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1 Rapid Growth of Monitoring and Computing (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1992
2 Cinematic display for telematic performancesThe InterPlay is a live telematic performance that occurs simultaneously in multiple sites across the globe, streamed over the internet through the Access Grid videoconference system, then processed, mixed and projected before an audience.Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-01-13
3 The Future of Computerized Decision Support in Critical CareBiomedical Informatics1994
4 Computerized Medical Decision-Making - An Evaluation in Acute CareBiomedical Informatics1982
5 Scheduling multiprogammed computer systems: an analytical approachIn a multiprogrammed computer system, several jobs are using the facilities of the system at the same time. However, a given facility (or resource) is generally only allocated to one user at a time- But, while working, jobs generate requests for some facilities and liberate other facilities; thus, c...Multiprogrammed computer system1970
6 Sixth Annual Conference on Computing in Critical CareBiomedical Informatics1986
7 Computerized ICU Data Management Pitfalls and PromisesBiomedical Informatics1990
8 Clinical Information Systems: Their Application in the ICUBiomedical Informatics1998
9 Computer Processing of the Electrocardiogram (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1980
10 Computing in the ICU: Is It Feasible and Practical? (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1991
11 Everything you need, should, could, would want to know about data security.A LIFT Forum presentation. The purpose of the Library and Information Technology Forum is to inform the University of Utah community about electronic information resources, and current trends in the use of computers and online technologies for accessing these resources.Data Security2005-12-07
12 The Place of Computers in Medicine (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1975
13 Computerized Protocols Applied to Acute Patient CareBiomedical Informatics1977
14 Optimal performance of distributed simulation programsThis paper describes a technique to analyze the potential speedup of distributed simulation programs. A distributed simulation strategy is proposed which minimizes execution time through the use of an oracle to control the simulation. Because the strategy relies on an oracle, it cannot be used for ...Distributed simulation programs1987
15 Standards for Medical Identifiers, Codes, and Messages Needed to Create an Efficient Computer-Stored Medical RecordBiomedical Informatics1994
16 Medical Informatics at the University of Utah: Applying Research to Real-Life IssuesBiomedical Informatics1999
17 The columbia registry of controlled clinical computer trialsNumerous reports on randomized controlled clinical trials of comnputer-based interventions have been published. These trials provide useful evaluations of the impact of information technology on patient care. Unfortunately, several obstacles make access to the trial reports difficult. Barriers inclu...1992-01-01
18 Summary of 4th International Symposium on Computing in Anesthesia and Intensive CareBiomedical Informatics1986
19 Bringing HELP to the Clinical Laboratory - Use of an Expert System to Provide Automatic Interpretation of Laboratory DataBiomedical Informatics1987
20 Integrated Computer Systems for Monitoring of the Critically IllBiomedical Informatics1977
21 Re-visiting the performance impact of microarchitectural floorplanningThe placement of microarchitectural blocks on a die can significantly impact operating temperature. A floorplan that is optimized for low temperature can negatively impact performance by introducing wire delays between critical pipeline stages. In this paper, we identify subsets of wire delays tha...Microarchitectural floorplanning; Wire delays; Floorplanning algorithms; Microprocessor operating temperature; Critical loops; Pipelines2006
22 Efficient instruction level simulation of computersA technique for creating efficient, yet highly accurate, instruction level simulation models of computers is described. In contrast to traditional approaches that use a software interpreter, this technique employs direct execution of application programs on the host computer. An assembly language pr...Simulation models1987
23 Computer Technology and Its Application to Cardiovascular NursingBiomedical Informatics1987
24 Graphics applications for grid computingThe first article, "Enabling View-Dependent Progressive Volume Visualization on the Grid" by Alan Norton and Alyn Rockwood describes and evaluates the communication in a progressive, visibility-driven compression scheme for distributing volumetric data from grid resources to volume-rendering clien...Grid computing2003-03
25 Reproducible research and electronic notebooksReproducibility of research is an increasing concern as researchers move from print to a hybrid print/electronic to a totally electronic research project. In addition, research in many disciplines rely on large datasets, i.e. Big Data. Funding agencies have responded to this concern by addressing th...Electronic Lab Notebooks; Reproducible research; Data management; Collaboration; Best practices; Provenance; Audit trail; Metadata2016
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