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1 Robison, Reid Justin; Farley, Megan A.; Cannon, Dale Sherman; Allen Brady, Kristina Lisa; Matsunami, Norisada; Stevens, Jeffery; Baird, Lisa M.; Varvil, Tena; Leppert, Mark F.; McMahon, William M.; Coon, Hilary H.Copy number variation in a follow-up of adults with ASD: a behavioral phenotype-genotype studyAutistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a set of complex, early-onset neurodevelopmental disorders. Recent studies have revealed a complex genetic landscape for ASD, with many potential genes involved. Little is known about the long-term outcome of individuals with ASD who were diagnosed in childhoo...Autistic spectrum disorders; Copy number variation; Genotyping; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
2 DuVall, Scott L.Creation of an open source master person index from proprietary code: the open source "care data exchange" projectFrom 1998 to 2004 the ""Care Data Exchange"" (CDE) software was developed as a proprietary product by CareScience for the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF). In 2005 CHCF asked Forrester Research to study the feasibility of releasing the CDE software assets under a free, open source license. Th...Care Data Exchange; CDE; Proprietary code; Forrester report; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
3 Narus, Scott P.; Hales, Joseph W.; Poynton, Mollie Rebecca; Evans, R. ScottEnhancing continuity of care through an emergency medical card at Intermountain Healthcare: using the continuity of care record standardComplex and fragmented healthcare systems hamper provision of effective care where it is needed most. 1 In most instances, continuity of care is rarely considered during referral, transfer, or discharge of patients from one caregiver to another. 2,3 The dearth of pertinent current and historical hea...Continuity of care; Emergency medical card; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
4 Camp, Nicola J.Genetic susceptibility of prostate cancer: genome-wide screen of "non-aggressive" diseaseResearch has consistently shown that genetics plays a critical role in prostate cancer (CaP) development, but the identification of CaP genes has proven to be very difficult. Hereditary prostate cancer is a complex disease believed to involve numerous genes and variable penetrance. It has been propo...CaP genes; Prostate cancer; Non-aggressive; Utah Population Database; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
5 Camp, Nicola J.Genome-wide linkage analysis for aggressive prostate cancer in Utah high risk pedigreesResearch has consistently shown that genetics plays a critical role in prostate cancer (CaP) development, but the identification of CaP genes has proven to be very difficult. Hereditary prostate cancer is a complex disease involving numerous genes and variable phenotypic expression. This heterogene...Linkage analysis; Aggressive prostate cancer; CaP genes; ICPCG; Utah; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
6 DuVall, Scott L.Identifying data set specific duplicate patient recordsProbabilistic models are commonly used in the identification of duplicate records. These methods are usually more accurate than deterministic methods, but are exponentially more computationally complex. Thus to make them computationally feasible, they rely on deterministic blocking strategies. Th...Probabilistic models; Duplicate records; Duplicate patient records; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
7 Mitchell, Joyce A.Integrating genetic information resources with an EHRThe integration between the electronic health record (HER) and on0line information resources, using tools such as "infobuttons", is considered a promising solution to fulfill clinicians' information needs at the point-of-care. This article describes the implementation of "infobutton" links from a...Electronic health record; HER; Infobutton links; Genetics Home Reference; GHR; GeneTests; Genetic information resources; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
8 Del Fiol, GuilhermeProviders' information needs in the care of older adults2013 Center on Aging Poster Retreat; Information needs; Clinical decision support; Electronic health record2013
9 Camp, Nicola J.SumLINK statistic for linkage analysis: application to the ICPCG pooled linkage resourceWe propose a novel, genome-wide, linkagebased statistic, "sumLINK," for identification of disease susceptibility loci. Our approach focuses primarily on "linked" pedigrees (those with pedigree-specific LOD ? 0.588; equivalent to unadjusted p ? 0.05) to identify regions of extreme consistency across ...SumLINK; Linkage analysis; ICPCG; Disease susceptibility loci; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
10 Camp, Nicola J.Survey of excess familiality in prostate cancerProstate cancer (PCa) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men, and has long been recognized to occur in familial clusters. However, identification of genes predisposing individuals to prostate cancer has been difficult. Putative PCa predisposition loci identified by genetic linkage have been...Prostate cancer; Utah Population Database; Linkage analysis; Familial compotent; Excess familiality; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
11 DuVall, Scott L.Understanding the profile of errors that cause duplicate entries in a patient registryDuplicate records are detrimental to the cost-effective and efficient delivery of health care. Manually identifying and resolving duplicates can cost $60 per case. Patterns have been found in the types of errors that occur in patient registries, suggesting that undetected duplicate records may be ...Duplicate records; Duplicate patient records; Profile of errors; Enterprise Data Warehouse; EDW; Utah Population Database; UPDB; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009
12 Frey, Lewis J.ca! - emergency and disaster recovery system extensions to caBIG™During Hurricane Katrina, US Federal and State Agencies had disparate data acquisition systems, separate data networks and unique incompatible applications. •System incompatibilities exist even between various Federal agencies. •Consistent data available to one agency should be available to an...caBIG; Data acquisition systems; Data sharing; Information sharing; Trapeze Interactive Poster2009-09-23
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