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1 AAMC Award for Distinguished Research presentation for 1998This is a 3 minutes, 51 seconds video of the presentation of the American Association of Medical Colleges' Award for Distinguished Research to Mario Capecchi and Oliver Smithies for their independent work as pioneers in gene targeting.1998
2 KUTV news featurette on cloning, molecular genetics, and disease aired November 9, 1997This 3 minutes, 1 second video clip from Salt Lake City's KUTV, Channel 2 features a short interview with Mario Capecchi concerning cloning and its use in molecular genetics and the study of human diseases.1997-11-09
3 Role of Hox genes in mediating the mammalian body planCapecchi, Mario R.This is a 1 hour, 5 minutes, 28 seconds video of a lecture given by Mario Capecchi on the genetic analysis of the Hox complex, or Hox cluster and their role in embryogenesis. Using examples such as the development of the hindbrain (rhombencephalon), facial nerves, and hands Capecchi outlines the re...
4 Franklin Institute award dinner and ceremony held May 1, 1997This is a 1 hour, 42 minutes, 53 seconds video of the 1997 Franklin Institute Awards Banquet and Ceremony. The awards included a summary of each winner's achievements, the presentation of the award, and an acceptance speech. The award winners included Ralph L. Brinster, the Bower Award and Prize f...1997
5 Albert Lasker Awards Ceremony, 2001This is the 1 hour, 45 minutes, and 41 seconds video of the Lasker Awards Ceremony and Banquet held in September, 2001. The Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research was given to Mario R. Capecchi, Oliver Smithies, and Martin Evans for their work in genetic research. Martin Evans discovered h...2001
6 Local television news clips for June 14, 1994 featuring Mario CapecchiThis is a compilation of news clips from Salt Lake City's four major commercial television stations (Channels 2, 4, 5, and 13) lasting a total of 2 minutes, 59 seconds. The topic is Capecchi's winning of the General Motors Corporation's Alfred P. Sloan Jr. Prize for Outstanding Basic Science Contrib...1994-06-14
7 Ghost ShipHandman, Eric Michael
8 Secret of life module: on the brink, four profiles in groundbreaking scienceThis is a 15 minutes, 12 seconds segment of the WGBH series, Secret of life. Profiles include Dennis Slamon of UCLA and his work on the oncagenes and the creation of excess receptors that play a significant role in breast cancer; Patricia Steeg of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and her work on...
9 KSL News clip of Mario Capecchi receiving the National Medal of Science for 1991This 1 minute, 44 seconds news clip from Salt Lake City's KSLTV, Channel 5 shows Mario Capecchi receiving the National Medal of Science for 1991 from President George W. Bush at the June 13, 2002 awards ceremony. The medal was presented for Capecchi's work in genetics and his development of the pro...1992-06
10 National Medals of Science and Technology Awards (2001) Ceremony and Banquet, held June 13, 2002This 51 minutes, 5 seconds video is divided into two parts: the first part is a film introducing the award winners and their achievements; the second is the presentation of the actual awards by George W. Bush, President of the United States. Medal winners were: Mario R. Capecchi for his pioneering...2002
11 QR codesLombardo, Nancy T.; Morrow, Anne
12 Finding books in the library catalogRutledge, Lorelei Belinda2012
13 Evening of baroque musicJones, Pamela Palmer; Chaufty, Lisa Marie; Richards, Leslie Jean; Grundvig, Kimberly Ann; Hart, CherylU School of Music Faculty Concert. Sundays @ 7 Spotlight Concert. "An Evening of Baroque Music." Pamela Palmer Jones, harpsichord. Cheryl Hart, soprano. Lisa Chaufty and Kim Grundvig, recorders. Leslie J. Richards, viola da gamba. Sunday, October 9, 2009. Libby Gardner Concert Hall. 7:00 p.m.2009-10-04
14 PhD EntrepreneurKuhlman, BrianStreaming video of a recorded lecture "PhD Entrepreneur" by Brian Kuhlman. This lecture was presented at the Hinckley Institute of Politics Lecture Hall at the University of Utah on May 3rd, 2013.2013-05-03
15 Patent Searching and so much more: Invention Fair, SLC Public Library, May 2008.Morrison, David L.Video of a presentation given by David Morrison at the Invention Fair, Salt Lake City Library, May 10, 2008.2008-05-10
16 Patent searching, prior art sources and resources for inventors: Invented In Utah Inventors Conference, August 2010.Morrison, David L.Video of a presentation given by David Morrison at the Invented In Utah (IIU) 2010 Inventors Symposium, August 28, 2010.2010-08-28
17 Arioso for alto recorder and live electronics [videorecording]Chuaqui, Miguel Basim; Chaufty, Lisa MariePerformed by Lisa Chaufty (recorder) and Miguel Chuaqui (composer) as part of the Sundays@7 concert series, School of Music, The University of Utah. Program Notes from Miguel Chuaqui, the composer: Arioso is a style of singing between the recitative and aria that arose in the 16th century. The form ...2012-09-09
18 Just digitize it! the J. Willard Marriott Library's endeavor to bring geological scholarship to the world.Sorensen, Justin BruceThis video is of a powerpoint presentation given on October 25th, 2012 at the Marriott Library. This was one of a number of presentations regarding the history and role of USpace, the University of Utah's Institutional Repository, during Open Access Week, 2012.2012-10-25
19 Sibyl of the Rhine: the art, music, & poetry of Hildegard von Bingen: masterclass
20 Sibyl of the Rhine: the art, music, & poetry of Hildegard von Bingen: concert
21 Introduction to autonomic pharmacologyKeefe, Kristen A.2006-09-12
22 Georeferencing geologic thesis maps spanning 25 years (1950-1975)Sorensen, Justin Bruce; Williams, Donald Glade; Chaufty, Lisa MariePowerpoint video of a presentation given at the April 20th, 2011, Marriott Library all staff meeting.2011-04
23 ARPANET timeline 1969-1980Sorensen, Justin BruceThe University of Utah boasts of being the 4th node on the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), a project funded by the Department of Defense that developed into the Internet and changed the world. However, when researchers came to the University of Utah's Marriott Library trying to...2011-10-18
24 Ranolazine: a new antianginal agent with a novel mechanism of actionBlumenthal, Donald K.This animation (with audio) illustrates the mechanism of action of ranolazine (RANEXA), a novel antianginal drug that inhibits the late sodium current (late I Na) in cardiac myocytes. The animation first describes how the late sodium current can contribute to symptoms of myocardial ischemia by causi...2006-09-19
25 ResistenciaChuaqui, Miguel Basim; Iachimcuic, Igor Eugene; Standing, Shawn C.The piece is called Resistencia (Resistance), and it was presented as part of the celebrations for the Chilean independence bicentennial. The title refers both to the Chilean war of independence (Resistance against the Spanish Crown), and to the concept of overcoming the resistance of time and spac...2009-08-28
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