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1 Influence of chemical factors on primary processing of Utah tar sand bitumenResearch of recovery and processing technology applicable to Utah tar sands is currently in progress. Development of this hydrocarbon resource has not yet occurred, principally because of high costs associated with present recovery methods. The processing of bitumens is also expected to be relativel...chemical factors of processing tar sand bitumen; Utah tar sand bitumen; tar sand bitumen; primary peocessing of tar sand bitumen1978-01-01
2 Characteristics of the PR Spring Tar Sand deposit, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.The Laramie Energy Technology Center (LETC) conducted a seven-corehole drilling program in the PR Spring tar sand deposit, southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah, during the summer of 1980. Three main tar sand zones in the southwestern and west-central portion of the deposit were correlated by cross section...1984
3 A steamflood in a Utah tar sand, U.S.A.A steamflood experiment in the Northwest Asphalt Ridge tar sand deposit near Vernal, Utah, U.S.A. was conducted in 1980. The test utilized two concentric inverted five-spot patterns covering an area of 0.25 acres (1,012 m2). The zone tested was a 45 ft (14 m) thick sandstone in the Rimrock member of...1984
4 Characteristics of tar sand bitumen asphaltenes and the effect of asphaltenes on conversion of bitumen by hydropyrolysisAsphaltenes derived from tar sand bitumen are similar to petroleum derived asphaltenes in that the geochemical history is similar for these sources. It has been shown that tar sand bitumen possesses an unusually high average molecular weight when compared with petroleum residues of similar initial b...tar sand bitumen asphaltenes; characteristics of tar sand bitumen; effect of asphaltenes; bitumen conversion; hydropyrolysis; tar sand bitumen1979
5 Characterization of a Utah tar sand bitumenA preliminary characterization of a Utah tar sand bitumen has been made using methods developed for high boiling petroleum fractions. The characterization includes information about the major compound types which can be compared with similar data for other tar sand bitumens and, more importantly, ca...Utah tar sand bitumen; tar sand bitumen characterization; bitumen; tar sand; compound types; P. R. Spring bitumen; petroleum; recovery and processing of bitumen1976
6 A preliminary estimate of world heavy crude oil and bitumen resourcesSince the First International Conference on the Future of Heavy Crude and Tar Sands was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in June 1979, several significant events have occurred bearing upon future development of these resources. Positive factors include the following: (1) a second conference was he...1984
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