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1 Ehleringer, James R.; Negus, Norman C.Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area: history, flora, geology, climate, and ecologyRed Butte Canyon is a protected, near pristine canyon entering Salt Lake Valley, Utah. It contains a well-developed riparian zone and a perennial stream; hillside vegetation ranges from grasslands on the lower limits to Douglas-fir and aspen stands at the upper elevations. In this paper we describe ...Intermountain West; Grassland; Oak-maple; Plant adaptation; Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area; Human impact1992
2 Woodbury, Angus M.Birds of the Navajo CountryThe Navajo country as covered in this paper lies in southeastern Utah and northeastern Arizona and is bounded on the north, west and south by the San Juan, Colorado, Little Colorado and Rio Puerco rivers and on the east by the Arizona-New Mexico state line. That part of the Navajo country lying in n...1945-03-01
3 Behle, William H.The birds of Southeastern UtahSoutheastern Utah is a rugged and colorful portion of the state. As a part of the Colorado Plateau Physiographic Province it is characterized by an arid climate, multicolored but mostly red sandstones, shales and limestones, weathered sand deep box canyons, and high, isolated, lacolithic mountain ra...1960-10
4 Behle, William H.Birds of pine valley mountain region, Southwestern UtahIt has long been a practice among ornithologists to study the distribution, variation, and ecological relationships of birds in areas characterized by diverse physiographic features. Such studies are motivated usually by the desire to aid in finding solutions for the many problems concerning the dis...1943-08-10
5 Behle, William H.The birds of the deep Creek Mountains of Central Western UtahIn furtherance of a long-time survey of the avifauna of Utah the Deep Creek Mountain region of the central western part of the state was chosen as an area for intensive study. It was expected that gradients would occur in the characters of geographically variable birds between populations from the i...1955-01-10
6 Behle, William H.; Bushman, John B.; Greenhalgh, Clifton M.Birds of the Kanab area and adjacent high plateaus of Southern UtahThe gateway to central southern Utah is the town of Kanab, located in Kane County just a few miles north of the Utah-Arizona line. At an elevation of 4973 feet it nestles in an indenture in the Vermillion Cliffs where Kanab Canyon emerges. North of these Vermillion Cliffs, rising like two additional...1958-10-01
7 Woodbury, Angus M.; Cottam, Clarence; Sugden, John W.Annotated check-list of the birds of UtahThe following check-list is a by-product o f studies made by the writers since 1926 in gathering material for a work on The Birds of Utah which is now completed. The list includes four hundred three kinds of birds (species and subspecies) which are admitted to the actual state list and thirty-three ...1949-03
8 Behle, William H.The birds of the Raft River Mountains, Northwestern UtahAs another facet in a long-term analysis of the birds of Utah, an avifaunal survey was made in the northwestern corner of the state. Here the principal physiographic feature is the Raft River Mountains. The main axis of this range runs in an east-west direction paralleling the Utah-Idaho border imme...1958-05-10
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