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251 Warner, Homer R.Role of the Computer in Coronary CareBiomedical Informatics1972
252 Warner, Homer R.Routine vs. Priority Procedures: Challenging the Medical CheckupBiomedical Informatics1970
253 Huser, VojtechRunning decision support logic retrospectively to determine guideline adherence: a case study with diabetesWe describe the application of our previously developed analytical infrastructure called RetroGuide to conduct studies on retrospective data using a clinician friendly flowchart paradigm. Introduction Requiring additional clinician?s input in a new decision support system (DSS) is often a major imp...retroguide; time series analysis; retrospective observational study; diabetes; hypertension; clinical guidelines; knowledge representation; RetroGuide2007-05-14
254 Gardner, Reed M.Safety and Efficacy of Continuous Flush Systems for Arterial and Pulmonary Artery CathetersBiomedical Informatics1977
255 Gardner, Reed M.Selection and Standardization of Respiratory Monitoring EquipmentBiomedical Informatics1986
256 Gardner, Reed M.Selection of the Best Spirometric Values for InterpretationBiomedical Informatics1980
257 Warner, Homer R.Simulation as a Tool for Biological ResearchBiomedical Informatics1964
258 Warner, Homer R.Simulation of a Multiphasic Screening Procedure for Hospital AdmissionsBiomedical Informatics1971
259 Warner, Homer R.Some Approaches to Computerized Medical DiagnosisBiomedical Informatics1972
260 Warner, Homer R.Some Changes in Medical Informatics (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1990
261 Warner, Homer R.Some Computer Techniques of Value for Study of CirculationBiomedical Informatics1965
262 Gardner, Reed M.Standardization of Spirometry - 1987 UpdateBiomedical Informatics1987
263 Warner, Homer R.Stepping Down as Editor of Computers and Biomedical Research (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1993
264 Warner, Homer R.Student Paper Finalists: SCAMC 1992 (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1993
265 Warner, Homer R.Subtotal Hysterectomy in Modern Gynecology: A Decision AnalysisBiomedical Informatics1997
266 Gardner, Reed M.Testing Spirometers - ATS StandardsBiomedical Informatics1977
267 Gardner, Reed M.Testing Spirometers -ATS StandardsBiomedical Informatics1977
268 Warner, Homer R.Time-Sharing in Biomedical ResearchBiomedical Informatics1966
269 Gardner, Reed M.Tomorrow's Electronic Hospital is Here TodayBiomedical Informatics1984
270 Warner, Homer R.Toward a Public Domain UMLS Patient DatabaseBiomedical Informatics1990
271 Warner, Homer R.The Tradeoffs Between Timesharing and Dedicated Computers in a Medical SettingBiomedical Informatics1983
272 Mitchell, Joyce A.Use of a microcomputer database system in a statewide effort for data collection in medical geneticsThe Genetics Office Automation System (GOAS) is a database management system for the collection and reporting of medical genetics data. We have previously reported on its implementation in a single university center [1,2]. We report here on its implementation in a coordinated data collection effort ...1991-01-01
273 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1959
274 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Physiological SystemsBiomedical Informatics1960
275 Warner, Homer R.Use of Analogue Computers in the Study of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1962
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