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1 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 11946-07-20Image/StillImage
2 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 11947-07-14Image/StillImage
3 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 11942-07Image/StillImage
4 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 101942-07Image/StillImage
5 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 111942-07-17Image/StillImage
6 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 121942-07-17Image/StillImage
7 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 131942-07Image/StillImage
8 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 141942-07-17Image/StillImage
9 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 151942-07-17Image/StillImage
10 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 161942-07Image/StillImage
11 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 171942-07-17Image/StillImage
12 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 181942-07-17Image/StillImage
13 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 191942-07-17Image/StillImage
14 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 21947-07-14Image/StillImage
15 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 21942-07-17Image/StillImage
16 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 21946-07-20Image/StillImage
17 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 201942-07-17Image/StillImage
18 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 211942-07-17Image/StillImage
19 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 221942-07-17Image/StillImage
20 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 231942-07Image/StillImage
21 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 241942-07-17Image/StillImage
22 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 251942-07Image/StillImage
23 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 261942-07Image/StillImage
24 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 271942-07Image/StillImage
25 Days of '47--Rodeo -Shot 281945-07-19Image/StillImage
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