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1 Doxey, Lauren"An Exact Portrait of the People": the Need for Gender Parity in U.S. Congress for Legitimate GovernmentThough women received the right to vote in 1919 with the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, women still hold few elected positions. In the United States Congress, women make up 19.4% of the body. When groups are not represented fully, this affects the quality of the representation they recei...Women legislators - United States - Attitudes2016-08
2 Hanes, JoshA comparison of nuclear thermal rockets with traditional chemical rockets for space transportThe Solar System has multiple destinations that private and governmental space agencies are planning to explore. Missions within the Solar System are both exorbitantly expensive and time intensive projects that involve high risks for the organizations involved. A mission that is currently being...Nuclear rockets - Research; Space vehicles - Design - Research; Nuclear thermal rockets; Chemical rockets; Space transport2016-04
3 Gilbert, JohnA novel tool to capture neural activity across an entire brain using C-FOS as an indicatorImmunohistochemical staining for the expression of the immediate early gene c-Fos is a powerful tool to measure neuronal activation of neurons across an entire brain. The results of c-Fos immunostaining are often quantified by counting the number of immunolabeled cells in a region of interest (ROI) ...Brain - Localization of functions - Research; Brain - Physiology - Research; Brain mapping - Research; Memory - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Brain activity; Immunohistochemical staining2016-05
4 Simon, PhilipA study of the optimized load of a traveling wave thermoacoustic heat engineThermal interaction between differentially heated solid material and ambient gas in a resonator can lead to self-sustained oscillations or the transportation of heat in accordance with the thermoacoustic effect, first explained by Lord Rayleigh. In this research the phenomenon is employed in a lo...Thermoacoustic engine - Research; Energy conservation2016-03
5 Wall, AlyssaA tradition of appropriation of culture for political gain: Music in KoreaAlthough appropriation of music by political organizations and individuals is a practice in no way unique to Korea, analysis of the phenomenon on the peninsula provides valuable insight its strength in real-world political arenas. This project provides an analysis of the appropriation of music for ...Music - Korea - History; Cultural property2016-05
6 Pollock, ChanieceAddressing the emotional health of college students through a therapuetic cooking classThis study hypothesized that a unique cooking class, focusing on cooking and mindful eating to reduce stress, had the potential to improve the emotional health of college students. Cooking meals is shown to improve physical health, but there is a limited amount of research tying cooking skills to em...College students - emotional health; Cooking - Health aspects
7 Pannier, SamanthaAfrican Americans, women, and the 1910 Flexner report: progressive medical reform and professional exclusionBetween the Civil War and the turn of the twentieth century the American medical profession expanded greatly both in size and in attention paid to scientific knowledge. During this time African Americans, women, and even African American women gained access to medical education through the prolifera...Medicine - Study and teaching - United States; Women in medicine - United States; African Americans in medicine - United States2016-04
8 Uchida, AllisonAnalyzing the implications of the accounting standard update, topic 842In 2010 the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) made a proposal to modify the current United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) rules in regard to leases, summarized in ASC 840. The proposed changes would alter the entire way in which companies reporting in accordanc...Accounting statements and guidelines; Accounting standards update2016-05
9 Sharma, KapilAnalyzing the relationship between PDM2 and B-catenin proteins in human cancersTumorigenesis is promoted by the manipulation of several co-factors and pathways, in which PKM2 and P-catenin proteins play a significant role in a variety of cancers. New research states that these two hegemonic cancer proteins directly bind with each other and may provide a new angle for cance...Pyruvate kinase - Research; Tumorigensis - Research2016-04
10 Mann, SaraApplying the theory of planned behavior to aggressive treatments at the end-of-lifePhysicians and other health care experts are continuously studying the efficacy of treatments and their long-term effects. For instance, research has shown that aggressive end-of-life care could be potentially more harmful to the patient than previously known. Naturally, this has led to a wave of ...Terminal care; Death2016-04
11 Townsend, ColbyAppropriation and adaptation of J material in the Book of MormonThis study explores the influence of the King James Bible (KJV) on the Book of Mormon (BM) by examining how the BM appropriates and adapts the text of the J source of the Pentateuch-a narrative strand from Genesis to Deuteronomy-and weaves phrases, ideas, motifs, and characters into the text. I iden...Book of Mormon - Criticism, Textual2016-05
12 Renz, AndyAssessment of exercise-stimulated tissue oxygenation in calf muscle with functional MRIPeripheral artery disease (PAD) affects millions of patients in the USA, and effective diagnosis and management of PAD is a major clinical goal. One promising avenue of research towards the goal is through functional MRI, which provides non-invasive measurement of tissue oxygenation. For a group of ...Arteries - Diseases - Diagnosis; Magnetic resonance imaging - Research; Calf muscle; Peripheral arterial disease; MATLAB2016-04
13 Esposito, CamilaAxl Inhibitors for Pancreatic Cancer TreatmentBackground: In the United States more than 46,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although it is relatively rare, pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in men and women. Gemcitabine, the most common treatment for pancreatic cancer has less than 10% partial respo...Pancreas - Cancer - Research2016-05
14 Esplin, JessicaCapital account liberalization & income inequality: 1980-2009In this paper, I examine the relationship between income distribution and the capital market account from 1980 to 2009 across a sample of developed and semi-developed countries. A review of the literature suggests that capital account liberalization raises income inequality. Several factors alleged ...Income distribution - Mathematical models2016-04
15 Jensen, RossCartesian Phenomenal conservatism: a satisfactory response to radical skepticismIn this paper, I defend an epistemological thesis known as phenomenal conservatism. As introduced by Michael Huemer, phenomenal conservatism states: if it seems to S that p [where the variables S and P represent any subject and any proposition, respectively], then, in the absence of defeaters, S th...Phenomenal conservatism; Meditations on First Philosophy
16 Greenwood, RileyChanges in earnings distribution in Peru: 2004-2014This thesis explores the changes in earnings distribution among heads of household in Peru from 2004 to 2014 by applying Dinardo, Fortin, and Lemieux's methodology of counterfactual distributions and decompositions. Various measures indicate that earnings inequality among heads of household reduce...Earnings Distribution; Inequality; Counterfactual2014-12
17 Visser, JoshuaCharacterization of G-quadruplexes in DNA repair protein gene sequences and the effects of oxidized guanine lesions on DNA base insertion and elongationGuanine (G) is one of the four nucleo bases that make up the complex macromolecule deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). In addition to its ability to Watson-Crick base pair with cytidine (C), guanine can base pair with itself vianon-canonical, Hoogsteen base pairing and form a secondary structure of DNA ca...DNA repair - Research; G proteins - Pathophysiology - Research; Oxidation, Physiological - Research; Membrane homogenization; Synthetic blood; Artificial oxygen carriers2016-05
18 Barbeau, WilliamCharacterization of a New Ribosome Associated Quality Control PathwayProteins are life's double edged sword. Proteins are essential macromolecules of life, and the tasks that some proteins accomplish are quite marvelous. At the same time, if proteins misfold they have the potential to kill the cell that harbors them. It is becoming increasingly clear that proteins ha...Ribosomes - Research2016-12
19 Baker, MargaretComparative morphology of chenopodium berlandieri seeds and fruits from cowboy cave, Utah: implications for cultivation and domesticationThe ancient shift from collecting and gathering native plants to the cultivation and domestication of those species was one of the most significant evolutionary transitions in human history. Due to recent advancements in archaeological techniques, the geographic occurrences of prehistoric plant cul...Plants - Utah2016-05
20 Odendahl, NathanComparison of popular force fields for molecular modeling of proteins applied to ice binding of the tenebrio molitor antifreeze proteinIce Binding Proteins (IBPs) are a class of proteins that affect the melting and freezing temperatures of ice. While substantial research has been conducted to understand the properties of IBPs, experimental and molecular dynamics simulations have not satisfactorily explained the mechanism of the i...Antifreeze proteins - Research; Ice binding proteins; Tenebrio molitor; Antifreeze protein; Force fields2016-04
21 Gilbert, AndrewComputational modeling of the rat hippocampus for improving neural stimulationNeural prostheses are used to restore some level of function to tissue damaged by disease. It is important to model and correctly identify the relationship between electrical stimulation and neural response to provide a framework for prosthetic stimulation. This work will show a struc...Neural stimulation - Research; Hippocampus (Brain) - Research; Memory - Research; Rats as laboratory animals - Research; Neural prosthetic2016-05
22 Myler, LaurelConversations with CaligulaConversations with Caligula is a play in two acts which combines research in the field of psychology with an exploration of Ancient Roman history. Topics include the life and exploits of Caligula, third emperor of Rome; the writings of Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus; mental health, specifically sympt...Mental illness in literature2016-04
23 Christensen, MasenCooperative primers: Intersecting spherical model for optimization of linker and gap lengthsDetection of specific sequences of DNA is invaluable for diagnosing the presence of a pathogen, as well as other areas of genetic analysis. A common way of detecting DNA is replicating it millions of times through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and using fluorescent molecules to detect those copies...Pathogenic microorganisms - Detection; DNA - Research; Polymerase chain reaction - Research; Cooperative primers; Aluminum foam materials; Load frame2016-05
24 Falvo, JamieDecomposition of ethnic wage gap in Utah and intermountain regionHispanic workers on average earn less than white workers in both Utah and the Intermountain region. Average wage disparities in Utah and the Intermountain region are largely similar in magnitude, with various socioeconomic factors affecting these wage disparities. However, little is known about the ...Income distribution - Utah; Wages - Utah2016-04
25 Bracken, KallieDefining learning: mystifying machine learning as a powerful tool in a data-driven worldUntil recently, the driving paradigm in software engineering has been to design applications for a predefined set of tasks. This approach, however, is quickly being dwarfed by data-driven applications which are designed to use knowledge and understanding to decide how they can best fulfill use...Machine learning - Case studies; Machine learning - Study and Teaching; Machine Learning - Technique2016-04
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