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251 Allam, JeremyLow-energy satellite transfer from Earth to MarsA new type of satellite transfer that uses half the amount of fuel as conventional transfers has been discovered. This transfer, called a low-energy transfer, proved to work in 1991 when a Japanese satellite successfully went in orbit around the moon using this technique. Since then, more research h...Space vehicles -- Dynamics -- Mathematics Space flight to Mars -- Mathematics2015-04
252 Wallace, Joshua J.Lyman-alpha emission as a probe of galaxy environmentsAs a result of resonant scatterings off hydrogen atoms, Lya emission from star-forming galaxies provides a potential probe of the neutral gas environment around them. In order to determine the utility of Lya emission as a probe of gas environments we study the effects of environmental anisotropy on ...Galaxies - Spectra2014-05
253 Zurbuchen, RudiMacrocyclization of glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) by thiol-ene reactionMacrocyclization of peptides helps maintain a stable alpha helical structure using a conformational constraining staple. One such peptide, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), is a 37 amino acid peptide agonist for the GLP-1 receptor and has the ability to lower blood glucose levels and is responsible ...Peptide hormones - Receptors - Research; Ring formation (Chemistry) - Research; Macrocyndization; GLP-1; Swim kinematics; Pre-pulse inhibition2016-05
254 Wang, MinnaManaging limited ECG access in a clinical cardiac electrophysiology settingElectrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) is a computational approach that seeks to reconstruct cardiac electrical activity with high precision from body surface ECGs by solving a numerical inverse problem. Though there have been great advancements in ECGI, there is still a need for progress in specific a...Electrocardiography - Research; Heart - Diseases - Diagnosis; Body surface potentials2016-05
255 Shimko, TylerMapping suppressors of premature sperm activation in C. ElegansThe sperm of the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans move by a crawling motion, in contrast to mammalian sperm, which exhibit a swimming motion. This method of locomotion makes the sperm of C. elegans an excellent model for examining cell motility. In order to become motile, the sperm must undergo the ...Caenorhabditis elegans -- Spermatozoa; Sperm activation2015-05
256 Ferguson, Christina M.Marital status and distress among low-income couples transitioning to parenthoodThe transition to parenthood is associated with declines in couple relationship functioning and increases in psychological distress. Cohabiting and economically disadvantaged couples are at particular risk during this life transition. This study examined cohabitation as a potential risk factor for p...Couples -- Psychology2015-04
257 Foote, Charles R.Measuring an ideas-based economy: an assessment of total factor productivityThis study presents a new empirical assessment of the ability of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) to measure the effects of innovation in aggregate and across different industries. Typically, TFP is estimated as a scale parameter of a production function fit to output and input data from industries o...Industrial productivity; Total factor productivity2015-04
258 Green, AustinMeasuring occupancy and occurrence of medium and large mammals in Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area using motion-activated camera trapsWith expanding urbanization and development, human encroachment on wilderness areas continues to increase. In Utah, much of the once pristine and untouched mountain ecosystems of the Wasatch Front have been developed for recreation and other human use, and this increasing human-wildlife interaction...Red Butte Canyon (Salt Lake County, Utah); Wilderness area monitoring - United States; Wildlife conservation - Utah
259 McSweeney, Catherine LindsayMedia representations: The health and beauty of the female bodyThis thesis examines the media representations of women in advertising through textual analysis. Discussed are the possible influences advertising and media have on obesity and health through the perceived pressures placed on women to maintain a body type and figure similar to the women in advertisi...Women in advertising2015-05
260 Hermansen, HillaryMediating silence: translation in Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the StarIn Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the Star, a male narrator, Rodrigo, mediates a feminine and impoverished subject, Macabéa, for a middle class audience. Likewise, two male translators, Giovanni Pontiero and Benjamin Moser, mediate the original Brazilian work for their English-speaking audience. I...Lispector, Clarice. Hora de estrela. English2016-04
261 Yehle, TobinMemoized parsing with derivativesDue to the computational complexity of parsing, constituent parsing is not preferred for tasks involving large corpora. However, the high similarity between sentences in natural language suggests that it is not necessary to pay the full computational price for each new sentence. In this work we p...Parsing (Computer grammar)2016-04
262 Hawkley, Jesse DeanMetropolitan divergence segregation patterns in New York and DetroitSegregation is usually defined in terms of limiting a certain ethnic group to a single area through discriminatory institutional practices like racially restrictive covenants or redlining. However, segregation is also affected by household decisions and demographic processes. Through the mid-twentie...Residential segregation - Detroit; Residential segregation - New York2016-04
263 Spendlove, NatalieMitochondrial genetic variation among howler monkeysBy studying genetic variation of some of primates, researchers can more closely study the effects of deforestation and fragmentation. For this study, mantled howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) are the primates of choice. The samples used in this study were collected by researchers doing fieldwork in...Anthropology; Howler monkeys; Genetics2014-12
264 Downs, MelindaModeling conductivity as a function of temperature for CZTS and CZTSe thin film solar cell absorber layersThe goat of this project was to develop an accurate model for the temperature dependent conductivity of CU2ZnSnS4 (elTS) and CU2ZnSnSe4 {ClTSe} thin film solar cell absorber layers. Mathematical models of conductivity and resistivity were derived from both parallel and series combinations of tempera...Solar cells; Thin films2013
265 Endow, Danielle MiyakoModern representation of female protagonists in media: An exploration of identityComing from the perspective of a woman living in Utah, I have explored what it means to be an ambitious, yet lost individual in today's media. Over the course of one year I wrote a full-length screenplay that follows the journey of a woman who loses her sense of self and must find her way back by te...Screenplay writing2014-12
266 Astin, M. HollyModulating Intestinal Liver X Receptor Activity to Alter the Development of Atherosclerosis in ZebrafishThe liver X receptors (LXRs) are important regulators of lipid and cholesterol metabolism and control diverse pathways in development, reproduction, metabolism, immunity and inflammation. Thus, LXRs have potential as therapeutic targets for diseases as diverse as lipid disorders, atherosclerosis...Liver X receptors - Research; Zebrafish - genetics2016-08
267 Rou, JanvidaMonte-Carlo simulation of stellar intensity interferometryStellar intensity interferometers will allow for achieving stellar imaging with a tenth of a milli-arcsecond resolution in the optical band by taking advantage of the large light collecting area and broad range of inter-telescope distances offered by future gamma-ray Air Cherenkov Telescope (ACT) ar...Monte Carlo simulation2012-05
268 Kenney, DevinMonumental failure: the navajo tribe and radiotoxic wastesThe extraction of uranium has a troubled history in the Navajo Nation, a history born of lack of representation, lack of interest, and ultimately, lack of regard for human life. The United States government failed to carry out their obligation to protect the health and economic well-being of the Nav...Navajo Tribe - Government relations; Uranium mines and mining - Environmental aspects - United States; Uranium mines and mining - Waste disposal - Navajo Indian Reservation2012-05
269 Hanks, KelleyThe multinational company of Jesus: A modern corporation in the early modern world?There is significant debate concerning whether or not the Company of Jesus should be considered a modern corporation. There are those who support this view, such as Magnus Morner and C.R. Boxer, while others, such as Dauril Alden, are critical of it. Much of the debate is centered on the economic ac...Jesuits -- History2015-04
270 Khoury, MarkMuscle activity changes due to immobilization and partial weight bearing of the lower legTibial fractures account for half a million hospitalizations per year. Although clinical treatment of tibial fractures requires immobilization of the affected limb and partial weight bearing (PWB) prescriptions, the effects of this treatment protocol on gait and muscle activity have not been studied...Muscles -- Physiology; Tibia -- Wounds and injuries; Muscle activity; Partial weight bearing2015-05
271 Hannon, JacksonNational strategy and military doctrine in Afghanistan and Iraq and the creation of the office of foreign affairs and reconstructionThe 9/11 terror attacks in New York by al Qaeda have largely been considered a landmark moment in American hist ory, and in the path of the Bush presidency. While the Bush administration had something of a general foreign policy and guiding strategy, the attacks on 9/11 were a seminal moment for the...United States -- Foreign relations -- 21st century; United States -- Military policy; United States -- Military relations -- Afghanistan; United States -- Military relations -- Iraq; United States -- Foreign relations -- Afghanistan; United States -- Foreign relations -- Iraq2015-08
272 Baker, Stephanie RebeccaNeighborhood characteristics and obesity: A focus on the food environmentThe rate of obese and overweight individuals in the United States is at epidemic proportions. Previous research has found that neighborhood characteristics are correlated with health outcomes and obesity rates. My study focuses on aspects of the food environment and how it may influence obesity rate...Obesity - Research; Obesity - Social aspects; Obesity - Risk factors - United States - Utah2012-05
273 Jenson, DonovonNo low hanging fruits: salient factors for good nutrition by socioeconomic statusIn recent years increasing obesity rates have become a major concern in the United States. Statistics show socioeconomic status plays a big role in obesity outcomes, with those of lower SES more likely to be obese. Although exercise and stress have also been shown as important contributors to obesit...Obesity - United States2014-04
274 Kerr, Lindsay TarbetNotes and a narrative to accompany a piano recitalI wrote this thesis in connection with my hour-long senior recital, held April 19, 2015 as the culmination of my work as an undergraduate student in the piano performance program. The thesis includes extended and short program notes for each of the compositions included in my recital: Frederic Chopi...Piano - Performance2015-05
275 Eike, Daniel AaronNutritional Assessment of Children Ages 0 - 5 Years in Rural Punjab, IndiaMalnutrition is a major health risk that affects nearly 50% of children in India. The state of Punjab has been termed the "breadbasket" of India because of its massive agricultural production. Despite this, children throughout Punjab still suffer from high rates of malnutrition. The purpose of this ...Nutrition - in infancy & childhood - Punjab2016-12
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