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1 Mendenhall, MorganThe preparedness of college and university counseling centers in meeting the needs of student veteransThe current study assesses counseling centers on college and university campuses in their dealings with student veteran clients in a national sample (N=33) of college center directors. The National Center for Veterans Studies sponsored the study, and a total of 200 counseling center directors were a...Counseling in higher education - United States; Veterans - Counseling - United States2013-04
2 Shackelford, Daniel T.The first servant of the nation : an in-depth analysis of how Jimmy Carter's religion influenced his presidencyMitt Romney's recent run to become the nation's first Mormon president has made many Americans question what role religion plays in the presidency. While some fervent Romney supporters saw him as man chosen by God for the White House, opponents saw his overt commitment to his religion as a dangerous...Carter, Jimmy, 1924 - Religion; Christianity and politics - United States - History - 20th century2013-05
3 Lopez, MauricioThe broken promise of inclusive development: the case of PeruIn recent years, Peru has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, outpacing emerging giants of the developing world such as Brazil and Russia. From 2003 to 2011 Peru's GDP per capita almost tripled. Nevertheless, currently almost one third of the Peruvian population still lives in po...Peru - Economic conditions - Regional disparities; Inclusive development2013-05
4 Roberts, JordanParity and primacy in perspective : a second Anglophone decline or a second American century?Much of the systemic theory in international relations focuses on a single explanatory variable: the distribution of capabilities, widely understood to be synonymous with the distribution of power. Despite the significant attention given to the distribution of power, there is still fundamental disag...Balance of power - Research; International relations - Research; Great Britain - Foreign relations - 19th century; United States - Foreign relations - 21st century2013-05
5 Gonzalez, Juan CarlosAn analysis of Utah's Chicano civil rights movement through S.O.C.I.O. and its involvement in affirmative action programs, 1964-1984Utah's Chicano Civil Rights Movement developed under unique circumstances in comparison to the greater Chicano Civil Rights Movement in the Southwestern States. While Chicanos outside of Utah chose to march, boycott and have sit-ins, those in Utah worked alongside government officials in order to ac...SOCIO; Hispanic Americans - Civil rights - Utah; Chicano movement - Utah - History; Affirmative action programs - Utah2013-05
6 Shackelford, DavidGraduating from the Electoral College : a critique on the electoral system of AmericaOur country is founded on democracy and the will of the people, but in the 2000 election the majority of citizens in the United States voted for the losing candidate. This result, of course, only is possible through the system called the Electoral College. This paper traces the history of the Electo...Electoral college; Presidents - United States - Election2013-05
7 Andruski, Jordan JosephThe social contract of international politicsThe purpose of this research paper is to examine the extent to which states engage in the proposed idea of a currently forming international social contract and what effect have institutions had on this development. More specifically, the paper will examine the extent to which the development of int...Social contract; International relations2013-05
8 Barnes, RachelFirst ladies: It's not about aptitude; it's the way you're viewedWhile Presidential popularity is frequently researched and discussed, the same attention has not been paid to the study of the First Ladies and their popularity. With the constantly changing role of femininity in American society, the First Lady has become an increasingly important and visible figur...Presidents' spouses - United States - Public opinion; Public opinion - United States - History2013-05
9 Aryaeinejad, KateiraInternational organizations, intrastate conflict, and humanitarian intervention: Determinants of successThe objective of this research project is to determine which specific organizational structures and characteristics increase the likelihood that a humanitarian intervention will occur and result in success. With that goal in mind, I develop two main hypotheses which I then test against carefully cho...Humanitarian intervention; Security, International2013-05
10 Macura, ZeljkaThe influence of virtual others on judgments of self passageIndividuals perceive their ability to act in the environment, termed affordances, by evaluating the relationship between their own capabilities and dimensions and the properties of the environmental objects and surfaces that surround them (Gibson, 1979/1986, Richardson, Marsh & Baron, 2007; Ishak, A...Cognitive psychology; Visual perception; Other (Philosophy)2013-05
11 Reyna Rivarola, Alonso Rafael"Aguantamos porque no nos queda de otra" (we hold up because we have no other option): Everyday resistance in the lives of Latina immigrant U.S. hospitality industry workersLatina immigrant workers in the United States are often rendered invisible by mainstream society. These women, especially when fulfilling service occupations, such as hotel housekeeping jobs, are expected to work in silence and in deference to those in "higher" positions of power (e.g. supervisors a...Hospitality industry - Employees - United States; Hispanic American women - Employment2013-06
12 Edgette, AshleyIndividual, collective, and neighborhood political capital : relationships of change, power, and love in Salt Lake CityIn this study, I examine how three Latina community leaders from the Riverbrook neighborhood of Salt Lake City enact their political capital. My three measures of political capital are perceptions of individual power, community relationships, and influence in the larger school-community setting. Mot...Community leadership - Utah - Salt Lake City; Hispanic American mothers - Utah - Salt Lake City2013-08
13 Moore, HeidiEquality of difference through binary reversalI propose a deconstructive tool intended to illustrate the arbitrary construction of binary oppositions and expose the user to their internal dichotomies. I also explore the implications of this tool which is intended to illustrate that by conveying the same thought, meaning, or idea by employing bi...Semiotics; Binary principle (Linguistics); Gender mainstreaming2013-08
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