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1 Residence remodeling for Greg & Margo Panos, 1749 Millbrook Road, Salt Lake City, Utah; A Garden design for the home grounds of Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen, 1749 Millbrook Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah; A garden planting plan for the home grounds of Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen, 1749 Millbrook Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah1985-03uum_rwypImage/StillImage
2 A Residence for Dr. G. Gill Richards on "A" Street and 7th Ave1938-05-05; 1938-06-01uum_rwypImage/StillImage
3 Bedroom addition for Brad & Cathi Nelson, 2195 East 3970 South, Salt Lake City, Utah (1977); A Residence remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. Alma "Mac" Little and family, 719 Michigan Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah1977uum_rwypImage/StillImage
4 A Residence remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Hosford, 1780 Princeton Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah; Residence remodeling, Richard & Dolores Horton, 1722 Harvard Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah (1979)1979uum_rwypImage/StillImage
5 Proposed remodeling and addition to residence for Mr. & Mrs. Orion H. Bishop & family, 1862 Herbert Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah; A residence remodeling and addition for Dr. & Mrs. Gene R. Smith, 1196 Millbrook Way, Bountiful, Utah; A new residence for Mr. & Mrs. Ron Halliday, 1475 Penrose Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah; Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Paul Green1974-06uum_rwypImage/StillImage
6 Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Clarence O. Fingerle, 1864 Millcreek Way, Salt Lake City, Utah; Addition & Remodeling for Rudy H. Wolfgramm, 339 E Street, Salt Lake City, Utah1960-11uum_rwypImage/StillImage
7 Addition to Holladay Grade School, Holladay, Utah, Granite School District1952-02uum_rwypImage/StillImage
8 Addition to residence for Kerry & Nancy Durrant, 320 South 900 East, American Fork, Utah (Feb. 1985); Residence remodeling for Robert & Janette Carlson, 1780 Millbrook Road, Salt Lake City, Utah (May 1985)1985-05uum_rwypImage/StillImage
9 Addition to the Ensign School building1918uum_rwypImage/StillImage
10 Assignment plans, the Archives Building: Pennsylvania Ave to Constitution Ave - Seventh to Ninth Street, Washington, D.C.1939-10-01uum_rwypImage/StillImage
11 Bathroom remodel for Virginia B. Buchanan, 711 9th Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah (May 1983); Office & residence remodeling for Mike Erickson, 484 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, Utah (March 1983, April 1984); Video One, Mike Erickson, 484 South Ninth West, Salt Lake City, Utah1984-04uum_rwypImage/StillImage
12 Beauty salon, second floor, Z. C. M. I., Salt Lake City, Utah1940-10-31uum_rwypImage/StillImage
13 Brigham Young carriage house, St. George, Utah (1853)1853uum_rwypImage/StillImage
14 Miscellaneous projects: Bonneville Stake; Clearfield fire house; Salt Lake City library, etc.1932; 1936; 1943; 1963; 1975uum_rwypImage/StillImage
15 Commercial Club, Salt Lake City1908uum_rwypImage/StillImage
16 Drawings & details, residence, Salt Lake City, B. F. Tibby1911uum_rwypImage/StillImage
17 Duplex rental unit for Home Owners Association, South Jordan, Utah; Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Chappell, 339 So. 3650 East, Salt Lake City, Utah1964-01uum_rwypImage/StillImage
18 Edward P. Young renderings1930uum_rwypImage/StillImage
19 El Charro Restaurant, 4500 South & State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah1966-03uum_rwypImage/StillImage
20 Elementary school at 3700 South 1100 EaSt for the Granite School District, Salt Lake, Utah1955-01uum_rwypImage/StillImage
21 Football Hall of Fame, New Brunswick, New Jersey1965; 1966; 1967uum_rwypImage/StillImage
22 Remodeling & Addition to residence, Mr. & Mrs. John Mark Wilson, Alta, Wyoming; Residence remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. Hank Hoole & family, 1222 South 18th East, Salt Lake City, Utah; Francis M. Gibbons residence, 1784 Yale Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah; Residence remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. Joe J. Christensen, 1860 Yalecrest Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah1976-02uum_rwypImage/StillImage
23 Humane Society of Utah, 4613 South 4000 West, Salt Lake City, Utah1980-06uum_rwypImage/StillImage
24 Juliette's, Fashion Place Mall, Murray, Utah; Juliette's, ZCMI Center, Salt Lake City, Utah1972; 1973; 1974; 1975uum_rwypImage/StillImage
25 Kimball home restoration for Vesper Financial Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah1981-12uum_rwypImage/StillImage
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