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1 Benefits and Barriers of Interprofessional Education Beyond the ClassroomMedical schools need to include interprofessional education (IPE) in their curricula not only to meet accreditation standards but to optimize students' readiness to practice in today's team-based heathcare environment. This is most often accomplished in classroom settings.Interprofessional Education; Team-Based Patient Cre; Collaboration2020
2 Linking People: Developing Collaborative Regional VocabulariesPresentation given as part of the "Scaling authority control: Issues (and solutions) for Authorities at the local, regional, and national level" panel at the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, Milwaukee, WI.Name authority records (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2016-11-09
3 Linking people: Developing collaborative regional vocabulariesPresentation given at the Linked Library Data Interest Group, American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.Name authority records (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2016-06-25
4 DeepPeep: A Form Search EngineWe present DeepPeep (http://www.deeppeep.org), a new search engine specialized in Web forms. DeepPeep uses a scalable infrastructure for discovering, organizing and analyzing Web forms which serve as entry points to hidden-Web sites. DeepPeep provides an intuitive interface that allows users t...
5 Western name authority file: An open data approach to digital collections authority controlA presentation conducted at the NISO Open Data Virtual Conference in 2018.Metadata2018-06-13
6 Western name authority file: Linking people and corporate bodiesPresentation about Digital Library Services grant at the ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group at ALA Midwinter in Denver, Colorado.Regional authority control; Metadata2018-02-10
7 Weekend effect in internet search advertisingThis paper examines whether Internet search advertising exhibits a weekend effect, a substantial difference in the effectiveness of ad spending on weekends vs on weekdays. We employ a data set from a major hotel chain, consisting of daily spending on search ads for 13 months, across three search eng...2012-01-01
8 Western Name Authority File: Preparing Charles Savage for Linked DataPresentation given at the 2017 OLAC Conference, Linked Data Initiatives Panel, in Richmond, VA.Name authority records (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2017-10-28
9 Dying in 559 beds: efficiency, "best buys," and the ethics of standardization in national health careIn The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, the "heavy, difficult book" begun in Rome during the winter of 1903-4 and not finished until 1910 in Paris, Rilke employs a series of rapid, jolting impressions to express his pervasive concern with death and his distress about the institutional character o...1992
10 Site characteristic of Southern Utah sites for astronomical observatoriesThe University of Utah has recently begun construction of a new 0.8m optical/IR robotic telescope to be operated as a regional astronomy resource in the Intermountain West. The new Southern Utah Observatory (SUO) will require a high altitude (>3000 m) site with excellent atmospheric seeing, favorab...2008
11 Geospatial initiatives at the J. Willard Marriott LibrarySlideshow presentation given May 9th, 2012 at the UGIC conference held at Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon National Park. Presentation includes information on: A clickable county map of our digital assets. Hidden Water unveils surface water systems on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. A collaboration ...2012-05-09
12 Graphical man/machine communications: June 1971Semi-Annual Technical Report for period 1 January 1971 to 31 May 1971. This document includes a summary of research activities and facilities at the University of Utah under Contract F30602-70-C-0300. Information conveys important research milestones attained during this period by each of the fo...Curved surfaces; Digital waveform processing1971
13 Asymmetric spin echo sequences. a simple new method for obtaining NMR 1H spectral imagesThe nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal decay produced by reversible tissue-induced dephasing of the magnetization components in the transverse plane (reversible tissue-induced dephasing) was measured and expressed as a function of a new transverse relaxation time T'2 (T2 prime) for samples of ...Asymmetric spin echo; Signal decay; Chemical shift; Tissue characterization; Lung aeration; Fatty liver1985
14 University of Utah Red Butte Creek Strategic VisionA vision for Red Butte Creek at the University of Utah, developed by a RBC Strategic Vision Steering Committee led by Diane Pataki, Biology department.Red Butte Creek; University of Utah; Planning2018
15 Assessment of Ventricular Function in Coronary Artery Disease Using Nitroglycerin and Computerized Analysis of Left VentriculogramsBiomedical Informatics1975
16 Research in brief: Spring 2002Summaries of Selected Research Projects at the University of Utah Health Sciences CenterResearch: School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy;, College of Nursing, College of Health2002-03
17 Corpus-based bootstrapping algorithm for semi-automated semantic lexicon constructionMany applications need a lexicon that represents semantic information but acquiring lexical information is time consuming. We present a corpus-based bootstrapping algorithm that assists users in creating domain-specifi c semantic lexicons quickly. Our algorithm uses a representative text corpus for ...Bootstrapping algorithm; Lexicon construction1999-06
18 Scott Ames: a man giving up on himselfThe tragic story of Scott Ames raises a fundamental question concerning involuntary commitment of patients when suicide seems likely. What right has a physician ever to interfere when apatient proposes to take his own life? Under ordinary cirucmstances one argues that because of depression, or some ...Suicide prevention; Scott Ames2003
19 IAIMS Newsletter Spring 2000The IAIMS Newsletter is published three times a year (August, January, May) with one InfoFair supplement and provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS2000-01-04
20 Conflict at Pierce CollegeThis case was written for use in courses in higher education leadership. It is particularly useful for examining the environment in which decisions are made in higher education institutions. In the case, a young administrator is confronted with an ethical dilemma. She initially receives the suppo...Politics.; Ethics; Leadership2004
21 Presentation of the Morris F. Collen Award to Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD: "Why Not! Let's Do It!"Biomedical Informatics1995
22 DataStations: ubiquitous transient storage for mobile usersIn this paper, we describe DataStations, an architecture that provides ubiquitous transient storage to arbitrary mobile applications. Mobile users can utilize a nearby DataStation as a proxy cache for their remote home file servers, as a file server to meet transient storage needs, and as a platf...DataStations; Ubiquitous transient storage; Proxy cache2003-11-14
23 Randomized study of closure of the peritoneum at cesarean delivery.This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that nonclosure of the visceral and parietal peritoneum during low transverse cervical cesarean delivery is not associated with increased intraoperative or immediate postoperative complications. One hundred thirteen patients scheduled for low transvers...Cesarean Section; Postoperative Complications; Visceral and Parietal Peritoneum closure1991-06
24 Feature-based process planning for CNC machiningToday CNC machining is used successfully to provide program-driven medium lot size manufacturing. The range of applicability of CNC machining should be greater: For small lot sizes such as prototyping or custom products, these machines should provide quick turnaround and flexible production schedul...CNC machining1998
25 Increasing political participation in the LGBT community in UtahDiscriminatory practices and hate crimes against members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community runs as deep as societies themselves. Throughout history the social roles that various segments of the LGBT community have been both highly regarded as well as despised in human...LGBT; Politics; Voting; Elections2013
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