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226 Total dissolved gas, barometric pressure, and water temperature data, lower Columbia River, Oregon and Washington, 19961996Text
227 Seasonal and spatial variability of nutrients and pesticides in streams of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1993-951998Text
228 Environmental setting of the Willamette Basin, Oregon1997Text
229 Dioxins and furans in bed sediment and fish tissue of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1992-19951998Text
230 Occurrence of selected trace elements and organic compounds and their relation to land use in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 1992-941996Text
231 Hydrogeologic setting and preliminary estimates of hydrologic components for Bull Run Lake and the Bull Run Lake drainage basin, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, Oregon1996Text
232 Ground-water data for the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and contiguous areas, north-central Oregon1996Text
233 Near-real-time simulation and internet-based delivery of forecast-flood inundation maps using two-dimensional hydraulic modeling: a pilot study of the Snoqualmie River, Washington2002Text
234 Phosphorus and E. coli in the Fanno and Bronson Creek subbasins of the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, during summer low-flow conditions, 19962000Text
235 Preliminary assessment of using tree-tissue analysis and passive diffusion samplers to evaluate trichloroethene contamination of ground water at Site SS-34N, McChord Air Force Base, Washington, 20012002Text
236 Precipitation-runoff simulations of current and natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River Basin, Washington2003Text
237 Updating flood maps efficiently using existing hydraulic models, very-high-accuracy elevation data, and a geographic information system- a pilot study on the Nisqually River, Washington2001Text
238 Water temperature, specific conductance, pH, and dissolved-oxygen concentrations in the lower White River and the Puyallup River estuary, Washington, August-October 20022003Text
239 Characterization of instream hydraulic and riparian habitat conditions and stream temperatures of the Upper White River Basin, Washington, using multispectral imaging systems2003Text
240 Concentrations and loads of suspended sediment and nutrients in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-2000 - with an analysis of trends in concentrations2003Text
241 Effects of hypothetical management scenarios on simulated water temperatures in the Tualatin River, Oregon2000Text
242 Processes controlling dissolved oxygen and pH in the upper Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 19941995Text
243 The effect of calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) deicing material on the water quality of Bear Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon, 19992000Text
244 Water-temperature, specific-conductance, and meteorological data for the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, 1994-951997Text
245 Age of ground water in basalt aquifers near Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, Skamania County, Washington1995Text
246 Data-collection methods, quality-assurance data, and site considerations for total dissolved gas monitoring, lower Columbia River, Oregon and Washington, 20002001Text
247 Simulated water-management alternatives using the modular modeling system for the Methow River Basin, Washington2004Text
248 Estimating the probability of elevated nitrate (NO2+NO3-N) concentrations in ground water in the Columbia Basin Ground Water Management Area, Washington2000Text
249 Water, ice, and meteorological measurements at South Cascade Glacier, Washington, 2000-01 balance years2002Text
250 Comparison of passive diffusion bag samplers and submersible pump sampling methods for monitoring volatile organic compounds in ground water at Area 6, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington2002Text
226 - 250 of 270