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1 Rodin, Ernst A.Prognosis of Patients with Epilepsy
2 Rodin, Ernst A.Prognosis of Patients with Epilepsy
3 Evans, DavidIntroduction to computer concepts
4 Robison, Reid Justin; Marchant, Barrie K.; Reimherr, Frederick W.Gender differences in ADHD adults during clinical trials with atomoxetineIntroduction: Patients with ADHD exhibit several consistent gender differences, a male preponderance and more males with externalizing disorders (conduct and oppositional defiant disorder). Objective: To examine gender differences in a very large clinical trial of adults with ADHD. Methods: ...Trapeze Interactive Poster
5 Kasera, Sneha K.; Patwari, NealMobility Assisted Secret Key GenerationSignature Based Key Generation. Wireless link signature; multiple paths caused by radio waves; their measurements are good signatures of links; link signatures measured almost symmetrically at two ends of wireless link, but cannot be measured from another location; use for secret key establishment;...
6 Yu, ZhouHeterogeneity and dynamics in China's emerging housing marketChina's emerging housing market, as a critical element of ongoing economic reforms, has drawn increasing attention. The complete abandonment of the socialist housing allocation system in the late 1990s has led to profound changes in housing distribution and consumption in urban China. This article, ...Housing distribution; Housing reform; Chinese Census; Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing
7 Joshi, Sarang; Venkatasubramanian, SureshMatching shapes using the current distanceCurrent Distance: It was introduced by Vaillant and Glaunès as a way of comparing shapes (point sets, curves, surfaces). This distance measure is defined by viewing a shape as a linear operator on a k-form field, and constructing a (dual) norm on the space of shapes. Shape Matching: Given two s...
8 Regehr, John; Pagariya, Rohit PannalaljiDirect equivalence testingTesting embedded software is difficult. • Further complicated by presence of memory and type safety errors in software. • Compiler contain various known bugs. Developers are skeptical to upgrade the compilers. • Is your embedded software affected by memory safety and compilation erro...
9 Sansone, CarolThe relationship between motivation & Engagement in online lessions: the role of performance goals
10 Marchant, Barrie K.; Reimherr, Frederick W.Assessment of personality disorder in adult ADHD using data from a clinical trial of OROS Methylphenidate (OROS MPH)Background: Studies have reported high comorbidity of personality disorder and adult ADHD. However, assessment of personality disorder is problematic and none have rigorously confirmed this observation with measures of concurrent validity. Methods: 47 patients entered a double-blind trial of ORO...Trapeze Interactive Poster
11 Reimherr, Frederick W.Emotional dysregulation in adult ADHD and response to atomoxetineABSTRACT Objective: Agreement on the symptoms of adult ADHD remains problematic. The Wender- Reimherr Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Scale (WRAADDS) contains three items which could be considered signs of emotional dysregulation: temper, affective lability and emotional over-reactivity. Previ...Trapeze Interactive Poster
12 Tripathi, Abhishek; Bremer, Peer-Timo; Pascucci, ValerioUnderstanding global climate changeWhat is Climate Modeling? Use of quantitative methods to simulate the interactions of the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, and ice. Average Global Temperatures indicate a warming trend but that alone does not explain why it is happening.
13 Chen, Yang; Regehr, JohnA code size microbenchmark for CMotivation ? No compilers could always generate smaller code than others ? Hand-optimized code is often hard to understand ? Programmers tend to write readable code and trust compilers generate fast and compact code for them ? There is a plenty of room for improving compiler optimizations Our ...
14 Parker, Bradley J.Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP) boztepe vuzey arastirmasi ve kazilari, talavcas, tepe yontemli yuzey arastirmasi, 1999 on rapor (The upper tigris archaeological ressearch project (UTARP) excavations and survey at boztepe and intensive survey at talavas tepe, 1999: a preliminary report)
15 Parker, Bradley J.Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP): Kenan Tepenin kulturel tarihinin on sentezi (The Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP): a preliminary synthesis of the cultural history of Kenan Tepe)
16 Parker, Bradley J.Yukarı Dicle Arkeolojik Araştırma Projesi (UTARP): 2002 Yılı Kenan Tepe Kazilarina Genal Bakış (The Upper Tigris Archaeological Reseach Project [UTARP]: An Overview of the 2002 Excavations at Kenan Tepe)
17 Parker, Bradley J.Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP) Kenan Tepe 2000 yiki calismalari raporu (The upper Tigris archaeological research project (UTARP) a preliminary report from the year 2000 excavations at Kenan Tepe)
18 Jones, Pamela Palmer; Chaufty, Lisa Marie; Richards, Leslie Jean; Grundvig, Kimberly Ann; Hart, CherylEvening of baroque music
19 Sorensen, Justin BruceGeoreferenced Ogden, 1906: sheet 09 (.kmz file)This .kmz file contains a georeferenced sheet overlay from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Ogden, 1906. The downloaded .kmz file is accessible for viewing in Google Earth and other GIS software systems. Multiple .kmz files can be loaded into a GIS software system in order to view a continuous modeling; GIS; ArcGIS; Google Earth; historic GIS
20 Sibyl of the Rhine: the art, music, & poetry of Hildegard von Bingen: masterclass
21 Sibyl of the Rhine: the art, music, & poetry of Hildegard von Bingen: concert
22 School of Music 1
23 Jones, Pamela Palmer; Chaufty, Lisa Marie; Richards, Leslie Jean; Grundvig, Kimberly Ann; Hart, CherylEvening of baroque music
24 University of Utah. Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences LibraryIAIMS newsletterThe IAIMS Newsletter (1996-2005) provides valuable information about library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS
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