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226 Salt Lake area transportation study: volume I current travel inventoryA major element of this study was the review of current travel patterns generated by the 394,000 residents of the Salt Lake area as determined from a 1960 comprehensive origin-destination survey which was conducted by the Department of Highways. Supplemental studies covered commercial vehicle m...1963-11
227 A brief history of early mineral exploitation in the Uinta BasinEarly mining activities in the Uinta Basin can be summarized by saying that they included mining for gilsonite, coal, copper, iron, oil shale, ozocerite, wurtzilite, and oil and asphalt (under the placer mining laws). Of these minerals only coal and gilsonite were produced in commercially significan...Uinta Basin; Mining; Uintah Valley; Indian Reservation; Meeker; Utah; History of early mineral exploitation; Uintah Reservation; Gilsonite; Coal; Copper; Iron; Oil shale; Ozocerite; Wurtzilite; Oil; Asphalt; Ashley Creek; Hatchtown; Vernal; Fort Duchesne; Ouray Subagency1964
228 Bituminous sands and some legal aspects of leasingA brief description of the more important bituminous sand deposits of Utah at Asphalt Ridge, Sunnyside, Whiterocks River, and other localities. Discussion of their probable origin and present physical qualities with comparison to liquid oil and natural solid bitumen deposits in Utah. Capsule history...1964
229 Bituminous sandstones in the Uinta BasinThe largest single deposit of bituminous sandstones in the United States is found in the Uinta Basin. This deposit along with two other well known occurrences of bituminous sandstones in the northeastern portion of the basin have proved reserves exceeding 1% billion barrels of oil. The reserve calcu...1964
230 1964-65 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1964
231 Population characteristics of the Salt Lake Metropolitan AreaThis study could not have been undertaken without the assistance of many. An expression of gratitude is due Dr. Osmond L. Harline, Director of the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, and Dr. Clyde N. Randall, Dean of the College of Business, of the University of Utah, who responded to the orig...1964-01
232 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.This study was made to determine (a) if there is a significant difference between anxiety levels of psychiatric patients at a midway point in their hospitalization and at the time of their discharge, and (b) is extra-hospital factors such as illness, employment status, or follow-up care influence an...Mentally Ill; Anxiety1964-06
233 Employment and population analysis and projections Provo metropolitan area, Utah and the United StatesThis is the third and final report analyzing and projecting the employment profile and estimating the future population of Utah's three Metropolitan Areas Salt Lake, Ogden, and Provo--as part of a transportation study of each area by the Utah State Highway Department and local government agencies ...1964-09
234 Bituminous sands and viscous crude oilsBituminous sandstones of the Rocky Mountain region contain large reserves of low gravity, highly viscous oil that can be recovered at costs equal to or less than the cost of finding and producing oil from conventional methods. Heavy crude oil is defined as "oil which cannot be produce through the no...Bituminous sands; Viscous crude oils; Rocky Mountain region; Low gravity; high viscosity; Heavy crude oil; Quiet Revolution; Thermal recovery; Utah; Bituminous sandstone deposits1964-10-10
235 The Intermountain Symposium on Fossil Hydrocarbons: ProceedingsThe purpose of this Symposium is to learn from each other some of the engineering concepts which will unlock the vast treasure of fossil hydrocarbons of the Intermountain West. Perhaps no other material resources in the entire Rocky Mountain region offer challenges and promises to equal those of our...fossil hydrocarbons; fossil hydrocarbons reserves; petrochemical processing1964-10-10
236 Thermal recovery may bring industry's "quiet revolution"Today the American oil industry is in the process of a revolution of such magnitude that its implications are yet to be thoroughly understood. This is the "quiet revolution" which will double the proved oil reserves of the world within the next 10 years and will more than triple those reserves by th...thermal recovery; oil revolution; quiet revolution; low-gravity, viscous crude oils; crude oils; bituminous sandstones1964-11-23
237 Geology and uranium deposits of the Temple Mountain District Emery County, Utahgeology; uranium deposits; Temple Mountain District; geologic formations; mineralogy1965
238 Surface and shallow oil-impregnated rocks and shallow oil fields in the United StatesPetroleum-impregnated outcrops are widespread throughout eastern Utah and less so in the west and southwest. Within and around the periphery of the Uinta Basin, in the northeast are grouped some the best known "tar sands" in the United States, including the Sunnyside, Asphalt Ridge, and Whiterock de...oil-impregnated rocks; shallow oil fields; petroleum-impregnated outcrops; tar sands1965
239 1965-66 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1965
240 A bibliography of thermal methods of oil recoveryThe Oil Recovery Committee, Independent Petroleum Association of America, in response to requests and in recognition of expanded interest in the application of thermal methods of oil recovery, has sponsored the compilation of the following bibliography, with literature and patent references, and aut...Thermal methods; Oil recovery; Bibliography; Bureau of Mines Petroleum Research Center; Thermal methods of oil recovery1965-03
241 A growth allocation model for the Boston regionThe model described in this article is based on extremely simple concepts and represents the first case of a complete model covering all aspects of urban location. Basically, the future growth of each of a number of activities in a number of subareas of the Boston Metropolitan Region is projected in...1965-05
242 Petroleum geology of the greater Red Wash Area, Uintah County, UtahThe Greater Red Wash area is the largest oil and gas field in the Uinta Basin. The Douglas Creek and Garden Gulch Members of the Green River Formation form a lacustrine delta in the area and yield hydrocarbons from a complex network of discrete sandstones. Each individual sandstone body forms its ow...oil and gas field; sandstone; petroleum geology1965-07
243 Green River Formation at Raven Ridge, Uintah County, UtahAlong Raven Ridge in Uintah County, Utah, exposures of the Green River Formation contain a complex sequence of intertonguing beds of sandstone, shale, limestone, and marlstone. These strata are considered to represent deposition in an orderly sequence of environments from the flood plain through the...Green River formation; Raven Ridge; sandstone beds; shale; limestone; marlstone; oil-bearing strata1965-07
244 Program outline for the Utah State Development PlanThe preparation of this report was financially aided through a Federal grant from the Urban Renewal Administration of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, under the Urban Planning Assistance Program authorized by Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended.1965-08
245 Some possible applications of thermal recovery in UtahThe bituminous sandstones of the Rocky Mountain region have significant reserves of oil. Production costs of the reserves must be reduced to be equal to or lower than the cost of crude oil produced by conventional methods. Three Utah deposits alone, Sunny side, Vernal (Asphalt Ridge) and Whiterocks ...thermal recovery; applications of thermal recovery; oil reserves; bituminous sandstones; thermal project; bituminous oil sand1965-11
246 1966-67 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1966
247 Recreation in Utah a profile of the demand for outdoor recreation by Utah residentsAre recurring problem in planning for economic and industrial development is the lack of sufficient basic data upon which sound planning decisions may be made. One of the industry areas in which the lack of basic data for planning is conspicuous by its scarcity is outdoor recreation. Yet the outdoor...1966-01
248 Recommended preliminary Utah multi-County planning regionsThis recommendation for Multi-County Planning Regions is preliminary to the extent that its desirability should be tested by county officials, planning groups, and other interested government and private agencies for a period of time before it is accepted as final by the State Advisory Planning Comm...1966-03
249 A projections model for small area economies1966-06
250 Reconnaissance study of bituminous sandstone deposits, Trans*Dirty Devil, Wayne and Garfield Counties, UtahThis report is the result of preliminary and reconnaissance investigations of the Elaterite Basin and Teapot Rock bituminous sandstone occurrences. Six samples were analyzed for their bitumen content and seven sections were measured in the Teapot Rock area. Up to 200 feet of varying degrees of satur...bitumous sandstone deposits; Elaterite Basin; Teapot Rock1966-11
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