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1 Evaluation of a BCMA's Electronic Medication Administration Record - Figure 1Figure 1 is a sample screen shot of the eMAR.
2 Paiva, MarieCharles Darwin Library ExhibitPhotograph of a display case in the Marriott Library highlighting the anniversary of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday.Charles Darwin birthday2009
3 Webster, Maryann SorensenDying Reef2005
4 Webster, Maryann SorensenDioxin Sea2009
5 Webster, Maryann SorensenShallow Edge of the Gene Pool II2007
6 Webster, Maryann SorensenDying Reef II2009
7 Webster, Maryann SorensenMutant Pond with Snake2005
8 Webster, Maryann SorensenMonsanto Pond2002
9 Webster, Maryann SorensenLost Sea Reliquary2008
10 Webster, Maryann SorensenLost Sea Reliquary (view inside)2008
11 Webster, Maryann SorensenEndangered Earth Reliquary2006
12 Webster, Maryann SorensenDream Reliquary (side A)2009
13 Webster, Maryann SorensenDream Reliquary (side B)2009
14 Webster, Maryann SorensenLazarus IV (front)2008
15 Webster, Maryann SorensenLazarus IV (back)2008
16 Snapp, BrianPresent, view towards the bookstandTiles2007
17 Snapp, BrianPresent, detail view 1Tiles2007
18 Snapp, BrianPresent, detail view 2Tiles2007
19 Snapp, BrianPresent, detail view of bookstand tileTiles2007
20 Snapp, BrianBig Drain, Little Flame, Lots of Pain2007
21 Snapp, BrianCollapsible Chair (front)Chairs -- Art2005; 2006
22 Snapp, BrianCollapsible Chair (back)Chairs -- Art2005; 2006
23 Snapp, BrianFlying ChairChairs -- Art2005; 2006
24 Snapp, BrianHighchairChairs -- Art2005; 2006
25 Snapp, BrianPit Fired Vase (side A)Vases2008
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