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251 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Mary Williams Leatham1936dha_wpabsText
252 Pioneer personal history, Frederick Wilson1938-12-08dha_wpabsText
253 Biography of Hannah Isabell Fawcett Nixon1937-03-15dha_wpabsText
254 Pioneer personal history, Neils Boyer1934dha_wpabsText
255 Interview with Mrs. Lydia Puzey at Spring City, Utah1939-02-03dha_wpabsText
256 Professor Theodore Belden Lewis1941-10-16dha_wpabsText
257 Pioneer personal history, Edwin A. Strafford1938-09-01dha_wpabsText
258 Pioneer personal history answers: Niels Joseph Nielson1938-09-22dha_wpabsText
259 Pioneer personal history answers: Mr. Ernest Munk1938-12-23dha_wpabsText
260 William Arnold Rose1940-02-15dha_wpabsText
261 Pioneer personal history of Dan Pugh1939-07-10dha_wpabsText
262 May Westerhold Bailey1938dha_wpabsText
263 History of the life of Phebe Hanna McMillian Bethers, wife of William Samuel Bethers1934dha_wpabsText
264 Pioneer personal history, Lydia Hamp Baker1937-04-19dha_wpabsText
265 Robert Lang Campbell1933-10dha_wpabsText
266 Life and experiences of George Washington Nichols1939-04-25dha_wpabsText
267 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Howard S. Brindley1938-08-09dha_wpabsText
268 Pioneer personal history, Hyrum Belnap1937-02-20; 1938-08-10dha_wpabsText
269 Pioneer history, Seren Olsen1938-07-12dha_wpabsText
270 Pioneer's history, Louis Bonza1938-07-11dha_wpabsText
271 An interview with George Smith, brother of Ralph Smith, the first boy born in Logan1938-11-05dha_wpabsText
272 Emily James Roberts1936-12-14dha_wpabsText
273 Mrs. L. Wood, Monticello, Utah1938dha_wpabsText
274 Individual family record: Lucile Lavore Mortensen Richens1936-12-07dha_wpabsText
275 History of Christanna Dixie Lloyd1939-10-31dha_wpabsText
251 - 275 of 865