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1 Biological Opinion for the proprosed Coyote Springs Investment Development in Clark County, Nevada (Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application No. 200125042)2006-03-02wwdl_erText
2 Biological Opinion for the proposed Coyote Springs Investment Development in Clark County, Nevada (Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application No. 200125042)2006-03-02wwdl_erText
3 Intra-Service Programmatic Biological Opinion for the Proposed Muddy River Memorandum of Agreement Regarding the Groundwater Withdrawal of 16,100 Acre-Feet per Year from the Regional Carbonate Aquifer in Coyote Spring Valley and California Wash Basins, and Establish Conservation Measures for the Moapa Dace, Clark County, Nevada2006-01-11wwdl_erText
4 Less snow, less water: Climate disruption in the west2005wwdl_erText
5 Water Quality in the Rio Grande Valley, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, 1992-951998wwdl_erText
6 Water Quality in the Trinity River Basin, Texas, 1992-951998wwdl_erText
7 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 19951998wwdl_erText
8 Water Quality in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 1992-951998wwdl_erText
9 Water Quality in the Central Arizona Basins, Arizona, 1995-982000wwdl_erText
10 Water Quality in the Central Nebraska Basins, Nebraska, 1992-951998wwdl_erText
11 Water Quality in South-Central Texas, Texas, 1996-982000wwdl_erText
12 Water Quality in the Las Vegas Valley Area and the Carson and Truckee River Basins, Nevada and California, 1992-961998wwdl_erText
13 Water Resources Data Arizona Water Year 20032003wwdl_erText
14 Water Quality in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado, 1996-982000wwdl_erText
15 Ground Water and Surface Water A Single Resource1998wwdl_erText
16 Land-Use Changes and the Physical Habitat of Streams-A Review with Emphasis on Studies within the U.S. Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Program2001wwdl_erText
17 Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources1999wwdl_erText
18 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Knowles, Forgotten, and Moqui Canyons, and Effects of Recreational Use on Water Quality, Lake Powell, Arizona and Utah2005wwdl_erText
19 Summary of flow loss between selected cross sections on the Rio Grande in and near Albuquerque, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
20 Shallow ground-water quality in the Platte River Valley alluvium, Nebraska, October-November 19972000wwdl_erText
21 Organochlorine compounds and trace elements in streambed sediment and fish tissue, South Platte River Basin; Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming1997wwdl_erText
22 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996wwdl_erText
23 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002wwdl_er
24 Fish communities in the plains region of the South Platte River, August 1993 and 19941994wwdl_erText
25 Water in storage and approaches to ground-water management, High Plains aquifer, 20002003wwdl_erText
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