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226 Formulation for the static permittivity of water and steam at temperatures from 238 K to 873 K at pressures up to 1200 MPa, including derivatives and Debye- Hückel coefficientsA new formulation is presented of the static relative permittivity or dielectric constant of water and steam, including supercooled and supercritical states. The range is from 238 K to 873 K, at pressures up to 1200 MPa. The formulation is based on the ITS-90 temperature scale. It correlates a selec...Static relative permittivity; Dielectric constant1997
227 Photoinduced quantum interference antiresonances in ∏-conjugated polymersWe observed photoinduced quantum interference antiresonances between several discrete infraredactive vibrations and the lower-polaron continuous absorption band in a series of p-conjugated polymer films having superior planar orders, where the polaron transition energy is relatively small. The phot...pi-conjugated polymers; Antiresonances; Fano-type antiresonances2002-05
228 Magnetic behavior of octaethylporphyrinatomanganese(III) tetracyanoethenide, [MnOEP][TCNE], and hexacyanobutadienide, [MnOEP][C4(CN)6]: the importance of a uniform chain for stabilizing strong effective ferromagnetic coupling[MnOEP][A] {A=[TCNE]'- and [C4(CN)6]'-} have been isolated as extended 1D coordination polymers with trans-U2"[A] bridging ligands with strong {A=[C4(CN)6].-} and weak {A=TCNE].-} ferromagnetic coupling as evidenced from the fit of the magnetic susceptibility to the Curie-Weiss law (0=5.1 and 67.1 K...Crystals; Inversion; Coupling1995
229 Activation-dependent redistribution of the adhesion plaque protein, talin, in intact human plateletsTalin is a high molecular weight protein localized at adhesion plaques in fibroblasts. It binds vinculin and integrin and appears to participate in generating a transmembrane connection between the extracellular matrix and the cytoskeleton.Talin1989
230 Endotoxin enhancement as a possible etiology of early-onset group B beta-hemolytic streptococcal sepsis in the newborn.Group B streptococcal cells, either viable or heat-killed, contain a substance that induced fever in rabbits with maximal responses occurring four hours after intravenous injection. In contrast, supernatant fluids failed to induce significant fever. Group B streptococcal cells also enhanced host sus...Newborns; Endotoxins; Group B Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcal Sepsis1983-05
231 Beneath the hood and robe: a socioeconomic analysis of Ku Klux Klan membership in Denver, Colorado, 1921-1925The Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was in numbers and political influence the most powerful social movement of the 1920s and probably the most significant crusade of the American right-wing. Unlike its predecessor of the Reconstruction period or its descendant of today, this Kla...1980
232 What will become of us? looking into the crystal ball of serials workIs it possible to predict the future of serials work? Not with perfect accuracy, of course - but to do so imperfectly is both possible and imperative.We need to be looking ahead and asking questions like these: What are the implications of the open access movement for serials staff? Will the informa...2006
233 Novel method to detect unlabeled inorganic nanoparticles and submicron particles in tissue by sedimentation field-flow fractionationA novel methodology to detect unlabeled inorganic nanoparticles was experimentally demonstrated using a mixture of nano-sized (70 nm) and submicron (250 nm) silicon dioxide particles added to mammalian tissue. The size and concentration of environmentally relevant inorganic particles in a tissue sa...Sedimentation field-flow fractionation; Transmission electron microscopy; Tissue digestion2008
234 Comparison of FDTD computed and measured radiation patterns of commercial mobile telephones in presence of the human headIn this letter, finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) computed radiation patterns of mobile telephones are carefully compared with those measured in our laboratory. The question on the capability of the FDTD method to correctly predict the radiated electromagnetic fields of today's structurally comp...FDTD; Finite-difference time-domain; Mobile antennas1998-01-01
235 Industrial inspection and reverse engineeringWe propose a new design for inspection and reverse engineering environments. We have designed and experimented with such an environment for capturing sense data of mechanical parts in an intelligent way. We construct a sensing ? CAD interface for the automatic reconstruction of parts from visual d...Industrial inspection; Discrete event dynamic system; DEDS; DRFSM1994
236 Kinetics of mesa overlayer growth: climbing of adatoms onto the mesa topWe have calculated the energy barriers for an adatom climbing up onto a Pb mesa top either over a facet-facet edge or through a facet-step joint, using a modified embedded atom method. We found that the second process is not only thermodynamically more favorable than the first one but also much fast...Mesa overlayer growth; Adatoms; Epitaxial growth2008
237 X-ray observation of crossover of 2kF to 4kF scattering in (N-Methylphenazinium)x(Phenazine)1-x(Tetracyanoquinodimethane) [(NMP)x(Phen)1-x(TCNQ)], 0.5 (< _x <_ 1.0)We report the temperature-dependent x-ray diffuse scattering of (NMP),(Phen)(1-x-)(TCNQ) as a function of conduction-electron density (x). With decreasing x three different unique electronic instability regimes are successively observed on the TCNQ chains: (i) the 2kF instability for (2/3<_x<_1, (ii...Conduction-electron; Electron density; Chain1982
238 Unruptured posterior communicating artery aneurysm presenting with gustatory seizures and temporal lobe edemaUnruptured cerebral aneurysms presenting with seizures are unusual. We describe a case of a growing middle cerebral artery aneurysm presenting with gustatory seizures with magnetic resonance imaging showing peri-aneurysmal edema. This case is the first to show temporal lobe edema associated with inc...Seizure; Brain edema; PCOM2009-04
239 Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in two tropical monodominant treesMycorrhizae, symbioses between plant roots and fungi, are in virtually all terrestrial plant ecosystems. Substantial evidence indicates that mycorrhizal associations are beneficial to both partners. In most systems, the fungus benefits the host plant by effectively scavenging nutrients and in return...Monodominance; Ectomycorrhizae; Flooding; Neotropics; Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrizae; Mora excelsa; Prioria copaifera1997
240 Photoreceptor cGMP phosphodiesterase delta subunit (PDEdelta) functions as a prenyl-binding proteinBovine PDEdelta was originally copurified with rod cGMP phosphodiesterase (PDE) and shown to interact with prenylated, carboxymethylated C-terminal Cys residues. Other studies showed that PDEdelta can interact with several small GTPases including Rab13, Ras, Rap, and Rho6, all of which are prenylate...Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer; GTP Phosphohydrolases; Immunohistochemistry2004
241 Water and nitrogen uptake patterns following moisture pulses in a cold desert communityVariation in the ability to utilize pulses of both water and nitrogen (N) is one possible mechanism allowing the coexistence of species in the cold desert community on the Colorado Plateau. We simulated 25-mm precipitation events and used stable isotope tracers (2H and 15N) to follow water and N upt...Colorado Plateau; Desert perennials; Nitrogen uptake patterns; Pulse utilization; Resource partitioning; Stable isotopes; Water uptake patterns2000
242 Sufficient stability bounds for slowly varying direct-form recursive linear filters and their applications in adaptive IIR filtersAbstract-This correspondence derives a sufficient time-varying bound on the maximum variation of the coefficients of an exponentially stable time-varying direct-form homogeneous linear recursive filter. The stability bound is less conservative than all previously derived bounds for time-varying IIR ...1999
243 Guidance of neuronal growth cones in the grasshopper embryo. II. Recognition of a specific axonal pathway by the aCC neuronIn the previous paper, we experimentally analyzed the selective affinity of the pCC growth cone for the MP1/dMP2 fascicle in the grasshopper embryo. Here we describe a similar experimental analysis demonstrating the selective affinity of the aCC growth cone for the U fascicle. These results support...Axon; Cell; Fascicle1986
244 Shanties, symbolic speech, and the public forum: ramshackle protection for free expressionShanties, symbolizing student opposition to South African apartheid and the demand that United States universities divest from corporations doing business in South Africa, were the sit-ins of the 1980s. Silent but graphic, shanties challenged the established order and attracted media attention. Som...Civil demonstration; Civil protest; First Amendment; Civil liberties1990
245 Harman's hardness argumentsIn "Change in View" Gilbert Harman produces arguments of the following pattern: Of two competing methods of belief revision, one is too hard; the other must therefore be the rational method. I will call arguments of this form hardness arguments. Hardness arguments are not, of course, peculiar to Har...Philosophy;; Rationality; Reason; Cognition1991-09
246 Optically detected magnetic resonance studies of undoped a-Si:HPhotogenerated carrier dynamics in undoped a-Si:H have been studied by photoinduced absorption (PA), photoluminescence (PL) and their respective optically detected magnetic resonances: PADMR and PLDMR. We have detected for the first time the "g = 4" resonance in PADMR in addition to the previously ...Undoped a-Si:H; Amorphous silicon; Carrier dynamics1996
247 Enabling wireless communication in aircraft using multipe antenna systemsSensor technology is advancing to provide the robust, miniaturized sensors needed for aircraft prognostics health management (PHM). Aircraft maintainers would like to add numerous pressure, temperature, vibration, fuel quantity, moisture/chemical sensors, but a major challenge of retrofitting old ai...2009-01-01
248 Hadza scavenging: implications for Plio/Pleistocene Hominid subsistenceThe frequent association of stone tools and large animal bones in African Plio/Pleistocene archaeological sites has long been taken as evidence of the importance of hunting in early hominid diets. Many now argue that it reflects hominid scavenging, not hunting.Hadza; Scavenging; Plio/Pleistocene; Hominid Diet1988-04
249 Equation of state for two flavor QCD at Nt=6We calculate the two flavor equation of state for QCD on lattices with lattice spacing a=(6T)21 and find that cutoff effects are substantially reduced compared to an earlier study using a=(4T)21. However, it is likely that significant cutoff effects remain. We fit the lattice data to expected forms ...Phase transitions; Quark-gluon plasma; Chiral symmetry1997-06
250 Quick easy questions for analyzing medical ethical casesSometimes, traditional philosophical ways of analyzing medical-ethics cases seem just too cumbersome, particularly to people without training in ethical theory. The issues are important, interesting, often compellingly engaging. But it isn't the time for heavy jargon, or terms like "deontology" or ...1997
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