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1 Warner, Homer R.Can Automation Make Interactive Medical History Taking Feasbile and Acceptable?Biomedical Informatics1974
2 Capecchi, Mario R.Hox genes and mammalian developmentWe have examined the interactions of Hox genes in forming a cervical vertebrae, hindbrain, and limbs. In each case, it is apparent that individual Hox genes are performing individual functions but that more profound roles are apparent when they act in combination with others Hox genes. The observed ...Drosophila; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Homozygote1997
3 Luo, GangIntelligent personal health record2012-11
4 Warrier, Smitha; Lee, Alexis; Brandes, AnnaPursing Green Health: Assessing Sustainability of Medical Curriculum and Hospital Operations [recording]Medical students and UHealth staff and faculty continued their sustainability efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic by deep diving into assessment. This session of the Climate Changes Health and Health Equity Community Read will focus on the results of their efforts - The Planetary Health Report Card...Hospital operations; assessment; Medical School Curriculum; sustainability2021-12-02
5 Myntti, JeremySaving Stories & Lives Using the LibraryPresentation given for a University of Utah Alumni Association Webinar2020-06-12
6 Gregory, Joan M.; Mower, Allyson; Youngkin, Mary E.; Le Ber, Jeanne M.Scholarly research process: from idea to institutional repository.Steps in the Research Process: 1) Idea generation and refinement. 2) Searching, accessing, reading, evaluating, and keeping track of the literature. 3) Seeking the knowledge/expertise of your colleagues. 4) Designing, seeking approval, and funding for your study, 5) Conducting your study. 6) Recordi...Scholarly research; Institutional repositories; Dentistry2007-01-24
7 Warner, Homer R.Simulation as a Tool for Biological ResearchBiomedical Informatics1964
8 Gregory, Joan M.; Bramble, John; Patrick, Sally Mulford; Reid, Alex; Craigle, Valeri; Salmond, Camille M.; Birks, AmyUHID ILLiad conference binderSlides to show how to use ILLiad (an interlibrary loan system).Interlibrary Loan2006-03-13
9 Gibson, BryanUsing a Patient Safety Organization to Sharing Real-Time Safety Information with Patients and FamiliesThis project will address [the problem of patient harm] with the effective use of existing health IT to provide a way for patients to view real-time patient safety…Using an existing Patient Safety Organization (PSO) platform, patients will be engaged in the use of real-time safety information and ...Real-time safety; Patient care; Patient Safety Organization2016
10 Gibson, BryanWireframes for Patient Facing Real Time Safety DashboardPresentation developed to 1) prevent safety issues whenever possible, and 2) react quickly and effectively when safety issues occur.Safety record; Patient care2017
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