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1 Qataramus1600; 1700uum_rbcImage; Text
2 Camp of the Gros Ventres of the Prairies.1841-05-01uum_rbcImage
3 Fort Union on the Missouri1841-03-01uum_rbcImage
4 Mahsette-Kiuab, Chief of the Cree-Indians1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
5 Bellvue, Mr. Dougherty's Agency on the Missouri1840-09-01uum_rbcImage
6 Wak-Tae-Geli, A Sioux Warrior1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
7 Funeral Scaffold of a Sioux Chief, Near Fort Pierre1839-07-01uum_rbcImage
8 Encampment of the Travellers on the Missouri1841-07-01uum_rbcImage
9 Remarkable Hills1839-11-01uum_rbcImage
10 Horse Racing of the Sioux Indians, Near Fort Pierre1841-10-01uum_rbcImage
11 Mehkskeme-Sukahs, Blackfoot chief. Tatsicki-Stomick, Piekann chief1840-01-01uum_rbcImage
12 Crow Indians1840-06-01uum_rbcImage
13 Forest Scene on the Lehigh (Pennsylvania)1839-07-01uum_rbcImage
14 Missouri Indian, Oto Indian, Chief of the Puncas1840-11-01uum_rbcImage
15 Cleveland Lighthouse on the Lake Erie1841-04-01uum_rbcImage
16 Boston Lighthouse1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
17 Indians Hunting the Bison1839-10-01uum_rbcImage
18 Scalp Dance of the Minatarres1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
19 Fort Pierre on the Missouri1840-01-01uum_rbcImage
20 Idols of the Mandan Indians1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
21 Niagara Falls1841-10-01uum_rbcImage
22 Indian Utensils and Arms.1840-04-01uum_rbcImage
23 View of the Stone Walls1840-07-01uum_rbcImage
24 Herd of Bisons on the Upper Missouri1841-05-01uum_rbcImage
25 Beaver Hut on the Missouriuum_rbcImage
1 - 25 of 196