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1 "Rob Roy" in dry-dock at Azure camp1933uum_map_rrImage
2 10th Mountain Division training. (8x10)1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945uum_map_usa
3 10th Mountain Division soldiers leading pack mules at Camp Hale. (8x10)1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945uum_map_usa
4 Below Red Dirt Creek1933uum_map_rrImage
5 Downstream view from the lower end of Gore Canyon. Blacktail Canyon on skyline at left1933uum_map_rrImage
6 Gore Canyon - "Rob Roy" in dry dock at Azure Camp. Making repairs after the heavy water & rocks of Gore Canyon.1933uum_map_rrImage
7 Ice skating judges at a Vail Competition, 1982.1982uum_map_usa
8 Marvin Melville and Gene Timmons at Vail, CO, 1991.1991uum_map_usaImage
9 Rouge Canyon1933uum_map_rrImage
10 Rouge Canyon1933uum_map_rrImage
11 Rouge Canyon - [road work in Dotsero cut-off]1933uum_map_rrImage
12 Rouge Canyon - Fast, rock-free run below Catamount Cr[eek]. Typical of hundreds of riffles alogn the upper river-wonderful sport.1933uum_map_rrImage
13 Rouge Canyon - Filling [railroad] right of way for new Dotsero cut-off in Rouge Canyon section.1933uum_map_rrImage
14 Rouge Canyon - Placer crew near Yarmony. Pop Richardson r., Howard Tweed lower left.1933uum_map_rrImage
15 Rouge Canyon - Throwing gravel into sluice box-placer outfit. Gold pan in foreground.1933uum_map_rrImage
16 Rouge Canyon - Washing down gravel bank at placer outfit. Easy rapids.1933uum_map_rrImage
17 Rouge Canyon - White water in Rouge Canyon. Easy, splashy going. No rocks.1933uum_map_rrImage
18 U.S. Masters National Ski Race, Vail, Colorado, 1991. In foreground, L - R: Dr. Gus Angelos, Marvin Melville.1991uum_map_usaImage
19 U.S. Ski Team training in Vail, Colorado, circa 19631963uum_map_usaImage
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