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1 Land and Resource Management Issues Relevant to Deploying In-Situ Thermal TechnologiesKeiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, Heather; Kline, MichelleAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2011-01
2 Lands with Wilderness Characteristics, Resource Management Plan Contraints, and Land Exchanges: Cross-Jurisdictional Management and Impacts on unconventional Fuel Development in Utah's Uinta BasinKeiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Holt, Rebecca; Tanana, HeatherAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2012-03
3 Commercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern BusinessMallat, ChibliA brief presentation of commercial law decisions across the Arab world is sufficient to show the dominance of western principles in the field, and the direct translation of western terminology and rules for local transactions.2 The decisions have been regrouped in categories which will be familiar t...2000-01
4 Pakistan and Lebanon: The Same StruggleChodosh, Hiram; Mallat, ChibliIn the absence of democracy (meaning regular change at the top by means of free and fair elections), political violence is a certainty.2008-01-04
5 Automated Library Services: One Law Library's ExperienceBrillon, Alicia ; Craigle, ValeriArticle describing implementation of shelf-ready services in the S.J. Quinney Law Library.2013-09
6 Special Dossier on the Sabra and Shatila Case in BelgiumMallat, ChibliThis dossier collects key legal documents in the Sharon affair. Being a legal dossier, the collection contains two sets of documents. The first set traces the evolution of Belgium's 1993/1999 universal jurisdiction law by making available in English, in several cases for the first time, translati...2005
7 Federal Control of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: What are the Options?Reitze, Arnold W.The U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA held that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and remanded the case to EPA. The Agency must decide whether CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. If the Agency responds affirmatively, it must meet other requirements of t...2009-08-01
8 Corruption and Its Challenges: The Battle to Stop a Universal ProblemChodosh, Hiram E.Corruption is increasingly seen as a universal problem, deeply embedded in many national legal systems, and also transnational in nature. It is so endemic that it has generated its own special vernacular, such as Code 1,000 in Honduras (a reference to the 1,000 lempira note), mordida in Mexico...2009-09-25
9 Reconciliation in Iraq: Taking the Constitution SeriouslyMallat, ChibliReconciliation, which draws the necessary constitutional principles over which Iraqi parliamentarians are called on to vote, and the Iraqi citizens to endorse (or reject) in a national referendum, offers a far better way than any other type of reconciliation. An improved Iraqi constitution provid...2009-07-16
10 Drought, Sustainability, and the LawAdler, Robert W.Researchers and responsible officials have made considerable progress in recent years in efforts to anticipate, plan for, and respond to drought. Some of those efforts are beginning to shift from purely reactive, relief-oriented measures to programs designed to prevent or to mitigate drought impacts...2010-07-15
11 Policty Analysis of Water Availability and Use Issues for Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands DevelopmentRuple, John; Keiter, RobertABSTRACT Oil shale and oil sands resources located within the intermountain west represent a vast, and as of yet, commercially untapped source of energy. Development will require water, and demand for scarce water resources stands at the front of a long list of barriers to commercialization. Wat...2012-03
12 Analysis of Environmental, Legal, Socioeconomic and Policy Issues Critical to the Development of Commercial Oil Shale Leasing on the Public Lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming under the Mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 2005Hogue, Michael T.; Keiter, Robert B.; Ruple, John; Uchitel, KirstenThis report seeks to identify and evaluate the critical legal and economic policy issues in order to inform federal, state, tribal, and other decision makers, as well as affected citizens, of the likely challenges and tradeoffs inherent in implementing a commercial oilshale leasing program on the pu...2010-01
13 Novel mechanism for benign essential blepharospasm.Digre, Kathleen B.PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the photophobia of benign essential blepharospasm (BEB) is caused by sympathetically maintained pain. METHODS: Nineteen patients with photophobia and BEB were enrolled in an unblinded prospective treatment trial. The intervention was ...1999-11-15
14 Models of War and Crime in Confronting Organized ViolenceMcCormack, WayneIs it crime or is it war? American politicos immediately beat the drums of a war on terrorism after 9/11 despite some cautionary notes sounded by professionals in the military, law, and international affairs. But the only other option promoted in the popular debates has been that of domestic crim...2010-02-23
15 March 2221 : Lebanon's Cedar Revolution : an essay on non-violence and justiceChibli Wajdi Mallat 1960-Scanned book.2007
16 QNews An Informal Faculty Newsletter December 2007S.J. Quinney College of LawFaculty newsletter.2007-12
17 Understanding Barriers to Commercial-Scale Carbon Capture and Sequestration in the United States: An Empirical AssessmentDavies, Lincoln L.Although a potentially useful climate change mitigation tool, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) efforts in the United States remain mired in demonstration and development. Prior studies suggest numerous reasons for this stagnation. This article empirically assesses those claims. Using an anonym...2013-08
18 Transportation, Land Use and Ecology along the Wasatch Front: Report from a conference held on November 14, 1997Transportation, Land Use and Ecology along the Wasatch Front: Report from a conference held on November 14, 19971997
19 Saving Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court from itself - Opinion - Ahram OnlineMallat, Chibli2012-06-14
20 Coddling Dictators is Annan's Bad HabitMallat, ChibliOp-ed.2012-06-08
21 Targeting genes for self-excision in the germ lineCapecchi, Mario R.; Bernstein, Kenneth E.; Thomas, Kirk R.A procedure is described that directs the self-induced deletion of DNA sequences as they pass through the male germ line of mice. The testes-specific promoter from the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene was used to drive expression of the Cre-recombinase gene. Cre was linked to the selectable marker...1999-06-15
22 Anti-Corruption Editorial Series From the Daily Star, Lebanon, News PageChodosh, HiramCorruption op-ed.2010-01-27
23 The Syrian-Israeli Boundaries in International Law: The Significance of the Armistice Demarcation Line of 1949Mallat, ChibliZero-sum equations have been the name of the game in the Middle East since the early Zionist settlements in the late 19th century. The classic Zionist motto, One dunum here, one dunum there has come to exemplify this logic for all the parties concerned, and the zero-sum logic continues to regulat...2000-07-13
24 A legal manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet: Justice for Rafik Hariri and Moussa SadrMallat, ChibliLast week I pleaded for a legal manifesto for Irans Green Revolution. I am arguing this week for a judicial manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet. I have no illusions. The turgid governmental manifesto, like the Arab Leagues declarations, will read as a litany of bullet points where each of the plet...2009-07-09
25 From Islamic to Middle Eastern Law A Restatement of the Field (Part I)Mallat, ChibliAny approach to law in the region known as Near or Middle East is doubly selective, as the historical depth of the tradition enhances the diversity of cultures active in the contemporary world. Law is a particular example where the contrasted set-up which characterizes twenty-five or so modern Natio...2004
1 - 25 of 7,120