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226 Landesman, Bruce M.Obligation to obey the lawIt is often said that we have an obligation to obey the law just because it is the law. This idea has been espoused in the West at least as early as Socrates, and it is espoused today. It is not the special claim of any particular ideology, but has been held by advocates of most political persuasio...Obedience; Moral; Legal1972
227 Stark, Cynthia A.More than victims: battered women, the syndrome society, and the law (Book Review)Review of the book "More than Victims: Battered Women, the Syndrome Society, and the Law" by Donald Alexander Downs.Books; Philosophy; Domestic Violence1998-07
228 White, Nicholas P.Review of Terence Irwin, 'Plato'This impressive and valuable book is in many ways a new edition of Irwin's well-known Plato's Moral Theory and like that book must be carefully studied by anyone seriously interested in Plato- not only in his ethics but in his Philosophy; in general.Epistemological demands; Hedonism; Philosophizing1996-10
229 Parker, Bradley J.Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP) boztepe vuzey arastirmasi ve kazilari, talavas, tepe yontemli yuzey arastirmasi, 1999 on raporBoztepe sit alani, Giineydogu Anadolu'da, Diyarbakir ili, Bismil ilce merkezinin 8 km dogusunda yeralir (§ekil 1 ve 2). Bugiinkii haliyle Boztepe kiicuk ve goreceli olarak aleak bir hoyiiktiir. Bazi yerlerde kiiltiir tabakalan 4 m derinlige ula§masina kar§in, hoyiigiin on goriinumiinii cevredeki ...1999-01-01
230 Parker, Bradley J.Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP): kenan tepenin kulturel tarihinin on senteziBu raporun amaci Guneydogu Tiirkiye'de, Ilisu Baraji bolgesinde onemli bir arkeolqjik yerle§me olan Kenan Tepe'nin kiiltiir tarihi hakkindaki bugiinkii bilgimizi ozetlemektir (§ekil 1). Bu sentezin biiyiik boliimii Yukan Dicle Arkeolojik Ara§tirma Projesi (UTARP) iiyelerinin 2001 yazinda yiiriitt...2001-01-01
231 Parker, Bradley J.Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma ppojesi (UTARP) kenan tepe 2000 yiki calismalari raporuBu rapor, Giineydogu Anadolu'da Diyarbakir ili iginde yer alan Kenan Tepe'nin ilk kazi mevsimi olan 2000 yih gali§malan hakkinda kisaca bilgi verme amacini ta§imaktadir. ilk kazi mevsiminin amaci yerle§menin kronolojisini, Kenan Tepe'de bulunan degi§ik donemlere ait yerle§melerin niteligi ve do...2000-01-01
232 Loveland, JessicaSociolinguistic differences between Japanese and EnglishThis poster discusses the sociolinguistic differences between Japanese and English as seen through English translations of manga and how this may impact the learning of a Japanese language learner.Japanese; English; Sociolinguistics; Manga; Culture; Pop culture2015-03-19
233 Downes, Stephen M.PrefaceThis volume contains the collection of symposium papers presented at the Philosophy of Science Association Meeting in Montreal, November 4-6, 2010, selected for publication. The volume also contains Nancy Cartwright's presidential address at the 2010 PSA. The huge amount of work required to referee ...2012-01-01
234 Schembri, Brandon LeeProject for integrative refugee writing programsThis poster was to present and formalize my service learning project at the University of Utah.Refugee; Writing program; SLCC community writing center2013
235 Andreou, ChrisoulaCommunicative Action and Rational Choice by Joseph Heath [review]A review of Communicative Action and Rational Choice, in which the author, Joseph Heath, develops an insightful account of practical reason that builds on his critical evaluations of both Jurgen Habermas's theory of communicative action and the instrumental conception of rationality.Action; Communication; Rationality; Choice; Book review2002
236 Francis, LesliePermissiveness and control (Book Review)A review of the book "Permissiveness and Control".Books; Philosophy1981-10
237 Millgram, ElijahDoes the categorical imperative give rise to a contradiction in the will?The Brave New World-style utilitarian dystopia is a familiar feature of the cultural landscape; Kantian dystopias are harder to come by, perhaps because, until Rawls, Kantian morality presented itself as a primarily personal rather than political program. This asymmetry is peculiar for formal reas...Categorical imperative; Dystopia; Self-refutation2003
238 Haber, MatthewOn probability and systematics: possibility, probability, and phylogenetic inferenceIn phylogenetic systematics, an ongoing debate has revolved around the appropriate choice of methodology for the construction of phylogenetic trees and inference of ancestral states. A recent paper by Mark Siddall and Arnold Kluge (Siddall and Kluge, 1997) advocates a privileged status for parsimon...Phylogentic systematics; Probability; Possibility; Frequency; Propensity2005-10-01
239 White, Nicholas P.Review of Jan Szaif: Platons Begriff der WahrheitThis work, a dissertation, contains two main parts. One occupies pp. 25-324, the other pp. 327-509. A brief passage, pp. 510-531, connects them. The first part treats the uses of alethes and cognates in Plato's early and middle works; the second mainly deals with the problems in the Theaetetus and ...1999
240 Tuttle, Howard N.Comment on Professor Jordan's paperIn these remarks I would like to elaborate what I understand to be the thrust of Professor Jordan's paper, and to introduce and relate to his work a notion of lived experience, which is suggested to me by his material throughout. Professor Jordan claims that the phenomena investigated by the moral ...Moral science; Moral scientists; Professor Jordan1976
241 Nichols, ShaunOn the genealogy of norms: a case for the role of emotion in cultural evolutionArgues that emotional responses constitute one important set of mechanisms that affects the cultural viability of norms. Historical evidence indicating that 16th century etiquette norms prohibiting disgusting actions were much more likely to survive than other 16th century etiquette norms; Need for ...Emotions; Etiquette; Social change; Social norms; Social aspects2002-07-29
242 Battin, Margaret P.Dying in 559 beds: efficiency, "best buys," and the ethics of standardization in national health careIn The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, the "heavy, difficult book" begun in Rome during the winter of 1903-4 and not finished until 1910 in Paris, Rilke employs a series of rapid, jolting impressions to express his pervasive concern with death and his distress about the institutional character o...1992
243 Millgram, ElijahLiberty, the higher pleasures, and Mill's missing science of ethnic jokesThe intended contribution to his moral theory of John Stuart Mill's famous distinction between higher and lower pleasures has occasioned long-standing puzzlement on the part of his more alert interpreters. I am going to explain how the distinction was meant, among other things, to allow Mill to demo...Higher pleasures; Lower pleasures; Ethnic jokes2009
244 Battin, Margaret P.Textbook of healthcare ethicsLoewy's Textbook of Healthcare Ethics is one of the very few books that is better than its title. It is a textbook; it does address ethics; and it does survey a broad range of issues in health care. Of course it includes the usual theoretical rubrics like autonomy and responsibility, physician/patie...1988
245 Kukathas, ChandranCultural contradictions of socialismWhile no one has yet announced the death of capitalism, reports of its imminent demise have been as numerous as they have been exaggerated. Such reports have usually been bolstered by thoughtful analyses of the fundamental contradictions of capitalism, which was expected to come sliding-if not crash...Economic systems; Social organization2002-11-22
246 Landesman, Bruce M.Ethical Marxism and its radical criticsWilde defends what he calls Ethical Marxism. This is a familiar view, which many refer to as Marxist Humanism. According to Wilde, Marx holds that there is a human essence which involves freedom and the development of each individual's creative potential. This is achievable, however, only under cond...Marxism; Book review2000
247 Haber, MatthewPoverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: a philosophical study of biological taxonomy (book review)The article reviews the book "The Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: A Philosophical Study of Biological Taxonomy," by Marc Ereshefsky.Biology, classification; Books, reviews; Nonficiton2005-12-15
248 White, Nicholas P.Aristotle on sameness and onenessBefore I begin, let me get one substantial issue out of the way. Recently certain views which are in many ways similar to Aristotle's have been expounded in connection with the idea that there is something wrong with the words "same" and "identical" used by themselves, and that we should instead mak...Leibniz' Law; Metaphysics; Greek philosophers1971-04
249 Newman, LexDescartes on unknown faculties and our knowledge of the external worldDescartes introduces his skeptical arguments, in the First Meditation, in an order of increasing strength. First, the narrator-meditator notices that judgments concerning the nature of small and distant objects are unreliable; later, that even sensory judgments about large and close objects are in d...Corporeal existence; Skeptical argument1994
250 Chatterjee, DeenDemocracy beyond borders: justice and representation in global institutionsA book review of Andrew Kuper's Democracy Beyond Borders: Justice and Representation in Global Institutions.Book review; Democracy; Global governance2006-04
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