accounting standard2014-07
293 Burns, HenrikThe political economy of international terms of trade and agricultural sustainability: The case of CubaFor this thesis project I investigated the relationship between international terms of trade and agricultural sustainability for the case of Cuba. To understand the effect of trade relations on agricultural policy I explored Cuba's relationship with the Soviet Union, its largest trading partner betw...Trade regulation - Cuba; Agriculture and state - Cuba; Cuba - Commerce2014-05
294 Tonks, JacobPolitics without character: Liberal virtues and the situationist critiqueA critique of virtue ethics has recently been raised by social psychologists who believe experimental psychology has all but proved the non-existence of character. In morally compromising situations, external situational factors have the greatest influence on choice, and therefore virtue as a stable...Situation ethics; Virtue Choice (Psychology); Autonomy (Philosophy)2015-05
295 Singh, AnandPolyurethane molecular weight determination in catheters via gel permeation chromatographyAntimicrobial catheter extrusions are loaded with an antiseptic drug in order to help prevent catheter-related infections. Previous research has shown that polymer molecular weight (Mw) can be used to control drug loading levels. Polyurethane based resin and catheter shaft extrusion samples were cho...Catheters - Research; Bacterial diseases - Prevention; Drug loading levels; Gel permeation chromatography; Diffusion distance; Antimicrobial catheter extrustions; Catheter shaft extrusions; Bacterial Infections; MATLAB2016-05
296 Bergquist, JohnPopular music and public education: Culturally responsive to the past and present alikePopular music is included to varying degrees in American public school curricula despite the fact that experts in the field have called for its inclusion since the Tanglewood Symposium in 1968 (Choate et. al, 1967). Green (2008) found that some educators might be uncomfortable with popular music pr...Music - Instruction and study2016-04
297 Thomas, MadisonPossible systems of female sexualityPrevious research found that women tend to exhibit sexual fluidity more than men (Diamond, 2008). This conclusion has led to the desire for research to unde rstand sexuality and the possible life events that impact ideas, behaviors, and sexual identity. The main research question being explored in t...Women - Sexual behavior2015-12
298 Uchida, Kimberly AkimiPost-translational regulation of the tumor suppressor PDCD4Expression of the tumor suppressor Programmed cell death 4 (PDCD4) is correlated with better survival outcomes in several types of cancer. When PDCD4 is coexpressed with protein arginine methyltransferase 5, however, this trend does not hold true, suggesting that PDCD4 methylation is involved in the...Tumor suppressor proteins - Regulation2013-12
299 Beus, ZacharyPower system stabilizerThe goal of this project, part of the Power Industry Consortium, was to design a power system stabilizer for a small grid-connected three phase synchronous generator. Power System Stabilizers control the excitation of synchronous generators to reduce lowfrequency oscillations on the grid and increas...Voltage regulators; Power system stabilizers2015-05
300 Trakhimets, AlesiaPre-clinical trials of anti-neoplastic drugs using zebrafish with T-cell cancerNote: To agree with NCBI nomenclature guidelines, human gene abbreviations are italicized and capitalized; human protein abbreviations are non-italicized and capitalized, and zebrafish gene abbreviations are italicized in lowercase. T lymphocytes, or T-cells, are blood cells that normally fight vira...Antineoplastic agents - Testing; Zebra danio2013-04
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