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1 Ziegenfuss, DonnaA Busy Professor's Guide to Sanely Flipping Your ClassroomThe Flipped Classroom has become a popular teaching method. Students watch video lectures before class, saving class time for active learning (problem solving, demonstrations, applications, etc.). This paper is a useful guide for busy professors who would like to try out the flipped classroom approa...flipped classroom; inverted classroom; engineering education; teaching electromagnetics; assessment pedagogy2019
2 Anderson, RickCitation Contamination: Citations to Predatory Journals in the Mainstream Scientific LiteratureData set from a study presented at the 2019 World Conference on Research Integrity and published in the Scholarly Kitchen.Predatory; publishing; Citations2019
3 Myntti, JeremyDigital Preservation in LibrariesPresentation given at the Sharjah International Library Conference, Sharjah Expo Centre, United Arab Emirates. Presented on World Digital Preservation Day 2019.Digital preservation2019-11-07
4 Kious, Brent M.Physician aid-in-dying and suicide prevention in psychiatry: a moral crisis?Involuntary psychiatric commitment for suicide prevention and physician aid-in-dying (PAD) in terminal illness combine to create a moral dilemma. If PAD in terminal illness is permissible, it should also be permissible for some who suffer from non-terminal psychiatric illness: suffering provides muc...suicide; physician aid-in-dying; psychiatry; civil commitment; mental illness; competence; suffering2019
5 Ziegenfuss, Donna HarpUncovering the Comfort Levels of Students Who Are Conducting Library ResearchMuch research has been conducted on how students, especially first-year students, do library research.1 The literature contends that college students regularly rely on Google and other common web-based resources that they are familiar with, rather than use proprietary library scholarly databases. In...scholarship of teaching and learning SOTL; library research; information literacy instruction; student research perceptions2019
6 O'Connell, James F.A Different Paradigm for the Initial Colonisation of Sahul: Archaeological, genetic, demographic and geographic perspectivesThe questions of when and how humans reached Sahul, the Pleistocene continent of Australia and New Guinea, has remained a central issue of Australian archaeology since its development as an academic discipline in the mid-twentieth century. Additionally, this has been a dominant theme linking Austral...Sahul; Wallacea; colonisation; isolation; genomics; mitochondrial DNA2019-08-20
7 Lohse, Keith R.Magnitude-Based Inference is Not Bayesian and is Not a Valid Method of Inferenceinference; statistics; confidence intervals; Bayesian, reproducibility
8 Myntti, JeremyResearching with Utah Digital NewspapersPresentation given at the Salt Lake City Public Library for a staff training meeting.Digital newspapers2019-07-10
9 Neatrour, Anna; Myntti, JeremyWestern Name Authority File: A Pilot Regional Name Authority ProjectThe prospect of authority control in digital libraries creates unique challenges. Digital library systems and software often do not support integrated authority control, which can create issues in consistency for personal and corporate names representation in descriptive metadata. Standard practice ...metadata; authority control; digital libraries; controlled vocabulary2019-05-05
10 Myntti, JeremyAudiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for closed captioning and transcripts; ALA Annual PosterThe Moving Image and Sound Archive and Digital Library Services Departments at the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library received an internal grant to explore methods for generating and displaying closed captions and transcripts for digital audiovisual resources. Although many other inst...Audiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for closed captioning and transcripts2019-06-22
11 Kinkade, Stefano; Myntti, Jeremy; Steed, Molly RoseAudiovisual Accessibility: Evaluating Workflows for Closed Captioning and Transcripts White PaperWhite paper describing the workflows, services, and tools used for a grant funded project to make audiovisual digital collections at the Marriott Library more accessible2019-05-31
12 Rockwell, Kenneth W.Religious diversity in Salt Lake City: historical and conemporary photographs at the University of Utah's Marriott LibraryPowerPoint presentation for the Utah Library Association, presented on May 17, 2019. This presentation highlights historical and contemporary photographs in the Marriott Library's Digital Library showing churches and other religious structures in Salt Lake City. These photos reflect the history and...2019
13 Myntti, JeremySolving Family and Local History Mysteries Using Utah Digital NewspapersPresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Digital newspapers2019-05-17
14 Myntti, JeremyAudiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for closed captioning and transcripts; ULA presentationPresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Accessibility; Audiovisual archives2019-05-16
15 Colbert, Jay L.; Myntti, JeremyDescribing Absence: An Analysis of the Utah American Indian Digital ArchivePresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Archival absence2019-05-17
16 Lawton, Kristy J.Motor neurons tune premotor activity in a vertebrate central pattern generatorCentral patterns generators (CPGs) are neural circuits that drive rhythmic motor output without sensory feedback. Vertebrate CPGs are generally believed to operate in a top-down manner in which premotor interneurons activate motor neurons that in turn drive muscles. In contrast, the frog (Xenopus la...CPG; feed back; synchrony; vocal; vocalization; Xenopus2017
17 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of an acute method to deliver transgenes into the brains of adult Xenopus laevisThe central vocal pathway of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, is a powerful vertebrate model to understand mechanisms underlying central pattern generation. However, fast and efficient methods of introducing exogenous genes into the neurons of adult X. laevis are currently not available. Her...viral vector; vesicular stomatitis virus; Xenopus laevis; transgene; neurons; vocalizations; central pattern generator; electroporation2018
18 Yamaguchi, AyakoCall initiation in African clawed frogsSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2016vocalizations; Xenopus laevis2016
19 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of techniques to deliver transgenes into neurons of amphibiansSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2017viral vector; Xenopus laevis; vocalizations2017
20 Yamaguchi, AyakoSpeech-related gene foxp2 expression in the central vocal pathways of the African clawed frogsSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2018foxp2; vocalizations; Xenopus laevis2018
21 Yamaguchi, AyakoRhythm generation, coordination, and initiation in the vocal pathways of male African clawed frogscentral pattern generator; vocalization; parabrachial area; hindbrain; bilateral coordination; motor programs2016
22 Myntti, Jeremy5 Photo Scanning TipsPresentation on digitizing photographs at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital images; Photographs2019-02-28
23 Myntti, JeremyPersonal Digital ArchivingPresentation on personal digital archiving for family history work at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Personal digital archiving2019-03-01
24 Myntti, JeremyDiscovering Your Family in Digital LibrariesPresentation on using digital libraries in family history research at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital libraries2019-02-28
25 Chrysler, AndrewEffect of material properties on a subdermal UHF RFID antennaThis paper explores a subdermal RFID antenna at 918 MHz. The antenna, made from ink encapsulated in thin sheets of biocompatible PET, is designed to be implanted in the fat layer just below the skin, with the muscle acting as a lossy ground plane. The antenna is a patch that uses a T-slot for matchi...Implantable Antennas; Subdermal antennas; Tattoo Antennas; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); Conductivity2018
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