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251 Sequencing computational events in heterogeneous distributed systemsDistributed systems are growing in number, size, and complexity. Some technological advances have been made to program these systems, most notably the remote procedure call. However, the nature of heterogeneous distributed systems allows for much more complex interactions and new programming techno...Sequencing; Computational events; Heterogeneous distributed systems1990
252 ARCAID: The ARChitects computer graphics AIDARCAID?The ARChitect's Computer Graphics AID?is one part of a two-part research program at the University of Utah under the direction of David C. Evans. ARCAID is a specification for the organization of computer processes including data and procedures for the use of architects, engineers, and other...ARCAID1970
253 Autonomous ObservationWe address the problem of observing an agent. We advocate a modeling approach for the visual system and its observer, where a discrete event dynamic system (DEDS) framework is developed and "events" are defined as ranges on parameter subsets. The dynamic recursive context for finite state machines (...Observation; Manipulation process1992
254 Design-space exploration of most-recent-only communication using myrinet on SGI ccNUMA architecturesSGI's current ccNUMA multiprocessor architectures offer high scalability and performance without sacrificing the ease of use of simpler SMP systems. Although these systems also provide a standard PCI expansion bus, the bridging between PCI and SGI's ccNUMA architecture invalidates the assumptions ty...Most-recent-only communication; Myrinet; SGI; Communications latencies1999
255 Emerging trends proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics: TPHOLs 2004This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Emerging Trends track of the 17th International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics (TPHOLs 2004) held September 14-17, 2004 in Park City, Utah, USA. The TPHOLs conference covers all aspects of theorem proving in higher order logics ...Theorem proving; Higher order logics2004-08
256 Modeling of solids for three-dimensional finite element analysisThe geometric modeling of solid objects is a major problem within the design analysis loop of the engineering design process. Models are analyzed by various computer programs to predict their performance. The format of each model is usually different for each analysis routine. The existence of sev...Geometric modeling; Solid objects; Finite element analysis1977
257 Standard Oil and Microsoft - intriguing parallels or limping analogies?The computer industry and the law of antitrust have been preoccupied with the struggle between the federal and several state governments and Microsoft for most of the past decade. Microsoft's use of its domination over the personal computer (PC) industry by virtue of its control of the operating sy...2002
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