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1 Improving Provider Ability to Prevent Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Pregnancy and PostpartumMcCready, Brittany E.2020Background: Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is primarily responsible for urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and some sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain. PFD affects one third of women in the United States, and pregnancy/childbirth are major risk factors in its developmen...
2 Implementing ACE Screening in a Primary Care SettingHarken, Rachel E.2020Background: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening is the assessment of elements of child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction. The estimated prevalence of ACEs among adults in the U.S. is 60% (Kalmakis & Chandler, 2015). ACE scores can predict current health risk behaviors, chronic dis...
3 Implementing ACE Screening in a Primary Care SettingHarken, Rachel E.; Alderden, Jenny; Wilson, Rebecca2020POSTER
4 Assessing the Feasibility of the Use of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool Versus Non-Verbal Pain Scale in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and Surgical IntensiveHunt, Sara; Terry, Kimberly; Kang, Youjeong2020POSTER
5 Improving Labor and Delivery Nurses Confidence with Unintentional Nurse-Attended Deliveries (UNAD) Through Education and Simulation Skills TrainingArmstrong, Isabelle; Sanchez-Birkhead, Ana; Elmore, Christina2020POSTER
6 Exclusive Human Milk Diet for Extremely Low Birth Weight InfantsBushati, Charity2020Problem:Despite advances in nutrition, extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants remain at high risk for extrauterine growth restriction that is correlated with adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes. To provide adequate calories and essential nutrients, fortification of human milk (HM) is necessary. T...
7 Encouraging Provider Referrals to Community Based Prediabetic Management Program in a Primary Care SettingGip-Duran, Van; Clayton, Margaret F.2020POSTER
8 Training Midwives on Rotation of the Persistent Posterior Fetus in the Second Stage of Labor Utilizing SimulationFelker, Lindsay; Cole, Erin; Elmore, Christina2020POSTER
9 Improving Depression Screening and Follow-Up for AdolescentsGay, Noemi; Sylvester, Robert; Dyer, Jane; Braun, Dan2020POSTER
10 Improving Mental Health Care Providers Level of Confidence and Skills in Suicide Risk AssessmentGarbett, Cynthia; Sanchez-Birkhead, Ana2020POSTER
11 Reducing Rates of Adolescent Electronic-Cigarette Use by Effective Primary Care: A Quality Improvement ProjectHorton, Matthew A.; Child, Clinton2020POSTER
12 Early Septicemia Recognition and Intervention Education for the Pre-Hospital SettingGrange, Emily; Doyon, Katherine; Sandford, Matthew; Middlemiss, Chris2020POSTER
13 Safe Environment for Every Kid: Screening Tool Implementation for Quality Improvement in a Primary Care Pediatric ClinicCollins, Whitney; Sylvester, Robert; Visick, Michael2020POSTER
14 Exploring Provider Barriers to Patient Case Submissions for an Academic-Based Behavioral Health ECHO ProgramDavis, Mikyla; Al-Kudairi, Amanda; Choate, Christina2020POSTER
15 Implementation of Feeding Guidelines for NeonatesElwood, Christine2020Background:Preterm neonates in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) require specialized care when it comes to their nutrition. Poor nutrition will further worsen an already complicated clinical course as well as increase morbidity, mortality, and poor neurodevelopmental outcomes. A thorough revie...
16 Implementation of Feeding Guidelines for NeonatesElwood, Christine; Kranz, Clare2020POSTER
17 Quality Improvement Project to Improve Cognitive Screening in Patients with DiabetesDalley, Necia; Litchman, Michelle; Allen, Nancy A.2020POSTER
18 Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Timely Admission from the Emergency Department to Medical/Surgical FloorDewey, Karen; Kang, Youjeong2020POSTER
19 Exclusive Human Milk Diet for Extremely Low Birth Weight InfantsBushati, Charity; Chan, Belinda; Baserga, Marianna; Owen, Alisha Harmeson; Woodbury, Anne E.; Rigby, Marilyn2020POSTER
20 Improving Postpartum Depression Screening among WIC CliniciansHewlett, Jennifer2020BackgroundPostpartum depression affects one in nine women in the United States. Signs and symptoms of postpartum depression vary greatly, from sadness and irritability to over or under-eating. Young mothers, single mothers, mothers of low socioeconomic status, and minorities are at the highest ris...
21 Improving Postpartum Depression Screening among WIC CliniciansHewlett, Jennifer; Cole, Erin; Porto, Jillian2020POSTER
22 Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake Community Health Representative Needs AssessmentHaller, Mackenzie; Al-Khudairi, Amanda2020POSTER
23 Relational Group Intervention for Postpartum Depression in Substance-Using Women:A Needs Assessment and Curriculum PlanCoats, Jane; Al-Khudiari, Amanda; Deyette, Sheila; Hutton, Ann; Smid, Marcela2020POSTER
24 Implementation of Screening and Referral Protocol for Paternal Postpartum Depression in a Pediatric Clinic SettingGeorge, Clint; Allen, Nancy A.2020POSTER
25 Implementing Sedation Vacation, Spontaneous Breathing Trial, and Confusion Assessment Method in a Medical Intensive Care UnitBryden, Allyson; Johnson, Linda2020POSTER
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