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1 Musical Text-Setting as Evidence for syliabification of Highly Moraic Structures in EnglishTextir_htoa
2 The significance of Chinese nuclear arms to American efforts toward the 1968 treaty of nonproliferationTextir_htoa
3 Cartesian Phenomenal conservatism: a satisfactory response to radical skepticismTextir_htoa
4 Kalashnikov enculturation: The Soviet contribution to small arms proliferation and the disintegration of the non-state thresholdTextir_htoa
5 Leftists as political opposition in IranTextir_htoa
6 Learning styles of teachers and students in a second language classroomsTextir_htoa
7 Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP): 2002 Yılı Kenan Tepe Kazilarina Genal Bakış (The Upper Tigris Archaeological Reseach Project [UTARP]: An Overview of the 2002 Excavations at Kenan Tepe)Textir_uspace
8 Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP): Kenan Tepenin kulturel tarihinin on sentezi (The Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP): a preliminary synthesis of the cultural history of Kenan Tepe)Textir_uspace
9 Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP) Kenan Tepe 2000 yiki calismalari raporu (The upper Tigris archaeological research project (UTARP) a preliminary report from the year 2000 excavations at Kenan Tepe)Textir_uspace
10 Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP) boztepe vuzey arastirmasi ve kazilari, talavcas, tepe yontemli yuzey arastirmasi, 1999 on rapor (The upper tigris archaeological ressearch project (UTARP) excavations and survey at boztepe and intensive survey at talavas tepe, 1999: a preliminary report)Textir_uspace
11 Relational interaction coding systemTextir_etd
12 The influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare with a comparison of the dramatic and poetic merits of their works, and parallelisms in characterizations1905Textir_etd
13 Oil reserves in the oil shale and coal deposits of Utah1905-04-15Textir_etd
14 History of the Gilsonite industry1905-05-12Textir_etd
15 A document history of the Morrisites in Utah1909Textir_etd
16 Development of English courts and appeal in English courts1909Textir_etd
17 Carlyle and Emerson: Their philosophy of life1909-06-02Textir_etd
18 A study of the philosophical proofs of the existence of God1911Textir_etd
19 Cliff-dwellers of the San Juan Valley1911-05Textir_etd
20 The old missions of California1912Textir_etd
21 The Lancelot story in literature1913Textir_etd
22 The cohesive power of the Irish drama1915Textir_etd
23 The development of higher education in colonial times1915Textir_etd
24 Utah's struggle for statehood1929-05-10Textir_etd
25 Case comment: the case of Nicole: suicide and terminal illness1933Textir_uspace
1 - 25 of 909