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1 Navajo participation in labor unions1975Text
2 The macroeconomic impact of energy development in the Lake Powell area1975Text
3 Survey of Navajo community studies, 1936-19741975Text
4 Prehistoric and historic steps and trails of Glen Canyon - Lake Powell1977Text
5 Scientific information in the decision to dam Glen Canyon1975Text
6 Air quality in the Lake Powell region1974Text
7 An overview of the effect of Lake Powell on Colorado River Basin water supply and environment1975Text
8 Colorado River Basin coal for electrical power generation in southern California1977Text
9 The impact of power developments on the Navajo nation1975Text
10 Modeling of visibility reductions and extreme pollutant concentrations associated with southwestern coal-fired powerplants1977Text
11 Legal-political history of water resources development in the upper Colorado River Basin1974Text
12 Sedimentation in Lake Powell1978Text
13 Theoretical analysis of air quality: impacts on the Lake Powell region1975Text
14 Overview of water requirements for electric power generation (for the Lower Colorado River Basin)1975-05Text
15 Demographic change among the Hopi and Navajo Indians1973Text
16 Analysis of metallic cations in the Lake Powell ecosystem and tributaries1978Text
17 Lake Powell effect on Colorado River Basin water supply and environment1975-05Text
18 A case analysis of policy implementation: the National Environmental Policy Act of 19691975Text
19 Utah coal for southern California power: the general issues1975Text
20 Mercury in the Lake Powell ecosystem1973Text
21 Kaiparowits handbook: Coal resources, interim report1975-05Text
22 Shoreline surface materials and geological strata, Lake Powell1977Text
23 Management of scientific collaboration in the Lake Powell Research Project1975Text
24 The prospects for Navajo taxation of non-Indians1976Text
25 The effect of Lake Powell on dissolved silica cycling in the Colorado River1977Text
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