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251 Anomalous pressure dependence of the structure factor in 1,4-polybutadiene melts: a molecular dynamics simulation studyNeutron scattering has shown the first diffraction peak in the structure factor of a 1,4-polybutadiene melt under compression to move to larger q values as expected but to decrease significantly in intensity. Simulations reveal that this behavior does not result from loss of structure in the polymer...Polymer melts; 1, 4-polybutadiene melts; Pressure; Structure factor2004-07
252 Antenna optimization for vehicular environmentsAbstract? This paper presents a multi-antenna optimization for communication in a Rockwell T-39 Sabreliner, a mid-size aircraft with a metallic body. The aircraft channel at 2.45 GHz is modeled using site specific 3D ray-tracing software. Added effects from system details including the antenna radi...2011
253 Apparent symmetries in range dataA procedure for extracting symmetrical features from the output of a range scanner is described which is insensitive to sensor noise and robust with respect to object surface complexity. The acquisition of symmetry descriptors for rigid bodies from a range image was in this case motivated by the ne...Symmetry descriptors; Range data; Range scanner; Dextrous manipulation systems1987
254 Application of adaptive noise cancellation to noise reduction in audio signalsThe LMS adaptive noise cancellation algorithm has been applied to the removal of high-level white noise from audio signals. Simulations and actual acoustically recorded signals have been processed successfully, with excellent agreement between the results obtained from simulations and the results ob...Noise cancellation; Noise reduction; White noise; LMS algorithm1979
255 Application of phase detection frequency domain reflectometry for locating faults in an F-18 flight control harnessThe performance of a phase-detection frequency-domain reflectometer (PD-FDR) for locating open and short circuits (hard faults) in a Navy F-18 flight control harness has been tested, and the analytical expressions for accuracy verified. Nine different types of aircraft wires appear in this harness:...Phase detection; Frequency domain reflectometry; PD-FDR; Wire fault location; Aging wire; Flight control harness2005-05
256 Application of the saber method for improved spectral analysis of noisy speechA stand alone noise suppression algorithm is described for reducing the spectral effects of acoustically added noise in speech. A fundamental result is developed which shows that the spectral magnitude of speech plus noise can be effectively approximated as the sum of magnitudes of speech and noise....Noise suppression algorithm; SABER method1977
257 Application specific asynchronous microengines for efficient high-level controlDespite the growing interest in asynchronous circuits programmable asynchronous controllers based on the idea of microprogramming have not been actively pursued Since programmable control is widely used in many commercial ASICs to allow late correction of design errors to easily upgrade product f...Asynchronous microengines1997
258 Application specific asynchronous microgengines for efficient high-level controlDespite the growing interest in asynchronous circuits, programmable asynchronous controllers based on the idea of microprogramming have not been actively pursued. Since programmable control is widely used in many commercial ASICs to allow late correction of design errors, to easily upgrade product ...Asynchronous microgengines; Programmable asynchronous controllers1997
259 Applications of microfluidics for molecular diagnosticsDiagnostic assays implemented in microfluidic devices have developed rapidly over the past decade and are expected to become commonplace in the next few years. Hundreds of microfluidics-based approaches towards clinical diagnostics and pathogen detection have been reported with a general theme of ra...Microfluidics; Micro-total-analysis-systems; Lab-on-a-chip; Point-of-care devices; Sample preparation; MEMS; Rapid prototyping; Biomarker detection; Personalized medicine; Global health care2012-11-04
260 Approximate Bregman near neighbors in sublinear time: beyond the triangle inequalityBregman divergences are important distance measures that are used extensively in data-driven applications such as computer vision, text mining, and speech processing, and are a key focus of interest in machine learning. Answering nearest neighbor (NN) queries under these measures is very important i...2012-01-01
261 Arc and path consistency revisitedMackworth and Freuder have analyzed the time complexity of several constraint satisfaction algorithms [4]. We present here new algorithms for arc and path consistency and show that the arc consistency algorithm is optimal in time complexity and of the same order space complexity as the earlier algor...Arc consistency; Path consistency; Constraint satisfaction algorithms1985
262 Architecting efficient interconnects for large caches with CACTI 6.0Efficiently executing multithreaded applications on future multicores will require fast intercore communication. Most of this communication happens via reads and writes to large shared caches in the memory hierarchy. Microprocessor performance and power will be strongly influenced by the long inter...Interconnects; CACTI 6.0; Non-uniform cache architectures (NUCA)2008-01
263 Architectural synthesis of timed asynchronous systemsThis paper describes a new method for architectural synthesis of timed asynchronous systems. Due to the variable delays associated with asynchronous resources, implicit schedules are created by the addition of supplementary constraints between resources. Since the number of schedules grows exponenti...1999
264 Are the extrinsic muscles better suited for signaling joint angles or finger tip location?We used a biomechanical model of the human long finger to determine whether the extrinsic muscles are better suited for estimating the finger's joint angles or for estimating location of the finger tip. We found that two of the extrinsic muscles together could provide information sufficient to direc...Extrinsic muscles; Metacarpophalangeal joint; Biomechanical models1997
265 Artistic composition for image creationAltering the viewing parameters of a 3D object results in computer graphics images of varying quality. One aspect of image quality is the composition of the image. While the esthetic properties of an image are subjective, some heuristics used by artists to create images can be approximated quanti...Image creation; Image quality2000
266 Artistic vision: painterly rendering using computer vision techniquesWe present a method that takes a raster image as input and produces a painting-like image composed of strokes rather than pixels. Unlike previous automatic painting methods, we attempt to keep the number of brush-stroke small. This is accomplished by first segmenting the image into features, finding...Painting-like image; Raster image; Painterly rendering2000
267 Asymptotic near optimality of the bisection methodThe bisection method is shown to possess the nearly best rate of convergence for infinitely differentiable functions having zeros of arbitrary multiplicity. If the multiplicity of zeros is bounded, methods are known which have asymptotically at least quadratic rate of convergence.Bisection method1988
268 Asynchronous circuit verification using trace theory and CCSWe investigate asynchronous circuit verification using Dill's trace theory as well as Milner's CCS (as mechanized by the Concurrency Workbench). Trace theory is a formalism specifically designed for asynchronous circuit specification and verification. CCS is a general purpose calculus of communicat...Trace theory; Verification; CCS1992
269 Atomic force microscopy study of ordered GaInPExamines the nature of the steps on the surface of gallium indium phosphide lattice layers matched to gallium arsenide substrates using atomic force microscopy. Temperatures of organometallic vapor phase epitaxy used; Relation of height of steps with misorientation angle; Link of supersteps with the...Surface chemistry; Lattice theory1995
270 Atomic ordering of GaInP studied by Kelvin probe force microscopyThe atomic ordering of GaInP has been established and studied by a variety of methods, including transmission electron microscopy, cathodoluminescence, and photoluminescence. In this work, a Kelvin probe force microscope _x0002_KPFM_x0003_ has been employed to image several GaInP samples previous...Cathodoluminescence; Photoluminescence; Surface morphology1995
271 Atomicity and visibility in tiny embedded systemsVisibility is a property of a programming language's memory model that determines when values stored by one concurrent computation become visible to other computations. Our work exploits the insight that in nesC, a C-like language with explicit atomicity, the traditional way of ensuring timely visib...2006-01-01
272 Augmented CPU reservations: towards predictable execution on general-purpose operating systemsOne problem with performing soft real-time computations on general-purpose operating systems is that these OSs may spend significant amounts of time in the kernel instead of performing work on behalf of the application that is nominally scheduled: the OS effectively steals time from the running appl...2001-01-01
273 Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolutionAn automated reader for electrophoresis based DNA sequencing methods is described that provides fast and accurate sequence determination. Digitized sequencing lanes are processed with homomorphic blind deconvolution in preparation for peak detection, interlane alignment, peak refinement and base cal...Sequence Analysis; Electrophoresis; Automated Film Reader; Homomorphic Deconvolution1994
274 Automatic abstraction for synthesis and verification of deterministic timed systemsThis paper presents a new approach for synthesis and verification of asynchronous circuits by using abstraction. It attacks the state explosion problem by avoiding the generation of a flat state space for the whole design. Instead, it breaks the design into sub-blocks and conducts synthesis and veri...2000
275 Automatic addition of reset in asynchronous sequential control circuitsAsynchronous finite state machines (AFSMs) usually require initialization to place them in a desired starting state. This normally occurs by toggling a reset signal upon power-up. This paper presents an algorithm to automatically generate power-up reset circuitry thus adding reset to an AFSM after t...2014-01-01
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