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1 ABP : predictor based management of DRAM row buffersDRAM accesses are costly, especially in multicore systems. Future CMPs will run a mixed load of workloads/threads. Destructive interference at memory controller, spatio-temporal locality lost! DRAM row-buffer hits are least expensive, row-conflicts are most. Randomized memory access patterns re...2010-10-06
2 Aiding clinicians through summarization of perinatal dataExploratory analysis has focused on developing summarized views of monitor-captured perinatal data to support adherence to established clinical protocols. In addition to facilitating rapid access to significant clinical trends and reducing subjective interpretation of monitor-captured data, combini...Perinatal data; Perinatal care; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009-09-23
3 Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center in CyberspaceAn interactive ECG tutorial representing an introduction to clinical electrocardiography.Electrocardiography1996-09-01
4 Enhancing caBIG™ workflow for multi-tier distributionIntroduction caBIG™ Integration caBIG™ provides a GRID based application environment with data abstraction and vocabulary services, workflow management and a security framework. Sensor Abstraction Interface It is proposed to provide a sensor abstraction interface, using caDSR, enabling caBIG...caBIG; Sensor abstraction interface; Multi-tier distribution; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
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