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1 Carman, George; Carman, Joan -Shot 11957-12-12Image/StillImage
2 Carman, George; Carman, Joan -Shot 21957-12-12Image/StillImage
3 Hansen, Scott -Shot 11955-09-17Image/StillImage
4 Hansen, Scott -Shot 21955-09-17Image/StillImage
5 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 11958-07-26Image/StillImage
6 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 101958-07-26Image/StillImage
7 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 111958-07-26Image/StillImage
8 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 121958-07-26Image/StillImage
9 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 21958-07-26Image/StillImage
10 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 31958-07-26Image/StillImage
11 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 41958-07-26Image/StillImage
12 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 51958-07-26Image/StillImage
13 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 61958-07-26Image/StillImage
14 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 71958-07-26Image/StillImage
15 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 81958-07-26Image/StillImage
16 Junior Midget Racers -Shot 91958-07-26Image/StillImage
17 Kroff, David, Richard & Paul1957-12-13Image/StillImage
18 Richards, Lt. Col. Reed H. Family -Shot 11955-06Image/StillImage
19 Richards, Lt. Col. Reed H. Family -Shot 21955-06Image/StillImage
20 Richards, Lt. Col. Reed H. Family -Shot 31955-06Image/StillImage
21 Richards, Lt. Col. Reed H. Family -Shot 41955-06Image/StillImage
22 State Fair: Barlow, Patricia & Douglas -Shot 11955-09-17Image/StillImage
23 State Fair: Barlow, Patricia & Douglas -Shot 21955-09-17Image/StillImage
24 State Fair: Dorigatti, Jim -Shot 11955-09-17Image/StillImage
25 State Fair: Dorigatti, Jim -Shot 21955-09-17Image/StillImage
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