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1 Loveland, JessicaLearning styles of teachers and students in a second language classroomsThe general research questions for this research study are concerned with learning styles and whether differences in student and teacher learning styles negatively impact students' perceived grades in second and foreign language classrooms. Participants were asked to take a 30-minute online question...Learning - Evaluation - Case Studies; Learning styles - Students; Learning styles - Teachers
2 Fields, AaliaThe relationship between preschoolers' engagement in book reading and self-regulationChildren's engagement in literacy-related tasks has been identified as a contributor of literacy skills and achievement for elementary age children (Guthrie, Wigfield, & You, 2012). However, literature is limited on the development of reading engagement and its predictors, especially for young presc...Reading (Preschool); Human behavior
3 Green, AustinMeasuring occupancy and occurrence of medium and large mammals in Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area using motion-activated camera trapsWith expanding urbanization and development, human encroachment on wilderness areas continues to increase. In Utah, much of the once pristine and untouched mountain ecosystems of the Wasatch Front have been developed for recreation and other human use, and this increasing human-wildlife interaction...Red Butte Canyon (Salt Lake County, Utah); Wilderness area monitoring - United States; Wildlife conservation - Utah
4 Hensen, EmilyDistraction-based coping and emotion regulation difficulties as predictors of high-risk behaviorHigh-risk behaviors are correlated with current and future psychological problems. Past research s uggests that difficulties in emotion regulation may increase the likelihood of individuals engaging in high -risk behavior. Research also suggests that problem behaviors may be a function of experienti...Risk-taking (Psychology) in adolescence
5 Jensen, RossCartesian Phenomenal conservatism: a satisfactory response to radical skepticismIn this paper, I defend an epistemological thesis known as phenomenal conservatism. As introduced by Michael Huemer, phenomenal conservatism states: if it seems to S that p [where the variables S and P represent any subject and any proposition, respectively], then, in the absence of defeaters, S th...Phenomenal conservatism; Meditations on First Philosophy
6 Pollock, ChanieceAddressing the emotional health of college students through a therapuetic cooking classThis study hypothesized that a unique cooking class, focusing on cooking and mindful eating to reduce stress, had the potential to improve the emotional health of college students. Cooking meals is shown to improve physical health, but there is a limited amount of research tying cooking skills to em...College students - emotional health; Cooking - Health aspects
7 Bertelsen, BrandonWord of the wildMany people value and experience what the natural world has to offer and many people do not. The opportunities that exist outdoors include recreation, education, development, and therapy. Everything I do, school, work, volunteer, and play, is to better provide outdoor experiences for people of all...Outdoor life - Psychological aspects2014-12
8 Bennion, DavidValidation of force pedals for bilateral strength asymmetry testingOver 125,000 anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Rates of re-injury to the reconstructed ACL or contralateral ACL up to 49% have been reported in certain populations. Altered biomechanics-including bilateral asymmetry in knee extensor st...Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Surgery; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction - methods2014-12
9 Ehmann, KyleeJane Austen's realism revisited: Pride & Prejudice, Emma and Sanditon in the digital ageThere are hundreds of film, television and book adaptations of Jane Austen's novels in the world, all different retellings and interpretations of the original source texts. And while these adaptations' quality is typically judged based on its fidelity to the original novels, this value judgement on...Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 - Criticism and interpretation2014-12
10 Fine, KeliExecutive functioning and grade point average in college studentsResearch has demonstrated a positive correlation between Executive Functioning (EF) and Grade Point Average (GPA; Duckworth, Tsukayama, & May, 2010; Latzman, Elkovitch, Young, & Clark, 2010; Knouse, Feldman, & Blevins, 2014). However, previous studies have failed to give a comprehensive view of all ...Executive functions (Neuropsychology); Academic achievement2014-12
11 Gardner, KellyIndividual differences in inhibition and emotionThe objective of this study was to examine if negative emotion can play an influential role on inhibition through attentional control. Higher levels of working memory capacity (WMC) have been correlated with faster inhibition times attributed to greater tolerance of automatic processes and better...Emotion2014-12
12 Greenwood, RileyChanges in earnings distribution in Peru: 2004-2014This thesis explores the changes in earnings distribution among heads of household in Peru from 2004 to 2014 by applying Dinardo, Fortin, and Lemieux's methodology of counterfactual distributions and decompositions. Various measures indicate that earnings inequality among heads of household reduce...Wages - Peru2014-12
13 Lipman, JoshuaEnvironmental ethics in the Book of MormonCurrent LDS environmental theology, championed by George Handley, includes critiques of Mormon pioneer history, analyses of the Doctrine of Covenants (the LDS book of laws), and LDS influenced nature writing such as the work of Terry Tempest-Williams. However the lack of ecological thought dedicated...Book of Mormon - Criticism, interpretation, etc2014-12
14 Longino, ErikaField guide for the inquisitive urban ecologistThis thesis consists of an independent mixed-media publication, or zine, which explores five specific case studies that demonstrate urban ecology. These projects exemplify urban ecological thinking and can be used as a field guide to understanding the urban landscape in Salt Lake City, Utah. These ...Urban ecology (Sociology); City planning - Environmental aspects2014-12
15 Kim, JeanFemale labor participation in South Korea: implications of policy and cultureSouth Korea, although being a highly developed nation, surprisingly exhibits a lower female labor participation rate when compared to other countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), such as the United States. The percent of Korean women in the workfor...Policy - South Korea; Culture - South Korea; Female labor - South Korea2015-04
16 Smith, EnochSisterwives & submission?: gender power dynamics in polygynist marriagesPolygamy has caught national attention. Most of it has focused on court proceedings against the FLDS Church's alleged child sexual abuse practices, and TV shows like Big Love and Sisterwives. Both present polar opposite perspectives on the practice, but what do we really know about the practice? My...Apostolic United Brethren; Polygamy - United States2015-06
17 Nash, AlexanderThe Proto-Indo-European urheimat: The Armenian hypothesisThis thesis analyzes the viability of the Armenian Hypothesis, which places the Proto-Indo-European homeland in the Armenian Highland (Gamkrelidze & Ivanov 1990, Kavoukjian 1987). Arguments supporting the hypothesis are evaluated in the light of linguistic, archeological, and genetic evidence. Afte...Proto-Indo-European langauge; Armenian Highlands2015-12
18 Chuaqui, Anna MagdalenaWhy the left loses in MexicoThis paper explores the question: Why has the largest left-of-center party in Mexico, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), failed to win a presidential election since democratization? Through an analysis of the presidential campaigns of 200,2006, and 2012, this paper seeks to explain the fa...Partido de la Revolución Democrática (Mexico); Mexico -- Politics and government -- 2000-2016
19 Robinson, MercedesProfessional vs. nonprofessional exercise advice and injury correlations in campus recreation facility usersPurpose: Risk of injury, when participating in an exercise program, is always present; however when the exercise program is poorly designed or not designed for the individual, the risk of injury increases significantly. Poorly designed exercise programs stem from individuals seeking advice for exerc...Sports injuries2016-01
20 Zamantakis, AlithiaThe death of hetero and homo"The Death of Hetero/Homo" is a theoretical examination of the ways in which sexuality, love, and desire are not merely abstract, innate concepts but have very real consequences as weapons in the process of abjection, particularly of trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming individuals. As gender ...Sex (Psychology); Sex (Biology)2016-01
21 Simon, PhilipA study of the optimized load of a traveling wave thermoacoustic heat engineThermal interaction between differentially heated solid material and ambient gas in a resonator can lead to self-sustained oscillations or the transportation of heat in accordance with the thermoacoustic effect, first explained by Lord Rayleigh. In this research the phenomenon is employed in a lo...Thermoacoustic engine - Research; Energy conservation2016-03
22 Soto, GiuliaPeruvian immigrant paradox: Exploring differences in learning cultures and math curriculumMath instruction for immigrant students often begins with the assumption that this student population lacks math knowledge and the skills necessary for academic success in the United States. Immigrant students in the U.S. are often placed in lower level math classes due to the misconception that it ...Immigrants - United States; Mathematics - Study and teaching - Social aspects2016-03
23 Bowen, BradyFractal geometry of melt ponds: Modeling the fractal geometry of arctic melt ponds using the level sets of random surfacesDuring the late spring, most of the Arctic Ocean is covered by sea ice with a layer of snow on top. As the snow and sea ice begin to melt, water collects on the surface to form melt ponds. As melting progresses, sparse, disconnected ponds coalesce to form complex, self-similar structures which are c...Melt pond geometry2016-04
24 Azuma, MarikoYin Yu Tang and the effects of re-contextualization on vernacular architectureMy paper on the cultural and architectural re-contextualization of Yin Yu Tang, or Hall of Abundant Shelter, at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, MA, has two main goals: 1) to consider the connections between architecture, space, and the family in a traditional Chinese house; and 2) to exami...Peabody Essex Museum - Exhibitions, Hall of Abundant Shelter; Architecture, Chinese - Exhibitions2016-04
25 Bergquist, JohnPopular music and public education: Culturally responsive to the past and present alikePopular music is included to varying degrees in American public school curricula despite the fact that experts in the field have called for its inclusion since the Tanglewood Symposium in 1968 (Choate et. al, 1967). Green (2008) found that some educators might be uncomfortable with popular music pr...Music - Instruction and study2016-04
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