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1 McLennan, JohnLarge-scale subsurface seasonal heat storage for future valueI too extend my welcome. And, I extend thanks to the NSF for the support of this research at the Univ. of Utah. The concept of storing heat in the ground is certainly not new. Many, many cases have investigated heat to be stored underground. Getting the heat underground is somewhat of a problem, but...2020-05-19
2 McLennan, JohnGeothermal Battery Surface Facilities Economics and Finance as an O&G play
3 McLennan, JohnFinal Report Geothermal Battery Energy StorageSolar and wind power are being introduced into electric grids to supplement and replace conventional electricity production. The deployment of utility-scale storage has not kept pace to overcome the intermittent nature of solar and to a lesser extent wind. Large-scale energy storage is cur...2020-06
4 Allis, RickReservoirs for Geothermal Battery Energy Report: a geological perspectiveWorkshop presentation2020-05-18
5 Eddings, EricProduction of Hydrogen through Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube ArraysThe Electrochemical Society The Electrochemical Society Production of Hydrogen through Photo-Electro-Catalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Ding Wang1, Bobby Mohanty1, Bonan Wang1 and Eric Eddings1 Published 15 April 2017 • © 2017 ECS - The Electrochemical Society ECS Meeting ...Hydrogen production; TiO2 nanotubes; electrooxidation; photocatalysis2017
6 Eddings, EricModified CPD Model for Coal Devolatilization at UCTT ConditionsTo study coal pyrolysis behavior at underground coal thermal treatment (UCTT) conditions, a modified CPD (M-CPD) model was developed and evaluated using two scales of experiments as well as two different coals, Utah Sufco and Illinois #6. Compared with the original CPD model, three major aspects wer...Coal; pyrolysis; modeling; underground heating2019
7 Eddings, Eric G.Joint NSF-NSFC Workshop on Combustion Related to Sustainable EnergyA workshop on Combustion Related to Sustainable Energy was held in Hangzhou, China on March 10-12, 2014. The workshop was jointly sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a limite...Combustion, sustainable energy, research needs, climate change, renewable fuel, efficiency, Workshop China2016
8 Eddings, Eric G.Experimental and numerical investigation on sulfur transformation in T pressurized oxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coalPressurized oxy-fuel combustion, as a novel and promising technology for CO2 capture from power plants, has attracted worldwide attentions. The high partial pressure of CO2 induces significant changes to the SOx release characteristic. Properly addressing these fundamental issues and technological c...Pressurized; Oxy-fuel combustion; SO2 emission; Numerical; Pulverized coal2019
9 Rashid, Khalid; Powell, KodyDynamic simulation, control, and design of a novel solar thermal hybrid power plantSolar power is among the promising technologies leading towards cleaner fuel. However, there are still technological challenges regarding the reliability of power generation due to its intermittency. This work demonstrates the synergies that exist in integrated hybrid systems, where a dispatchable f...Solar energy--Research; Solar thermal energy--Research; Solar power plants--Research2017
10 Sutherland, James ClaytonAdvanced regression methods for combustion modelling using principal componentsModelling the physics of combustion remains a challenge due to a large range of temporal and physical scales which are important in these systems. Detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms are used to describe the chemistry involved in the combustion process yielding highly coupled partial differential e...2014-01-01
11 Ring, Terry ArthurGrowth kinetics of hexagonal sub-micrometric β-tricalcium phosphate particles in ethylene glycolRecently, uniform, non-agglomerated, hexagonal b-tricalcium phosphate (b-TCP) platelets (diameter 400-1700 nm, h 100-200 nm) were obtained at fairly moderate temperatures (90-170 C) by precipitation in ethylene glycol. Unfortunately, the platelet aspect ratios (diameter/thickness) obtained in the ...2014-01-01
12 Sutherland, James ClaytonPrediction of oxy-coal flame stand-off using high-fidelity thermochemical models and the one-dimensional turbulence modelAn Eulerian one-dimensional turbulence (ODT) model is applied to simulate oxy-coal combustion, with specific aim at predicting flame stand-o distances. Detailed gas-phase chemical kinetics based on the GRI3.0 mechanism are utilized. A high-fidelity model for devolatilization is considered that predi...2014-01-01
13 Eddings, Eric G.The potential of on-line optical flow measurement in the control and monitoring of pilot-scale oxy-coal flamesDigital image processing techniques oer a wide array of tools capable of extracting apparent displacement or velocity information from sequences of images of moving objects. Optical flow algorithms have been widely used in areas such as traffic monitoring and surveillance. The knowledge of instantan...2014-01-01
14 Smith, Philip J.Reduced-order PCA models for chemical reacting flowsOne of the most challenging aspects of turbulent combustion research is the development of reduced-order combustion models which can accurately reproduce the physics of the real system. The identification and utilization of the low dimensional manifolds in these system is paramount to understand and...2014-01-01
15 Sutherland, James ClaytonA comparison of various models in predicting ignition delay in single-particle coal combustionIn this paper, individual coal particle combustion under laminar conditions is simulated using models with various levels of complexity for the particle and gas phase chemical kinetics. The mass, momentum and energy governing equations are fully coupled between the particle and the gas phase. In the...2014-01-01
16 Ring, Terry ArthurRoom temperature co-precipitation synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in a large pH window with different basesMagnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4) represent the most promising materials in medical applications. To favor high-drug or enzyme loading on the nanoparticles, they are incorporated into mesoporous materials to form a hybrid support with the consequent reduction of magnetization saturation. The direct sy...2013-01-01
17 Lighty, JoannThe role of open innovation in development of futuristic technologies for carbon capture in coal-fired power plants: an academic perspectiveCoal is an important fossil fuel resource for electricity generation which also contributes to significant CO2 emissions. The process of capturing carbon dioxide for utilization and sequestration is an important area of research in this domain. Academia-industry collaborations are playing a signific...2012-01-01
18 Ring, Terry ArthurVerification of analytic energy moments for the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation with MCNP5 and Attila-7.1.0The energy dependent neutron diffusion equation (EDNDE) is converted into a moment equation which is solved analytically for the 1-D problem of a bare sphere of pure 235U. The normalized moments 0-5 generated analytically are compared to normalized energy moments, from Monte Carlo N Particle 5 versi...2012-01-01
19 Ring, Terry ArthurValidation of energy moments from the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation, MCNP5 and Attila-7.1.0 with the GODIVA experimentNormalized neutron energy moments (moments) from the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation (EDNDE), Monte Carlo N Particle 5 version 1.40 (MCNP5) and Attila-7.1.0-beta version (Attila) are validated with the GODIVA experiment (GODIVA). Energy moments 0-5 for all three methods a...2012-01-01
20 Whitty, Kevin J.A pulse-width modulation controlled wire-mesh heater apparatus for investigation of solid fuel pyrolysisA novel wire mesh heater apparatus has been developed to study the devolatilization of solid fuels under pressurized conditions at well-controlled heating rates on the order of 1000 K/s. The apparatus combines direct current and pulse-width modulation with a fast-acting and high current-capacity re...2012-01-01
21 Sutherland, James ClaytonA filter-independent model identification technique for turbulent combustion modelingIn this paper, we address a method to reduce the number of species equations that must be solved via application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). This technique provides a robust methodology to reduce the number of species equations by identifying correlations in state-space and defining new v...2012-01-01
22 Stringfellow, Gerald B.; Shurtleff, James KevinHeterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in Te dopingIn organometallic vapor phase epitaxy, changes in growth conditions can be used to modulate the extent of CuPt ordering and, hence, the band gap energy of GaInP. One method is to add Te during growth. An increase in the band gap energy of 0.1 eV due to a decrease in ordering has been obtained by ...Heterostructures; Alloys2000
23 Sarofim, Adel F.; Eddings, Eric G.Muiltifunctional fuel additives for reduced jet particlate emissionsUsing Government drawings, specifications, or other data included in this document for any purpose other than Government procurement does not in any way obligate the U.S. Government. The fact that the Government formulated or supplied the drawings, specifications, or other data does not license the ...2006
24 Sutherland, James Clayton; Kerstein, Alan R.; Chen, Jaqueline H.An evaluation of the one-dimensional turbulence model: comparison with direct numerical simulation of CO/H2 jets with extinction and reignitionAbstract A variant of the One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model formulated in an Eulerian reference frame is applied to a planar nonpre mixed turbulent jet flame and results from the model prediction are compared with DNS data. The model employed herein solves the full set of conservation equation...2010
25 Eddings, Eric G.; Sarofim, Adel F.; Pugmire, Ronald J.Selection of surrogates for jet fuelsAbstract: A. detailed characterisation of JP fuels is provided based on literature data for the average of 55 worldwide and 4 US Jet-A fuels. These are complemented by NMR analysis of a JP-8 that provides the fractions of the carbon in the fuel that are present as protonated, bridgehead, and non-sub...Jet propulsion fuel; Surrogates; Simulations2008
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