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1 Revisiting Informal Justice: Restorative Justice and Democratic ProfessionalismDebates over informal or popular justice recur periodically in sociolegalInformal justice; Sociolegal scholarship; Professionalism; Democratic professionalism; Salt Lake City Passages Program2003
2 The embryonic development of the California GullThe California gull (Larus califomicus) is a summer resident in Utah nesting commonly on certain islands in Great Salt Lake as well as at man-made refuges on the east side of the lake. Many aspects of the biology of the species have been investigated (Beck, 1942; Behle, 1958; Behle and Goates, 1957;...1965-12-03
3 An annotated key to the nymphs of the families and subfamilies of mayfliesAttempts to provide keys to the families and subfamilies of Ephemeroptera nymphs in general entomology textbooks (i.e. Essig (1942), Chu (1949), and Brues, Melander and Carpenter (1954)) have been far from satisfactory. This difficulty exists largely because of the failure of specialists of the Ephe...1963-06
4 Quantum wells due to ordering in GaInPCuPt ordering results in a reduction of the band-gap energy of GaInP. Thus, heterostructures and quantum wells can be produced by simply varying the order parameter, without changing the solid composition. Changes in the order parameter can be induced by changes in growth conditions. The disorder...Band-gap energy; Growth temperature; Quantum wells1998-12-28
5 Heavy-light decay constants: conclusions from the Wilson actionWe report on the results of a MILC collaboration calculation of fB, fBs , fD, fDs and their ratios. We discuss the most important errors in more detail than we have elsewhere.Decay constants; Wilson action; Staggered quarks1999-03
6 Assessing the validity of the endoscopic shunt insertion trial: did surgical experience affect the results?Object. Most surgical procedures are associated with a learning curve in which the success rate is lower early in the experience before mistakes have been identified and modifications made to the procedure. Negative results obtained early in a trial's learning curve may be a matter of timing rather ...Endoscopic shunt insertion; Ventriculoperitoneal shunt; Pediatric neurosurgery; Surgical experience2004-01-01
7 Importance of bitumen viscosity in the hot-water processing of domestic tar sandsThe separation efficiency of the hot water digestion-flotation technique used for bitumen recovery from various domestic tar sands was evaluated. Bitumen viscosity was found to be the most important tar sand property in determining the success of the bitumen separation. Bitumen viscosity of the tar ...Tar sand; Bitumen viscosity; Flotation; Hot-water processing1983
8 Classification of action potentials in multi unit intrafascicular recordings using neural network pattern recognition techniquesNeural network pattern-recognition techniques were applied to the problem of identifying the sources of action potentials in multi-unit neural recordings made from intrafascicular electrodes implanted in cats. The network was a three-layer connectionist machine that used digitized action potenti...Intrafascicular electrodes; Multi-unit neural activity; Artificial neural networks1994
9 Magnetic phase diagram of a molecule-based ferrimagnet: weak ferromagnetism and multiple dimensionality crossoversA detailed study of the magnetic behavior of the molecule-based magnet, [MnOEP][HCBD], (OEP=mesooctaethylporphyrinato, HCBD=hexacyanobutadiene) from 1.7 to 20 K was performed. The earlier reported magnetic transition at 19.6 K, ascribed to a crossover from a one-dimensional Heisenberg-like ferrimag...Transition; Temperature; Magnetization1997
10 PenumbraI grew up in Chile during the 70's, and early 80's, a time of political upheaval and economic distress in Chile, and this has probably exerted as strong an influence on my musical outlook as any other aspect of Chilean culture. While I distrust "political art," I do have an abiding desire for my mu...1997
11 Major histocompatibility complex-dependent susceptibility to Cryptococcus neoformans in miceTo evaluate the role of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes in the resistance to Cryptococcus neoformans, we conducted infection experiments in MHC-congenic strains of mice. Significant MHC-dependent susceptibility differences were found among homozygotes and heterozygotes. This study is th...MHC-congenic; Host resistance; Infection2003
12 The 3d?Ni(?F)3d10Cu???*? manifold of excited electronic states of NiCuDiatomic NiCu has been supersonically cooled in a molecular beam and investigated by resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy. A total of nine band systems connecting the ground 3d?Ni3??Cu??, X 2?5/2 state to the 3d?Ni(3F)3d??Cu??*?? manifold of states have been found, and bands of eight of these...1992
13 Masses of high-redshift clusters via SZ effect observationsWe present Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect (SZE) observations of distant, highly X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies. We use the SZE data to constrain their total masses, independent of X-ray observations. To do this, we assume the clusters have the same gas mass fraction as that derived from SZE measure...Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect; X-rays; Redshift2002
14 Review of Michael Gorman, Simulating ScienceMichael Gorman has several projects in Simulating Science. First, he presents a reaearch program of psychological experiments on scientific reasoning. Second, he defends an interdisciplinary approach to science studies. Third, he critically examines recent computer models of scientific theorizing an...Psychological experiments; Reasoning in psychology; Psychological literature1994
15 Kinetic theory of shot noise in nondegenerate diffusive conductorsWe investigate current fluctuations in nondegenerate semiconductors, on length scales intermediate between the elastic and inelastic mean free paths. We present an exact solution of the nonlinear kinetic equations in the regime of space-charge limited conduction, without resorting to the drift app...Shot noise; Conductors; Boltzmann equation1999-08
16 Accelerated 4-year bachelors/masters degree program in biomedical engineeringIn response to the need for providing advanced engineering education in a shorter time period than is currently possible by traditional curricula, we have created an Accelerated Dual Degree program in biomedical engineering. The purpose of this pilot program is to attract the brightest students, g...Accelerated dual-degree program2002
17 Utah Digital Newspapers: The past, present, and futurePresentation on the development of Utah Digital Newspapers in the Digital Library at the Mountain West Digital Library Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Digital newspapers; Digital Library2018-07-11
18 New two-point calibration method for platinum resistance thermometers for the range 75-400KIn this paper we describe a new method for calibrating high quality platinum resistance thermometers to ±0.01 "C over the temperature range 75-400 K. This method requires resistance measurements at only two temperatures (liquid nitrogen and the ice point) in contrast to other methods which require ...Platinum; Resistance thermometers; Physics instruments1969
19 Utah Digital NewspapersPresentation about using Utah Digital Newspapers for family history research for a Brigham Young University Family History Library webinar.Family history; Digital newspapers2020-05-08
20 Benefits and Barriers of Interprofessional Education Beyond the ClassroomMedical schools need to include interprofessional education (IPE) in their curricula not only to meet accreditation standards but to optimize students' readiness to practice in today's team-based heathcare environment. This is most often accomplished in classroom settings.Interprofessional Education; Team-Based Patient Cre; Collaboration2020
21 Modified CPD Model for Coal Devolatilization at UCTT ConditionsTo study coal pyrolysis behavior at underground coal thermal treatment (UCTT) conditions, a modified CPD (M-CPD) model was developed and evaluated using two scales of experiments as well as two different coals, Utah Sufco and Illinois #6. Compared with the original CPD model, three major aspects wer...Coal; pyrolysis; modeling; underground heating2019
22 Hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae over transition metal supported TiO2 catalystHydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of microalgae Nannochloropsis (NAS) over various transition metal M/TiO2 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Mo, and Mn) was investigated. Ni/TiO2 was the most effective catalyst to improve the yield and quality of biocrude and the liquefaction conversion. Ni/TiO2 was characterized ...Hydrothermal liquefaction Microalgae, Catalyst, Biocrude, Ni/TiO22017
23 Production of Hydrogen through Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube ArraysThe Electrochemical Society The Electrochemical Society Production of Hydrogen through Photo-Electro-Catalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Ding Wang1, Bobby Mohanty1, Bonan Wang1 and Eric Eddings1 Published 15 April 2017 • © 2017 ECS - The Electrochemical Society ECS Meeting ...Hydrogen production; TiO2 nanotubes; electrooxidation; photocatalysis2017
24 Hydrothermal liquefaction of high protein microalgae via clay material catalystsHydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) is a promising method to convert wet microalgae into a petroleum-like biocrude. In this paper, we demonstrated the HTL of microalgae Spirulina over various clay material catalysts and open up interesting perspectives for efficiently liquefaction processes. The clay ca...Catalysis; algae; hydrothermal liquefaction2017
25 Catalytic liquefaction of municipal sewage sludge over transition metal catalysts in ethanol-water co-solventCatalytic liquefaction of (Municipal sewage sludge) MSS over transition metal catalysts in ethanol-water co-solvent (EWCS) was investigated. The effect of operating parameters like temperature, holding time, and ethanol-water ratio was discussed. CuSO4 was selected as the most efficient catalyst. Th...Sludge; Catalytic liquefaction; Ethanol-water; Biocrude2017
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