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1 Abravanel, Maurice; Johnson; Bradley -Shot 11952-12-30Image/StillImage
2 Abravanel, Maurice; Johnson; Bradley -Shot 21952-12-30Image/StillImage
3 Abravanel, Maurice; Johnson; Bradley -Shot 31952-12-30Image/StillImage
4 Abravanel, Maurice; Johnson; Bradley -Shot 41952-12-30Image/StillImage
5 Accordians Group -Shot 11953-03-05Image/StillImage
6 Accordians Group -Shot 21953-03-05Image/StillImage
7 Accordians Group -Shot 31953-03-05Image/StillImage
8 Accordians Group -Shot 41953-03-05Image/StillImage
9 Actors -Shot 11951-11-24Image/StillImage
10 Actors and Actresses -Shot 21951-11-24Image/StillImage
11 Actors and Actresses -Shot 31951-11-24Image/StillImage
12 Actors; Wynn; Jaeger1951-11-24Image/StillImage
13 Adamson, Dawna Joyce; Low -Shot 11952-03-13Image/StillImage
14 Adamson, Dawna Joyce; Low -Shot 21952-03-13Image/StillImage
15 Adamson, Emalie; Day; Allen -Shot 11953-07-18Image/StillImage
16 Adamson, Emalie; Day; Allen -Shot 21953-07-18Image/StillImage
17 African Violets; Kidman -Shot 11953-03-24Image/StillImage
18 African Violets; Kidman -Shot 21953-03-24Image/StillImage
19 African Violets; Kidman -Shot 31953-03-24Image/StillImage
20 African Violets; Kidman -Shot 41953-03-24Image/StillImage
21 African Violets; Kidman -Shot 51953-03-24Image/StillImage
22 Alexander, Carlos; Egbert -Shot 11951-06-06Image/StillImage
23 Alexander, Carlos; Egbert -Shot 21951-06-06Image/StillImage
24 Alexander, Carlos; Egbert -Shot 31951-06-06Image/StillImage
25 Alexander, Carlos; Olwill; Russon -Shot 11953-04-13Image/StillImage
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