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226 Mattis, Daniel C.Anomaly in spin-wave spectrum of magnetic metalsIt is pointed out that in the band theory of magnetism the magnons have frequencies comparable to the Fermi energy. Therefore, in the calculation of the magnon spectrum of iron, nickel, cobalt, etc., it is the time- or frequency-dependent response function of the electrons which is used, and this ...Magnetic metals1966-11
227 Flynn, John J.Survey of injunctive relief under state and federal antitrust lawsRelatively little has been written about equitable relief under state and federal antitrust laws.1 Equity power in antitrust enforcement means much more than the mere power to restrain a defendant from doing an act for which the plaintiff has no "remedy at law," to order a defendant to remove a nuis...Statute; Directive1967
228 Miller, Jan D.Role of the hydrocarbon chain in anionic flotation of calciteThe response of calcite to flotation with saturated fatty acids and alkyl sulfonates of various chain lengths is presented. The amount of collector required for flotation is shown to decrease systematically with increasing carbon content from 8 to 12-carbon atoms per molecule. This systematic flot...Hydrocarbon chain; Calcite; pH (Chemistry); Carbon1967
229 Firmage, Edwin B.Inner-outer speaks outDuring 1965 and 1966, I worked as an assistant to Vice President Hubert Humphrey and, in addition, participated in a program that permitted 15 young men to enjoy informal suppers and extended off-the-record chats with the President in the White House, attend frequent sessions with the Vice Preside...White House Fellows; Hubert Humphrey; Vietnam1967
230 Firmage, Edwin B.International law and the response of the United States to "Internal WarWith the spectre of nuclear weapons acting as a restraint upon the nations in terms of the levels and types of violence they will employ to achieve national goals, warfare since 1945 has undergone radical change. There has been no massive, overt aggression by one major power against another, altho...Warfare; International relations; Politics1967
231 Warner, Homer R.Regulation of Cardiac Output During Transition From Rest to ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1967
232 Warner, Homer R.A Technique for the Quantitative Study of Carotid Sinus BehaviorBiomedical Informatics1967
233 Warner, Homer R.The Control of Cardiac Output During ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1967
234 Warner, Homer R.Evolving a Computer FacilityBiomedical Informatics1967
235 Warner, Homer R.A Steady-State Transfer Function Analysis of Portions of the Circulatory System Using Indicator Dilution TechniquesBiomedical Informatics1967
236 Warner, Homer R.Dynamic Aortic Diameter Measurements in vivoBiomedical Informatics1967
237 Miller, Jan D.Selective flotation of iron oxideThe response of pure goethite and two natural iron ores to flotation with potassium octyl hydroxamate is presented. The ores contained 12.5% and 39.7% iron; concentrates containing 69.5% and 61.5% iron, respectively, were obtained with additions of 0.4 lb/ton hydroxamate.Goethite; Iron; Flotation; Iron Oxide1967
238 Flynn, John J.Criminal sanctions under state and federal antitrust lawsPerhaps the most violently debated issue in the law of antitrust remedies is whether criminal sanctions should be imposed. Some have made impassioned pleas for a crusade against criminal sanctions as abettors of "communism";1 others have complained that private business interests in the United Sta...Antimonopoly; Antisocial; Interests1967
239 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: May 1967Semiannual technical report for period ending 15 May, 1967.1967-05
240 Gussin, Gary N.; Capecchi, Mario R.Protein synthesis directed by DNA phage messengers.Even through the amino acids corresponding to most of the 64 nucleotide triplets are now known, several important aspects of the genetic code are not yet fully understood. In particular we need more knowledge about the "punctuation marks" of the code-for example, the signals necessary for the initia...Carbon Isotopes; Escherichia coli; Genetic Code; Methionine1967-09-01
241 Capecchi, Mario R.Polypeptide chain termination in vitro: isolation of a release factor.The growing polypeptide chain remains bound to the ribosome-messenger RNA complex through the sRNA carrying the last amino acid incorporated into the polypeptide chain.' On completion of the polypeptide chain a mechanism must exist for releasing it from the protein-synthesizing machinery. To date, m...Carbon Isotopes; Phenylalanine; Proteins1967-09-01
242 Evans, DavidImproving communication between man and computers: some recent developments1967-10-11
243 Mattis, Daniel C.Symmetry of ground state in a dilute magnetic metal alloyIt is proved that the spin of the ground state of a magnetic atom having exchange interaction with a nonmagnetic host metal is s ± ½, where s =spin of noninteracting magnetic atom, the upper sign is appropriate to antiferromagnetic coupling, and the lower, to ferromagnetic coupling. This result is...Magnetic impurity1967-12
244 Olivera, Baldomero M.On the mechanism of the polynucleotide joining reactionPolynucleotide-joining enzymes (ligases) have been identified in uninfected and phage-infected Escherichia coli (Gellert, 1967; Olivera and Lehman, 1967a; Zimmerman et al., 1967; Gefter et al., 1967; Weiss and Richardson, 1967a; Cozzarelli et al., 1967). Both types of enzyme catalyze the synthesis o...Enzyme-AMP; Enzyme-Adenylate; DNA-Adenylate; Poly dt-Adenylate; Pyrophosphate bond1968
245 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Radiative pair transitions in p-type ZnSe:Cu crystalsShallow levels with an ionization energy of 0.012 eV play an important role in the photoelectronic properties of p-type ZnSe:Cu crystals. These levels exhibit the characteristics of the higher-lying member of an imperfection pair involved in luminescence emission, as well as of a trap determining lo...Ionization energy; Luminescence emission; Crystals1968
246 Pryor, T. AllanComputer System for Research and Clinical Application to MedicineBiomedical Informatics1968
247 Ailion, David CharlesEffect of the translational diffusion mechanism on the low-field NMR spin-lattice relaxation time in the rotating reference frame: calculation of order parameterThe effect of the translational-diffusion mechanism on the low-field NMR spin-lattice relaxation time in the rotating reference frame is calculated for simple cubic, body-centered cubic, and face-centered cubic lattices. The results of these calculations suggest a new method for determining the pref...NMR; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Lattices; Relaxation time1968
248 Warner, Homer R.Experiences with Computer-Based Patient MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1968
249 Warner, Homer R.Computer Assisted Teaching of Cardiac ArrhythmiasBiomedical Informatics1968
250 Warner, Homer R.A "Link Trainer" for the Coronary Care UnitBiomedical Informatics1968
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