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1 A Brahean depiction of the world's structure.1661uum_rbcImage
2 A depiction of the Copernican system.1661uum_rbcImage
3 A ride over the Rocky mountains to Oregon and California : with a glance at some of the tropical islands, including the West Indies and the Sandwich Isles. Published in London by Richard Bentley in 1852. 388 pages1852uum_rbcText
4 A series of answers to certain popular objections against separating from the rebellious colonies, and discarding them entirely : being the concluding tract of the Dean of Glocester, on the subject of American affairs.1776uum_rbcText
5 A trip across the plains, and life in California ; embracing a description of the overland route; its natural curiosities ... the gold mines of California; its climate ... with sketches of Indian, Mexican and Californian character1851uum_rbcText
6 Abdih-Hiddisch, A Minatarre Chief1841-07-01uum_rbcImage
7 Abdih-Hiddisch, A Minatarre Chief1841-07-01uum_rbcImage
8 About the Karl Bodmer Collection2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015uum_rbc
9 Account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi, : and through the western parts of Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun Rivers1810uum_rbcText
10 Account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi, : and through the western parts of Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun Rivers; Volume 21810uum_rbcText
11 Additions to Common sense, addressed to the inhabitants of America.1776uum_rbcText
12 Address Delivered in the Court-House in Concord, Massachusetts1844uum_rbcText
13 Address to the people of England, Scotland, and Ireland on the present important crisis of affairs1775uum_rbcText
14 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1884uum_rbcText
15 Advertencias. Para los confessores de los naturales V.21600uum_rbcText
16 Advertencias. Para los confessores de los naturales.1600uum_rbcText
17 After-Thought of Travels in European and oriental countries1912uum_rbcText
18 Alphabet1898uum_rbcText
19 American Citizens Captured Near Santa Fe: Message...1842uum_rbcText
20 Political, miscellaneous, and philosophical pieces, arranged under the following heads, and distinguished by initial letters in each leaf: General politics; American politics before the troubles; American politics during the troubles; Provincial or colony politics; and Miscellaneous and philosophical pieces1779uum_rbcText
21 Americans roused, in a cure for the spleen : Or Amusement for a winter's evening; being the substance of conversation on the times over a friendly tankard and pipe. Between Sharp, a country parson. Bumper, a country justice. Fillpot, an inn-keeper. Graveairs, a deacon. Trim, a barber. Brim, a Quaker. Puff, a late representative.1775uum_rbcText
22 Anatome animalium, terrestrium variorum, volatilium, aquatilium, serpentum, insectorum, ovorumque, structuram naturalem: exveterum, recentiorum, propriisque observationibus proponens1681uum_rbcText
23 Anatomia secundinae humanae : quindecim figuris ad vivum propriĆ¢ autoris manu delineatis, illustrata1669uum_rbcText
24 Anatomy of the absorbing vessels of the human body1790uum_rbcText
25 Andreae Vesalii Bruxellensis, invictissimi Caroli V. Imperatoris medici, : de humani corporis fabrica libri septem1555uum_rbcText
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